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Chapter 2440 Effec

Wan’er was still in her comatose state, but Han Sen tossed her body away from him. She landed against the ground some distance away, but luckily, Han Sen had used some of his power to cus.h.i.+on her landing. Instead of slamming into the ground like a bag of rocks, Wan’er slid smoothly through the air and landed softly, almost silently, on the ground.

Han Sen wanted to see if having some distance between himself and Wan’er would allow him to fully activate and maintain his super G.o.d spirit body.

After tossing Wan’er aside, Han Sen redeployed his super G.o.d spirit body. White light surrounded him once again, glowing from his hair and eyes.

His red eyes vanished in a sea of white, just like they had on his previous attempt. But this time, Han Sen managed to keep his super G.o.d spirit body going, and his power didn’t fade.

“Was Wan’er really causing my power to disappear? What’s going on? How is it possible for her to affect my super G.o.d spirit body?” Han Sen looked at Wan’er with shock. He noticed that her own body was glowing with gold light. Her eyes and hair were turning gold.

Han Sen didn’t have time to worry about that at the moment, though. He just focused on using Super Spank. He threw his fist toward the eye on the statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes to see if he could break it.

But the moment Han Sen got close, a weird glow rose around the statue. The statue seemed to be gathering up a substance chain of red light, and then the light lashed out at Han Sen.

Han Sen’s super G.o.d spirit body ignored blood light coming for him. The blood light went straight through him like he didn’t even exist. Like he was some sort of phantom.

But Han Sen punched the statue’s eye, releasing an explosion of force. The shockwave shoved Han Sen’s body back, but the Super Spank strike was unable to destroy the eye.

“This is harder than that weird deified bug.” Even the thought made Han Sen feel a cold dread. Part of him had expected this result, though. The confirmation simply disappointed him.

He couldn’t break the statue. That meant he couldn’t unlock the secrets of the red-eye power. But it also wouldn’t affect him because he had the super G.o.d spirit body. But if anyone else was infected with the red-eye condition, there was nothing he could do.

Han Sen turned around and began walking away. He needed to leave the broken city, first and foremost. But then, the statue suddenly moved. Its enormous form suddenly stood fully erect, and it looked down on Han Sen with abject hatred. The entire hall shook as the statue rose to its full height.

“It is alive!” Han Sen wasn’t surprised. He jumped forward and tried to reach Wan’er.

But he then saw Wan’er’s body lift itself off the ground. Her hair and eyes had turned blonde, and she now looked exactly as she had appeared when Han Sen first saw her.

Her eyes were open, but they were glazed and unfocused.

The statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes stepped forward, sending one of its demon-like hands down to slap Han Sen. It paused above him, though, and it began to s.h.i.+ne.

The blonde-haired Wan’er teleported in front of the statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, hovering in the air directly in front of its face. She waved her hand and cut its head off.


The giant stone head fell onto the floor of the hall, creating a good-sized crater where it slammed into the floor.

Han Sen was frozen. Wan’er had such a weak body, but after she turned golden, her power became truly frightening. Its magnitude was difficult to believe.

This was completely different from what the sixth image of the mural had depicted, too. The sixth picture showed one person on the floor and another person praying to the complete statue.

But while the head had been cut off, the statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes did not fall. Its body began to writhe, and all of its one thousand arms were moving. The red eye in each of its hands began to glow, and that h.e.l.lish glow covered the hall from one end to the other. Countless red substance chains emerged and slithered toward Wan’er’s body.

Wan’er’s power was incredible, but her body was solid and could therefore be injured. She didn’t have the invincible features of Han Sen’s super G.o.d spirit body.

Countless substance chains tangled around Wan’er’s body, and a cruel grin suddenly played across the mouth of the statue head on the floor. It flew up and opened its mouth, trying to consume Wan’er.

Han Sen’s heart leaped. He stepped forward to help Wan’er, but the golden light coming from Wan’er’s body intensified, and the rest of the chains suddenly melted. She raised a single hand and pressed it against the statue’s head, and then, the statue’s head exploded like fireworks.

The head was shattered, but the statue wasn’t dead. It seemed to be quite shocked, though. It turned its giant body around to run away.

Wan’er’s blonde-haired form flashed, and she reappeared beside the statue. She reached out and planted her hands firmly on the statue’s body.


The whole statue exploded. The giant body was reduced to a heap of rubble, and its arms lay scattered about.

“Too strong!” Han Sen couldn’t help but compliment her display of power. Strength like that could destroy almost anything. Even that powerful statue had been killed in scant moments.

Most of the arms that fell to the floor of the hall were now broken, and the eyes that they held had been destroyed. Even those that hadn’t been outright destroyed were bleeding profusely. They would die soon. The arms writhed on the floor in a sickening fas.h.i.+on, like deadly snakes.

But one broken eyeball did shoot away from its attendant hand. It became a blood light as it tried to escape the hall.

Han Sen stood next to the exit of the hall, and he watched that blood eye come. He used Super Spank to smack it. There was a loud squelching noise as he smacked it, and the jelly of the eyeball sprayed out as the thing fell to the floor.

When the eyeball ruptured, the writhing pieces of the statue all stopped. It was like a heap of rubble now, and nothing more.

“Mutant Deified Xenogeneic hunted: Blood Eye Evil G.o.d. Mutant xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Blood Eye Evil G.o.d beast soul.”

When Han Sen heard the announcement, he was shocked. He hadn’t even realized what he was about to do when he struck the eyeball. He just didn’t want it to escape. He hadn’t thought there’d be a reward, especially a reward on such a scale.

Before Han Sen had time to examine the Blood Eye Evil G.o.d’s beast soul, the blonde-haired Wan’er teleported over to him. Her golden eyes looked in Han Sen’s direction, but they had so little focus that he couldn’t tell if she was actually looking at him.

Then Wan’er’s hand drifted forward to pat Han Sen on the head. This shocked Han Sen. He suddenly realized that when Wan’er had grabbed his neck, she had wanted to kill him. But something else had happened instead.

As Wan’er’s hand came from, an overwhelming sense of danger weighed on Han Sen’s shoulders. The feeling was so strong it was almost suffocating.


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