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Chapter 1050 – Yo, this three-day wheel is so powerful!


The three-day wheel trembled slightly, and waves of energy fluctuations that were as vast as the ocean burst out.

The s.p.a.ce in the surrounding dozens of miles began to crack under this shock!

The terrifying power instantly formed a strong storm and sent both and Ban Man flying!

It was not because the two of them were not strong enough, but because the strength of the three-day wheel was too strong!

Saint artifact!

It was a weapon that the ancient sages had spent their entire lives forging!

If the three-day wheel was in the hands of a saint, killing a Saint realm warrior was not impossible.

In the hands of the Zen Master of Red Sun, even if they could only use 1% of their power, it was not something that the two of them could resist!


In the air, waves of powerful buddhist chanting could be heard.

The halo above the three-day wheel, became increasingly resplendent and extremely oppressive, like a golden sun!


The strength of the three-day wheel was simply too strong. Lv Bu used the ancient halberd in his hand to block and directly smashed Lv Bu’s ancient halberd into pieces.


With a loud roar,’s body was covered in a deep blue flame, which instantly increased his fighting strength by a large amount.

“Humph, such an insignificant skill!”

The Zen Master of Red Sun snorted coldly, and the three-day wheel in his hand rushed forward.

In the great sun formed by the three-day wheel, a palm made of golden light suddenly extended outwards.

Su Er had even turned into a huge palm that covered the sky!

Buddha’s Palm!

Xu Zuonenghu, who was originally several thousand meters tall, seemed like a plaything in the palm of his hand in front of this palm!


In the midst of the terrifying explosion of air, Xu Zuonenghu was directly crushed!

The golden light dissipated, leaving behind only the specks of dying breath as it fell into the void.

“Master Dot!”

Lv Bu’s expression changed, he went forward and caught the speck, and hatefully stared at Zen Master of Red Sun.

“d.a.m.ned bald donkey!”

Seeing that, Qin Yi immediately exchanged for a Yi Mu Qing Ling Dan and consumed it to preserve his life.

When he raised his eyes once again, the eyes he used to look at Zen Master of Red Sun were filled with rage and killing intent!

The arrogant bald donkey actually relied on this three-day wheel to show off his strength in front of him. Not only did he almost let him fall, he even injured his soldiers!

“Unsetting King Jun, obediently accept your death!”

Zen Master of Red Sun’s gaze was indifferent and filled with a ruthless light.


The s.h.i.+ning golden three-day wheel, in the hands of the Zen Master of Red Sun, released a sound similar to the morning bell and evening drum, as if it was awakening the Buddha who was hidden within!

An extremely terrifying aura suddenly rose from the three-day wheel.

He was like a holy man of Buddhism, descending upon this place!

The dark Ling Ji Tian was illuminated by the power of the three-day wheel!

In a split-second, this aura, which seemed to be able to suppress everything, spread out in a mighty wave.

In fact, this aura, after leaving the Great Spirit Heavens, had already spread to the Undescended Kingdom!

All the warriors in Undescended Kingdom could not help but raise their heads to look up. Their faces were filled with fear and anxiety.

“This, this is a saint artifact?”

In order to deal with the Everlasting King, the Ten Thousand Buddhism had actually taken out his sacred weapon! “

Monarch Brilliant Light’s face was pale as he mumbled to himself.

He never thought that in order to deal with the Eternal King, Ten Thousand Buddhism would actually bring along his sacred weapon!

The full power of a saint artifact was not something a human could resist. It was no different from a saint taking action himself!

In a place where there was not a single sage in Qingzhou, he could simply do whatever he wanted!

If the entire Azure Province joined forces, they might not even be a match for this saint artifact!


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