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Chapter 3256 The Power of Bad Luck

Han Sen did not care for very much. With the fitness and power of his body, and with his Super G.o.d Spirit mode’s invincible power, in those two universes, things rarely went wrong for him.

“I am afraid I will have to disappoint you,” Han Sen said. His expression suddenly changed. His manly face started to become feminine. He did not become completely like a woman. It was neither Yin nor Yang. It was a little weird, but he started to sound like a special creature from ancient times. Han Sen was shocked. He focused his mind on one part of his body. When he felt it, he was relieved.

“Thank G.o.d… Thank G.o.d… My p.e.n.i.s is still here.”

In the next second, Han Sen’s face started to look very dire. His p.e.n.i.s was still there, but what was once a big cigar was now as small as a peanut. It was very tiny and small. Han Sen felt as if he was going to faint. If Tian Jing was not there, Han Sen would have taken his pants off and woken the poor, sleeping guy.

When Tian Jing saw Han Sen’s face, she happily laughed. “Mister Han, you do not need to worry. The power of this planet will not kill people. It will only make male creatures and female creatures that are not pure look strange.” Han Sen thought. “That is not weird. If I cannot recover, that will be a fate worse than death.”

Seeing Tian Jing’s face appear particularly delighted, Han Sen understood she was relis.h.i.+ng in the fact that she was getting her vengeance for his lies.

He ignored Tian Jing and used his own power. He pushed it all the way down into his micro-p.e.n.i.s. The reverse Dongxuan Sutra and ordinary Dongxuan Sutra went through it without a problem. Aside from being much smaller and far more delicate, there was no problem with it.

“Mister Han, you really do not have to worry. Once you leave this planet, the power that currently affects you will stop. If you keep going and here for too long, or if you go too close to the location where the ice jade evil lady is, that power on you will become stronger. It might even reverse your Yin and Yang.” Tian Jing spoke to Han Sen with a stroke of seriousness.

Han Sen saw her eyes were doing their best not to show the laughter she wished to unleash. She clearly knew what was going on with Han Sen’s body.

“Where is the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg?” Han Sen tried to focus on the task at hand. If he was able to recover, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

Plus, Han Sen had a Super G.o.d Spirit mode power. Thinking of his Super G.o.d Spirit mode’s invincible power, he should have been able to restrict the weird, harmful power. “It is there.” Tian Jing raised her hands and pointed in a certain direction.

Han Sen’s vision followed Tian Jing’s finger to where she was pointing. He had a look over there. He saw a giant, snowy mountain that was upon the large fields. While it could have been described as a large, snowy mountain, it was only the tip of the mountain that had snow. The rest of the mountain was composed of green and black rocks.

“Old Leader said the mountain’s peak has the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg. I do not know if it is still there or not.” Tian Jing then said, “By the way, on this planet, you must not use Galaxy Teleportation.”

“Why is that?” Han Sen calmly asked.

Tian Jing smiled and replied, “Because the s.p.a.ce inside this planet is not stable. If you use Galaxy Teleportation, it will be hard to reach the location you want. It might end up possible for you to be lost in a broken layer of s.p.a.ce.”

“I see. Are there any more taboo things I should avoid doing while here? Perhaps it would be best if you tell me everything at once.” Han Sen could not wait to find a place for his Super G.o.d Spirit mode to help erase his current problem.

In front of Tian Jing, Han Sen was not in a rush to show anything.

“There is nothing else. I already told you this planet’s s.p.a.ce is not stable. There are many broken layers of s.p.a.ce. Be careful while you walk. If you hit a broken layer of s.p.a.ce too quickly, I am afraid that even someone with a G.o.d Spirit body will be unable to block the wrongful powers of the broken s.p.a.ce layers.” After thinking for a moment, Tian Jing added, “You also must not hurt the creatures of this planet. That will bring you even more bad luck. As to what kind of bad luck will befall you, the leader did not record that. Just in case, I suggest we at least listen to him. Do not provoke the creatures here.”

“Is that all?” Han Sen did not really care for those two points. The broken layers of s.p.a.ce were scary, but with the strength of his body and reaction speeds, even hitting a broken layer of s.p.a.ce would not pose much of a threat.

Regarding those creatures, Han Sen was not a person who enjoyed killing. He did not want to hurt them anyway. “The old leader only left this information behind. There is nothing else. I do not know if there is more.” Tian Jing opened her hands. When she looked at Han Sen, she smiled. She kept trying to grab a peek of his lower body. Han Sen used a weird, squeaky voice to ask, “Aren’t you looking for the items of Xuan Mi Zong?”

“Mister Han, you are not coming with me,” Tian Jing said with a laugh. “The items are on the foothills of the snowy mountain. If you are planning on going to the snow mountain to find the ice jade evil lady gene egg, we can walk together.”

“I am not planning on going to the snowy mountain just yet,” Han Sen coldly said. “You go ahead first.”

“If things are like that, then I will proceed ahead.” Tian Jing left. She had not gone far when he heard her laugh like a bell. Han Sen, who was a shameless man, was very angry. “What is wrong with this planet? How can Break World power erase this bad power?” Han Sen tried to use his Break World Dongxuan Sutra power to break the bad power, but it was futile. It did not work.

Some weird power draped the place. The power of the Dongxuan Sutra was unable to get rid of it.

Han Sen did not dare exert too much strength. Han Sen preferred death over having his p.e.n.i.s broken.

“Daddy, what is wrong with you?” Bao’er seriously asked Han Sen.

“It is nothing.” Han Sen could not explain to Bao’er what was happening to him. When Tian Jing was far away, he activated his Super G.o.d Spirit mode. It enabled white-colored power to cover his body. Fortunately, the Super G.o.d Spirit mode did not disappoint him. The Super G.o.d Spirit mode erased the weird power that was affecting him. It made his body go back to normal. It was still a shame that Han Sen could not break the rules of the universe for a long time. When his Super G.o.d Spirit mode was gone, his body was covered by that weird and bad power. It made him exhibit weird changes.

“Never mind. I will go and see if the ice jade evil lady gene egg is still there. After I am gone, I will use my Super G.o.d Spirit mode to remove the powers.” Han Sen knew he could not keep using Super G.o.d Spirit mode. But if his Super G.o.d Spirit mode worked, he would feel relieved. He picked up Bao’er and went to the snowy mountain.


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