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Qin Yi slightly moved his muscles and bones, and immediately, thunderous sounds came out.

Qin Yi was feeling the vigorous energy in his body, and was extremely satisfied.

At this moment, his strength had even reached the strength of three hundred heavenly dragons. Compared to before, his strength had doubled!

The power of the Emperor technique far exceeded Qin Yi’s expectations.

If one’s Emperor cultivation method was not strong enough, then one would not have the qualifications to be called above saint rank cultivation technique!

With a casual tug of Qin Yi’s right palm, he could tear apart the s.p.a.ce!

In fact, Qin Yi even had a feeling that his own True Essence was boiling as it moved, as if layers of golden light were scalding his body.

According to the True Dragon Spirit Acc.u.mulation Technique, as long as Qin Yi broke through to the ninth level of the Ascension Realm, he would be able to turn his true essence into magic power directly, so as to avoid the ha.s.sle of converting true essence into magic power.

As for Qin Yi, who had possessed his own Fa Li in advance, he was also able to feed his own Fa Li back to his body and use his own Fa Li to temper his own law seeds so that he could create his own Dao!

It had to be known that if an ordinary martial artist wanted to break through their Sage Realm, they would first create their own dao, and then transform their own true essence into mana.

The True Dragon Spirit Acc.u.mulation Technique allowed Qin Yi to attain Fa Li ahead of time and allowed him to feed himself. It could undoubtedly increase the possibility of Qin Yi breaking through the Saint realm by fifty to sixty percent!

If this news were to spread out, then who knew just how many martial artists would be trapped in the semi-sage realm for countless years, wanting to forcefully seize this land!

How many semi-sage experts would waste countless years of time just to take that step? Yet, they were still unable to obtain what they wanted.

With such a cultivation technique that could increase the chances of breaking through to the Saint realm by fifty to sixty percent, how could they not be moved?

Even though, to Qin Yi, such an effect didn’t have much meaning.

However, just the enhancement from the True Dragon Spirit Acc.u.mulation Technique itself was enough for Qin Yi to enjoy.


Qin Yi slowly released a breath of air, calming his heart.

He raised his eyes and looked at the sky outside the window. At this moment, they had already left the Demon Prefecture and were heading back to the Cyan Plains.

“She Yuan, come in.”

Immediately after, a glint flashed across Qin Yi’s eyes as he spoke indifferently.


The curtain of the carriage opened, and She Yuan moved his snake body into the carriage.


She Yuan lowered his snake head, and said respectfully.

Originally, with She Yuan’s cultivation, he should have been able to take human form.

But because of She Yuan’s human form, he looked very sinister, even more so than his original body.

When they first met, not to mention Su Daji, even Qin Yi was shocked!

Therefore, Qin Yi had immediately ordered She Yuan not to take human form in front of him, and thus, She Yuan had always shown himself to others.

“She Yuan, tell us more about the strength of the Exotic Demons.”

Qin Yi lightly knocked on the table in front of him and casually asked.

The moment he said that, not only She Yuan, but even Zhao Yun and the others who were outside the carriage became startled.

Exotic Demons.

Even if it was Da Tongmuyuyi and Mu Yurou, who had just stepped foot on this world not long ago, they had heard of the great name of Exotic Demons as if it was thunder piercing their ears!

However, no one knew much about the strength of the Exotic Demons.

Even if there were ancient texts of the Treading the Sky Sect s, they would not go into detail on the Exotic Demons’s strength.

As the number one general of the Exotic Demons, She Yuan should be well aware of the strength of the Exotic Demons.

This was also one of the reasons why Qin Yi chose to sign the Heavenly Contract with She Yuan and not kill him!

Using She Yuan’s words, they understood the true strength of the Exotic Demons!


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