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Two earth-shattering auras collided.

The primordial chaos trembled, and the universe trembled!


Once again, Lu Dongbin collided with the Yin Jun Devil Commander, causing the chaotic turbulence to shake violently.

However, the more Yin Jun Devil Commander fought, the more shocked he became.

It had originally thought that even if Lu Dongbin was a peak-level Ancient Saint, he still wouldn’t be its match!

In order to kill, the Exotic Demons was born, she fought with people her entire life, and she was an expert in fighting with people!

Such prestige, and it was even renowned throughout the world!

In a fight at the same level, even if Exotic Demons were not invincible at the same level, they were not far from it!

At least, in terms of martial arts fighting and killing, the Human Warriors was not a match for the Exotic Demons.

In the end, in the clash with Lu Dongbin, the Yin Jun Devil Commander was completely at a disadvantage.

To deal with Lu Dongbin’s sword-stance, Ning had to rely on his powerful physical body to block and exchange blows with Lu Dongbin’s sword-stance.

Even so, there were more than ten sword wounds on Yin Jun Devil Commander’s body, and the sharp sword intent continued to circulate within his body.


The Yin Jun Devil Commander was furious as he raised his head and swallowed the Nether Demon G.o.d Technique behind him.

With a shake of his body, the Yin Jun Devil Commander turned into a devil shadow that was tens of thousands of metres tall, so tall that it could support the heavens and support the earth!

He was covered in black scales, a pair of demonic wings that covered the sky, and his eyes shone with a blood-red light.


At the same time, an invisible domain enveloped the surroundings.

Yin Lord’s Domain!

In all ten thousand worlds, after all cultivators reached the seventh level of the Ascension Realm, they could cultivate a domain that they could control.

As the cultivation base of the cultivator grew higher and higher, the power of the domain would also increase.

What the Yin Jun Devil Commander had cultivated was this Yin Lord’s Domain. It was enough to control s.p.a.ce and time within a radius of thousands of miles!

In the Yin Lord’s domain, demon qi and yin qi intertwined with each other, wailing and crying like ghosts and wolves. It was enough to weaken the cultivation of those who stepped into the Yin Lord’s domain by several folds.


Lu Dongbin’s expression didn’t change. His mana surged, and his sword energy surged.

Then, a sword slashed out.


The dazzling sword-light was like the cleaving of a mortal world. It was as though a vast and boundless world had been carved out of it!

Under the effect of the Azure Falling Sky Sword, the stardust and the myriad of living creatures in the world began to circulate, transforming into the firmament!

The direction of the sword was unstoppable!

The sharpness of this sword strike far exceeded the Yin Jun Devil Commander’s imagination. It pierced through the sun and moon with unparalleled sharpness, and in the blink of an eye, cleaved apart its domain.

He had directly dislocated its right arm!


Yin Jun Devil Commander howled miserably as the injury on his right arm was shocking.

“Heavens, how is this possible!”

The few Demon Commander-in-Chief’s eyes suddenly bulged with astonishment.

This situation was completely different from what they had expected!

Yin Jun Devil Commander was the strongest person in Exotic Demons, and in terms of strength, he could be considered the strongest person under the Great Emperor, almost at the level of invincible Demon Marshal!

He had even received the praise of the sleeping Emperor, calling him the right-hand man of the Emperor!

In the past, the Yin Jun Devil Commander had relied on his own strength to kill a Peak Ancient Sage!

With such powerful strength, how could there be such a terrifying human, for Lu Dongbin to be able to suppress the Yin Jun Devil Commander!

“You deserve to die, reptile! You have successfully infuriated me. I will kill you!”

Yin Jun Devil Commander roared, countless demonic qi coiled around him and he turned back into his right arm.

Reaching the level of sage power, the rebirth of a short arm was no longer an illusion.

Furthermore, at the level of sage power s and above, rebirth via blood was not impossible!

To Yin Jun Devil Commander, the fracture of their right arm could be healed in a breath.


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