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2665 Very Difficul

“This is good stuff. The Very High can hand out rewards like this for something that is little more than a game to them? Other races wouldn’t have this many resources to play with,” Han Sen sighed. The Very High were f*cking rich.

Han Sen would protect any deified treasure he found like it was his own child, yet the Very High were handing out seven of them as little more than prize money. He couldn’t think of another race that could match this level of wealth.

The Extreme King called themselves the number one race, but compared to the Very High, they were nothing but turtles. Their society was measly in comparison.

“If I can take down Outer Sky…” As soon as Han Sen had this thought, he shook it off. He knew he couldn’t risk entertaining thoughts like that. He could never think such dangerous things during his time there. If Li Keer and Exquisite found out what he was considering for the future, it wouldn’t end very well for him.

Han Sen kept turning the matter over and over in his head. Eventually, he thought, “I really want that Apollo Set. Maybe I can deal with those other silkworms. I can handle those fights, but that Shale… I really don’t know how I’m going to bring him down. I can’t use beast souls, and I can’t use my super G.o.d spirit body, because they all know me as Han Sen. How can I beat a born-deified, then?”

Han Sen thought about this for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out a solution. After all, he didn’t know much about Shale. According to the information he’d been given, there was little known about the man.

When Exquisite and Li Keer came back, Han Sen asked them if they had more information on the other eleven silkworms. Exquisite already had it prepared for him. She handed over the doc.u.ments that she and Li Keer had spent the last few days gathering.

“By the way, who is this Li Xue Cheng? Did I offend him in some way?” Han Sen asked, pointing to the first folder. He showed them the back and the name of the editor that was written there.

“He is connected to Liyu Zhen,” Exquisite admitted after a moment of hesitation.

Han Sen couldn’t read Exquisite’s mind, but he was a very observant person. Exquisite was obviously reacting strangely. He knew there was something between the lines here.

“Has Liyu Zhen done something?” Han Sen asked.

Exquisite remained silent and didn’t answer, but Li Keer said, “I think we should let Han Sen know. It will be for the better. He should know so he can be prepared for the fallout, regardless.”

“What is going on?” Han Sen frowned again.

Exquisite explained the wagers that the Very High had made with Li Xue Cheng. And then, she said, “Actually, this has little to do with you. This is simply a whole bunch of people being scammed by Li Xue Cheng for a host of resources and treasures. I’m afraid they might not let it go easily, though.”

Han Sen smiled wryly and asked, “Do the Very High like gambling this much?”

“Those who study the Very High Sense have no interest in gambling, but the other branch of our crooked tree… I think Outer Sky is too safe. The Very High on the other side don’t know what it is like to fight for your life in the face of adversity and death. Some things come too easily to them, and as a result, they don’t treasure what they have.” Li Keer shook her head and sighed.

“If we make them lose so many resources and treasures, are they going to be mad at me?” Han Sen asked.

“They won’t come after you, but I can tell you that they won’t be happy with you, either. Li Xue Cheng only wanted to get those resources and treasures, and to do that, he used you,” Exquisite said.

“Maybe they won’t get scammed. If I help them win a lot of resources and treasures, wouldn’t they be more inclined to help me out in the future?” Han Sen said with a dark laugh.

“Of course. They control many of Outer Sky’s resources. It can be difficult to avoid interacting with them, and if they like you, things will go so much easier for you.” After that, Li Keer looked at Han Sen with shock. “What are you going to do?”

“It’s simple, isn’t it? To solve all of this neatly, I just have to end up number one in the silkworm fights,” Han Sen growled.

“You’re right, that would fix it, but… Shale is the unsurmountable challenge you have ahead of you. His talents are scary. There is no doubt about that. In his short four years here, he has learned many geno arts. That includes proficiency with G.o.d’s Wander. He can use s.p.a.ce teleportation. If you want to fight him, I don’t think anything you can throw at Shale will work,” Li Keer said.

“If I haven’t yet tried, how can you so easily think that I can’t beat him?” Han Sen was very calm and composed throughout all this. He quietly opened the new doc.u.ments and began to study them.

Li Keer and Exquisite looked at each other. They could sense the confidence that had spurred Han Sen to the lofty heights he frequently reached. He now seemed quite confident that he had what it took to defeat Shale. But they couldn’t understand where that unbridled confidence came from.

“Third Sister, don’t you think this is a bit weird? Why can we feel his confidence, but not where the confidence comes from? Unless he is a blindly confident bag of gra.s.s, we should be able to feel what is inside him that gives him the confidence he needs to take on this challenge,” Li Keer said to Exquisite after Han Sen left. She didn’t think Han Sen was a bag of gra.s.s.

“His mental control power is so strong. He can control his thoughts. Aside from direct emotions, it is nearly impossible for us to discern what he is thinking,” Exquisite said.

“The hardest thing to control is your own mind. Even the Very High need the Very High Sense to do it, yet he can do it on his own. Third Sister, your choice in silkworm is exceptional,” Li Keer said with a sigh.

“I’m not sure where his confidence comes from, but I think he wants to reach first place. If he succeeds, it will be good for you and me,” Exquisite said.

“I only fear that he is overestimating his capabilities and will die in some tragic way because of it. Then, we will have to go and find a new silkworm.” Li Keer wasn’t very confident about this, and she thought to herself, “If he was Dollar, I’m sure he would be able to do this.”

Sometimes, the things people wanted most were the things that they couldn’t have. Li Keer still missed Dollar.

Han Sen investigated the eleven silkworms, and he started to develop a headache. None of them would be easy to fight. There were many difficult people in the compet.i.tion in addition to Shale, who topped them all.

One of the silkworms was actually a Very High. It was very rare to have a Very High as a silkworm. Although all the Very High were very strong, their powers were too similar. And they had all been raised in the same environment. Having a Very High as a silkworm wouldn’t allow the master to learn as much, and so not many of the Very High would agree to take one of their own as a silkworm. Plus, ordinary Very High thought that only low-life creatures deserved to become silkworms. They wouldn’t want to ruin their own reputation by becoming a silkworm, so it was very rare to see this amongst the Very High.

“A Very High half-deified. That will mean he is stronger than Exquisite, right? I don’t think that will be someone easily defeated. And that’s not to mention the bigger trouble further ahead like Shale. Winning these silkworm bouts won’t be easy, at all.” Han Sen dropped the doc.u.ments for the time being and went back to practicing his geno arts. There were two geno arts he had to learn before fighting Shale. If he didn’t get good at those, he had no chance of winning.


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