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Chapter 1546: Easy Travel

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the G.o.dlight Tunnel, there was only the super cla.s.s Yu Miao, Little Lion King, Sta.r.s.ea Beast, Han Sen, and Six Paths remaining.

Bao’er was in Han Sen’s arms. When Han Sen introduced her to others, he would always say she was a pet beast soul. Pet beast souls did not possess geno cores, so they wouldn’t feel the pressure experienced in the tunnel.

To others, Bao’er could follow Han Sen freely. And if Han Sen could keep going, she too would go through all the way. Of course, Han Sen knew Bao’er wasn’t actually a beast soul.

After crossing the seventeenth G.o.dlight, even Yu Miao and Little Lion King—both of whom were super—were under extreme pressure.

Yu Miao and Little Lion King looked at Han Sen, and they were surprised to see him looking rather relaxed. They were shocked, and they wondered if Han Sen’s fitness had actually reached the level of a super demi-G.o.d. If he hadn’t, they couldn’t think of another reason that would explain how he had managed to come so far.

It was hard to imagine a body that was not super could make it all the way here.

Six Paths’ face looked a little grim, too. He was feeling the weight of the pressure. Han Sen’s faced was still relaxed, though. The effect on him was rather minuscule.

They were a hundred meters away from the eighteenth G.o.dlight. Yu Miao and Little Lion King’s bodies began to tremble, and every step took them a lot of effort. ( B oxnovel.c om )

The two of them saw Han Sen not looking likely to quit anytime soon, so they clenched their teeth and pushed on. They were so slow, though. It was as if they were dragging a mountain behind them.

Their bones began to creak eventually. Little Lion King roared. He wanted to keep going, but his body was no longer allowing him to.

Yu Miao was in the same situation. Seeing Six Paths and Han Sen reach the eighteenth G.o.dlight, her feet finally felt as if they had been pinned to the ground. She could no longer move.

“I am already super cla.s.s. Why is there such a big difference?” Yu Miao felt terrible. She tried her hardest, wanting to walk on as Han Sen and Six Paths were doing.

She managed to move one leg a little further, but its landing was met with the sound of a katcha! The other leg had been unable to support the weight, and it ended up snapping.


Yu Miao fell to the ground and looked up at Han Sen and Six Paths, who were managing to proceed even further. She couldn’t get up and chase after them as she wished to.

Little Lion King roared. He was able to inch his way forward a little bit more. He was shaking, and when he was only four meters away from the eighteenth marker, the trembling became too violent. He could no longer step forward, either.

When Han Sen and Six Paths pa.s.sed through the eighteenth G.o.dlight, the Six Paths Sword began to s.h.i.+ne like a flower. His geno core had become super now.

But Six Paths’ geno core becoming super didn’t mean too much, as it had no effect on his fitness.

“F*ck! I lost. That guy is too strong. How is he doing that?” Little Lion King dropped to the floor as he watched Han Sen and Six Paths go through the eighteenth G.o.dlight. He gave up trying to support himself further, and he simply lay on the floor to see which of the two final contestants would win.

The others did not know what Little Lion King knew, though. Han Sen’s self geno core was the same level as his own when he started, and he had already leveled up three times, whereas Han Sen hadn’t.

If he only had a silver geno core and his fitness was not super, it was scary to fathom how he had managed to come so far.

“No matter how special the human’s body is, it cannot compete with Six Paths Emperor.” Yu Miao remained where she was, watching the two advance.

She did not want Han Sen to go much further, but she didn’t mind Six Paths doing much better than her. Han Sen was just a human, after all, and she didn’t think much of them. The mere fact he had managed to go further than she had was an excruciating fact she had trouble accepting.

“Maybe he cannot, but Six Paths looks fairly strained and Han Sen is looking the same as ever. I think he’ll end up walking further than Six Paths,” Little Lion King said.

He hoped Han Sen could walk further. He had lost to Han Sen, and he’d feel a bit better about himself if he knew Han Sen was also the sort to beat someone like Six Paths.

If Six Paths Emperor lost, the Lion King losing to Han Sen would not be so embarra.s.sing.

Since he had lost the bet, it was established that he would become Han Sen’s subordinate. At the very least, he’d be the subordinate of a supreme elite. It was far better than ending up as the subordinate of a random n.o.body. ( B oxnovel.c om )

Creatures always obeyed the stronger, and the same applied to Jade Little Lion King.

Six Paths felt the pressure from the G.o.dlight, and he could feel the muscles of his emperor body tighten. He was starting to sweat profusely, too.

He looked over to Han Sen and what he saw shocked him. Han Sen looked as relaxed as the moment he first entered the tunnel. There was not a drop of sweat on him.

“How could this happen? His fitness isn’t super yet, so how can he walk through this so easily?” Six Paths Emperor frowned, unable to formulate an answer.

There were so many elites in the G.o.dlight Tunnel, all possessing different elements. They had all become super cla.s.s while in there, and yet, regardless of the power they possessed, it wasn’t enough to withstand the pressure of the tunnel.

Not even Six Paths believed Han Sen’s power was enough to suppress the might of the G.o.dlight. But even so, he couldn’t come up with a reason to explain how Han Sen was walking so freely before him.

“I am right! He is indeed a special opponent. I’m still looking forward to that fight. Once he levels up to super, I will test how strong he really is.” Six Paths Emperor’s eyes possessed a fire.

Han Sen did not look back at Six Paths. The pressure of the tunnel was something he could ignore, but as he slowly reached the end, he felt as if something was there up ahead. He could sense something moving, beckoning him closer.

“Is there a special reason why I’m not susceptible to the pressure of the G.o.dlight? What is at the end of the tunnel? And why me?” Han Sen felt very confused over these events, but his curiosity had been piqued too. He really wanted to see what lay in wait at the end.

Han Sen quickened his pace, eager to find out what was at the end of the tunnel.


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