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The Primal Chaos Dimension trembled, shaken by the scepter in the Yin Jun Devil Commander’s hand.

At this moment, the G.o.d in the Scepter awakened with his terrifying power, as countless Demon G.o.d of the Nine Serenities phantoms flew out.

The shadow surrounded Yin Jun Devil Commander’s body, giving it endless power!


“Hmph.” Lu Dongbin let out a cold snort. He didn’t fear the two swords in the slightest.

The sword followed the person, slas.h.i.+ng out with many terrifying sword beams, shattering into primal chaos, completely not weaker than the Yin Jun Devil Commander, and even being able to firmly suppress the Yin Jun Devil Commander!

“Oh, there’s actually someone fighting with the Yin Jun Devil Commander, which side’s strength is this human swordsman from, how come this prince has never seen him before?”

The youth who had just arrived from the distant primal chaos witnessed this battle and was astonished.

He knew about the Yin Jun Devil Commander. In the Eastern Territories, the Demon Commander who had the highest chance of reaching the Emperor Realm was ranked seventy-first in the Great Emperor’s Subst.i.tute Clan!

In terms of status, it was equal to his position in the Emperor Dynasty!

Although he was stronger than the Yin Jun Devil Commander, and also limited in strength, he was only ranked 63rd on the waiting list of the Great Emperor.

Even so, both him and the Yin Jun Devil Commander were important figures in the Eastern Territories, regardless of whether it was in terms of strength or position!

Suddenly, an unfamiliar human swordsman appeared, who could suppress the Yin Jun Devil Commander to fight, how could this not surprise the young man.

“How terrifying, the sword arts cultivation of this human swordsman is already comparable to that Setting Sun fellow who is ranked 67th on the Emperor’s waiting list!”

The youth muttered.

His housekeeper, who was standing next to him, was inexplicably shocked. He looked at Lu Dongbin with a serious expression.

Only those who knew the Crown Prince well would understand his fear and pride!

For an unknown human swordsman to be praised so highly by his own Crown Prince, it showed how powerful this human swordsman was.

“That’s right, this human swordsman’s talent is not bad, he should serve this prince!”

The young man was full of pride, as if he had the confidence to subdue Lü Dongbin.

“Congratulations your majesty for obtaining such a powerful subordinate.”

The butler stood beside him and bowed to congratulate the young man.

The other servants also congratulated him with incomparable respect. It was as though this youth had already taken Lu Dongbin under his command!

To serve them!

Or it could be said that in their eyes, with the n.o.ble status of a youth, it was someone else’s fortune to be able to make others follow him.

Only when Lu Dongbin was powerful would he be able to attract the young man’s attention.

“I wonder when Your Highness thinks this swordsman can defeat the Yin Jun Devil Commander?”

At this time, the butler suddenly thought of something and asked.

‘This human swordsman, although his swordsmans.h.i.+p is strong, his cultivation is only at the same level as the Yin Lord. If he wants to defeat the Yin Lord, he has to use at least a hundred moves.

The young man indifferently looked at the situation of the battle and casually commented.

As the youth discussed, the battle continued.


Terrifying waves of energy spread out from between Lu Dongbin and the Yin Jun Devil Commander, creating ripples in the chaos.


At this moment, a loud sword chime suddenly rang out from the primordial chaos.

“Immortal Severing!”

Lu Dongbin let out a long howl and spat out two large words.


At that moment, an extremely resplendent sword rainbow appeared.

The Pure Yang True Meaning was like a sword of the full power of an immortal from the Ninth Heaven, tearing through the primal chaos and splitting apart all time!

Wherever the sword rainbow went, the Yin Jun Devil Commander stood still and motionless.

Behind him, the Nine h.e.l.l Demon Palace collapsed and collapsed. The demon G.o.ds wailed and wailed as the rainbows of their swords trembled, finally dissipating!

Yin Jun Devil Commander was even more unable to dodge, and could only watch as the sword rainbow landed straight on his body.


Wherever the sword rainbow pa.s.sed, Yin Jun Devil Commander could no longer move and was sliced into pieces by the sword intent.


Lu Dongbin withdrew his sword.

They were sheathed.

It was like a sword immortal slaying a demon. Pure Yang will!

The eyes of the youth beside him bulged, and he felt utterly humiliated.

The surrounding servants fell silent.


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