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Chapter 3346 Going Back to the World

Pang!Han Sen felt like his body was bounced away by an invisible power. He was suddenly separated from the holy soldier spirit. He was sucked by some power.“It still doesn’t work.” Han Sen felt rather disappointed. He had already hidden inside the holy soldier spirit’s spirit, but he had still been bounced away.

When the power was gone, Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra to look around. He went back to Soldier Weapon Sky, but that place was no longer Soldier Weapon Sky.

“This place is…” When Han Sen saw the place with some clarity, his face looked weird.

“Dust Sky.” Han Sen was no stranger to this place. He fought Bury Path G.o.d in Dust Sky. He had already shown up on the geno tablet though. Dust Sky already had a leader. It was the vice president of the G.o.d Chaos Party, Bury Path G.o.d.

He felt Dust Sky’s power suppression was much stronger than when he arrived there the last time. After he entered, he was able to use some power. Now that he had landed, his power was already gone. Even the metal jian body had returned to its original form. He could no longer use power as a commoner could.

“Why am I here? Dust Sky already has a leader. According to the theory, no other creature should be able to enter this place.” Han Sen knew this was some dire news. He and Bury Path G.o.d shared a nasty grudge. Now, he was the leader of Dust Sky, and the ruling power of Dust Sky had increased. It made Han Sen be nothing more than a commoner. If Bury Path G.o.d found him there, he would surely be killed.

“I could have landed anywhere, so why exactly was I brought to this place?” Han Sen patted his a.s.s and stood up. He raised his head and was immediately stiff.

A big golden bird was coldly staring at him. The bird’s eyes were like blades.

Han Sen was shocked. He knew this big golden bird. When the 33 skies were recovered, that big golden bird was the first to enter the 33 skies. It had gone on to enter Dust Sky.

But Dust Sky was owned by Bury Path G.o.d. It had failed its task, but it was still alive for some reason. It was either that or Bury Path G.o.d was willing to keep it alive.

Now, the big golden bird coldly stood atop a tree. It was not too big. It was only as tall as the average person. Its feather looked gold. It was a very unique creature.

Han Sen’s heart jumped. “This golden bird is strong. If my power is crushed by Dust Sky, it should suffer the fate too.”

“What is your name, Brother Bird?” Han Sen asked with a smile as he looked at the golden bird.

“I am Gold Wing Big Bird,” Gold Wing Big Bird coldly said. “I am not Brother Bird.”

“In this world, is there a Gold Wing Big Bird?” Han Sen looked at Gold Wing Big Bird with shock. The little red bird had the blood of birds, but it was not a Gold Wing Big Bird. It had the blood of a bird fish. Even so, it was just a mix. The little red bird had more mixed blood than another type of bird called a phoenix.

The phoenix and fish bird were mixed together. If it had been able to grow, it would have been as strong as a pure phoenix or a pure big bird.

Gold Wing Big Bird did not speak. It looked at Han Sen coldly. Judging from its power, Han Sen sensed that the creature was brewing it. It was going to attack any second now.

It was a shame the Gold Wing Big Bird’s power was restricted by Dust Sky too. It did not need to save up anything. A random hit was able to destroy the sky and the ground.

“If I and the Gold Wing Big Bird are at the same level, we cannot use powers. Does that mean I will be able to kill him now?” Han Sen looked murderous.

The Gold Wing Big Bird’s Break World rate was 95%. People could see it when they broke through the invisible barrier to the 33 skies.

If it were out there, Han Sen might not have been able to slay the beast. In Dust Sky, they all had ordinary bodies. To Han Sen, who was good at fighting, it was a good thing.

The Gold Wing Big Bird thought the same thing. It looked at Han Sen. Even if its body could not be any greater than ordinary people, Han Sen’s presence and will were not something that could be eradicated. The Gold Wing Big Bird knew Han Sen was not an easy character to deal with, so it did not strike at once.

A man and a bird stared at each other for a very long time. Finally, they moved. The Gold Wing Big Bird spread its wings, which were 21 to 24 feet wide. It flapped its wings to fly like gold lightning.

In the past, the body of the Gold Wing Big Bird would have already ripped s.p.a.ce.

In Dust Sky, it was like a common bird. It had to use its own body power to kill Han Sen.

Han Sen jumped. He only jumped six feet high. That was the result of his body being so strong. Commoners would be considered supermen if they could only jump three feet high.

He went right past the Gold Wing Big Bird. Han Sen was in the air. His body drew a curve, not unlike a bird. He dodged the Gold Wing Big Bird’s strike and stepped onto the fiend’s back. The Gold Wing Big Bird looked like a dog that had just eaten sh*t. It put its head down on the ground.

Han Sen did not hesitate. He brought his legs down like a battleax.

The Gold Wing Big Bird quickly reacted. After it hit the ground, the wings came back. It rolled away like a lazy donkey to avoid Han Sen. The blade-like wings of the bird were coming back for Han Sen, who was still in the midst of his strike had not yet landed.

Han Sen had not landed it yet, but there was a lot of strength in his waist. He put his hands on the wings of the bird and flipped it like a monkey. He used his power to jump up and ride atop the back of the Gold Wing Big Bird.

A man and a bird were fighting. If people from the main and the reverse universes saw this, no one would have believed it. This was a scary creature fight between creatures from two different universes. It was a brutal fight.

Pang! Han Sen punched the face of the Gold Wing Big Bird. Its mouth spewed Gold Wing Big Bird blood.

The Gold Wing Big Bird was not dazed by this. It moved to wrap up Han Sen’s body and roll. It put Han Sen down on the ground.

Han Sen tried his best to grab the feathers of the Gold Wing Big Bird. After a touch, a feather was plucked from the Gold Wing Big Bird’s neck.

“Argh!” Han Sen and the Gold Wing Big Bird squealed together. Han Sen almost broke his back while the Gold Wing Big Bird had one of its feathers plucked. It really hurt.

To scream was to just scream, but Han Sen was still able to stand back up. He used his back for support. He used his legs to bounce to the Gold Wing Big Bird’s belly.

The Gold Wing Big Bird barely reacted. Its claws tried to grab Han Sen’s legs while its blade wings came for Han Sen’s neck.

A man and a bird were fighting. There was a sky full of feathers and torn clothing. Sometimes, screams rang out. With one punch for him, there was one feather from it. All of the punches were incredible to the point that blood covered the area. One could not tell which of the two had the advantage.


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