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Chapter 958: The System Isn’t G.o.d, and Will Not Give Out Free PIes

The next morning, Selina washed up and went downstairs, only to see Luke slacking off.

Holding a cup of coffee in his hand, he sat leisurely on the windowsill and looked at the snowflakes outside.

Selina walked over, but didn’t greet him. Instead, she walked back and forth in a semi-circle not far from him, sizing him up.

Looking out the window, Luke said casually, “Breakfast is ready. We were just waiting for you.”

Selina shook her head. “Why do I feel like you’re acting weird today?”

Luke turned around and grinned. “Isn’t this handsome?”

Looking at his bright smile, Selina choked. “Fine, you’re handsome, but you seem… relaxed, but not happy?”

Luke was amused. “After so many days, we finally caught all the big fish in one net. Shouldn’t I be relaxed?”

Selina thought for a moment and agreed. “Okay, let’s have breakfast.”

Luke put down his coffee cup and followed her with a smile.

What Selina had sensed was his minor emotions which hadn’t fully settled after the battle.

In the system interface, the host had 49,700 / 300,000 experience points and 127,400 credit points.

These two figures were enough to prove the success of last night’s operation.

The system had given him 7,000 experience and credit points for the fight between Norman’s team and Gusman’s gang.

5,000 for Norman’s team and 2,000 for Gusman’s gang.

Norman also exposed his boss, Jot, on camera at the entrance of the DEA building, and was killed.

Norman gave Luke another 500 experience and credit points.

Jot was still the big boss of the DEA for now. Also, it seemed that Daddy System didn’t recognize the scandal exposure, so there were no more experience and credit points for now.

In other words, the 126 killers had given Luke 42,000 experience and credit points, and each of them had been worth more than 300 points.

Luke could count the number of times on one hand that he had reaped such a huge harvest.

He was actually in a good mood, but at the same time, he was a little disappointed.

Who knew how long he would have to wait for the hotel to deliver a “share”?

As long as the person in charge of the hotel wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to make this matter public.

That would only be a slap to the face.

They would definitely confirm V’s real ident.i.ty first before they took him down.

But it was very hard to find Luke.

Unless they had some sort of superpower that could check the past or make predictions, it was almost impossible to uncover his real ident.i.ty.

Luke had always been prepared for this.

In this dangerous world, it was impossible to level up without taking any risks.

The system had never been an idiot system that gave benefits for free. Its output was proportional to Luke’s “labor.”

Based on Luke’s speculation, it was probably giving him benefits based on his foundation and points according to a fixed algorithm.

The system wasn’t G.o.d; it had never given Luke free meat pies.

If he didn’t “work,” the system wouldn’t produce anything.

It had never hidden this intent, or Luke wouldn’t be so sure of this rule.

From this point of view, the system was simple.

But the person who created the system might not be simple.

If an ordinary person obtained some sort of hack, and knew that they would lose nine dollars but earn ten dollars, how could they not use it?

Only a fool wouldn’t use it.

The biggest thing about this hack was that ordinary people would only earn ten dollars in their entire lives, but Luke could earn ten or even a hundred dollars in a month.

No matter how high the expenditure was, it couldn’t compare with how fast the profits came in.

This was an open conspiracy against human nature, and there was no solution to it.

If he wanted to become stronger and protect himself and his family, he could only minimize the risk of being discovered and increase the efficiency of gaining experience and credit points.

Only the son of the system, or the son of the system’s maker would be able to get stronger without taking any risks.

He had already rejected the possibility of this happening.

To be treated like a G.o.dson or even a laborer was actually quite good.

The most tragic thing was to be treated as a slave in an infinite flow[1] system where you died if you didn’t do anything.

As Luke aimlessly pondered things, he and Selina finished breakfast.

“Work today?” asked Selina.

Luke nodded and said, “We’ve been slacking off for a few days. Let’s go see if Dustin has a case. We’ll take some time off in the afternoon.”

Selina stretched as well. “I don’t think I’ve been exercising much in the last two days. It feels unnatural.”

Luke was amused. “You can’t go out at night to beat people up now. We have to see how they react in the next few days. A lot of people were killed this time.”

Selina snorted. “That was you. All I did was look at the surveillance cameras at home for an hour. The only thing I moved was my fingers.”

Luke said, “Okay, I’ll see if I can modify the training equipment and teach you something new.”

Selina asked, “What is it?”

Luke started the car and said with a smile, “Shooting skills!”

Selina asked, “What?”

As they chatted, they headed to the police department.

Somewhere in the city, Wade was sound asleep, when he suddenly felt sore and in pain, and his back felt itchy. He couldn’t help coming awake with a shout. “Vanessa?”

Vanessa leaned lazily against him. “What’s with your expression? Did you get into another fight last night?”

Wade grimaced in pain. “What fight? It was a one-sided beating.”

Last night, after he jumped into the lake, he had followed instructions and found an underwater propulsion system in the shallows.

After he started the engine, the machine brought him to a drainage hole in the lake. He crawled through the grate that had already been broken open, and soon entered Hackensack River.

After following the riverbank for several hundred meters, Wade went ash.o.r.e at the designated location some distance away from the park. An unremarkable old Ford had been parked not far away.

By the time he returned to his place in Harlem according to plan, Vanessa had just started her night s.h.i.+ft.

Wade finally received the notification that the commission was complete and the payment would be settled in three days.

After cleaning himself up, he put the V uniform back into the box and lay down on the bed to watch Adventure Time. He then fell asleep, and didn’t sense when Vanessa returned.

At that moment, Vanessa was stunned. “You… were beaten up?”

She didn’t know exactly how good Wade was at fighting, but he had once beaten up seven or eight hooligans who had tried to hara.s.s her, and had stuffed them all into a dumpster in the back alley.

She still remembered the pile of human flesh sticking out of the dumpster.

At that time, Wade had taken a few punches without flinching.

She quickly lifted the blanket and his T-s.h.i.+rt. She exclaimed in surprise.

Wade’s mouth twitched with pain. He was even less vigilant around Vanessa, so he hadn’t noticed her movements.

Hearing her exclamation, he cursed inwardly.

[1] A genre in Chinese novels similar to the Hunger Games


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