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Chapter 759: Fake Luke, Fake Neighbor

Last time, Gold Nugget went with Luke to rescue Robert from the cruise liner on the Atlantic, and the two clones could still communicate with each other. They were even more useful than phones.

If this Clarice really approached Luke and Selina in Claire’s form, she would instantly be seen through.

Suddenly, Selina said, “Gold Nugget said that the two clones need to recombine to make sure that nothing is wrong with the second clone.”

Luke nodded. “It can come out after Claire falls asleep. I’m going to the workshop.”

A moment later, Selina sent him a message saying that Gold Nugget hadn’t found anything unusual, and that the clone had returned to Claire.

Luke replied that he got it and went back to work.

He wasn’t in a hurry to deal with Clarice Johnson.

In any case, this person was still at the police academy. He would give this copycat a full set of tracking devices tomorrow.

Since he had noticed the anomaly, as long as she didn’t discard everything that could be tracked, she wouldn’t be able to escape as easily as last time.

The next morning, the three of them went to the police academy. Claire had to go through the procedure to leave.

Luke had already informed Remick, and Claire could go through the procedure herself.

Luke and Selina watched the surveillance footage from the car as Claire walked out of the administration building and said goodbye to the students from D15 during her break.

“She went to look for Claire,” said Selina.

Luke hummed and continued staring at Clarice.

A few minutes later, Clarice walked away.

Selina said, “She’s trying to sound out our whereabouts.”

Luke picked up his laptop with a smile. “Let’s see if Miss Johnson has any other accomplices.”

Looking at the camera, Selina said, “She’s starting to make calls.”

Luke operated his laptop. “It’s not the number on the registration form. She actually has money, she’s using two phones.”

As he spoke, his hands swiftly flew over the keyboard. “Let’s see who you’re contacting.”

Selina said, “She’s no longer on the phone. Did you trace the number?”

Luke said, “No, but it’s about the same.”

A moment later, dozens of numbers appeared on his laptop.

“Only these numbers were recorded at the base station near the police academy.” Luke smiled. “How long was she on the phone?”

“About three seconds,” said Selina.

Luke said, “Okay, then there’s only one number. Let’s see who she was talking to.”

After a while, he stopped. “Done.”

Selina glanced at the screen and said, “Fine, it would be strange if there wasn’t a communication record.”

In the record for the phone number they had traced, only the number Clarice was using showed up, and that was only after the end of the police training.

Also, both were prepaid numbers.

As a loyal customer of prepaid phones, Luke knew what that meant.

After saying goodbye, Claire drove off to her new volunteer life.

Luke and Selina still hadn’t left.

Half an hour later, Clarice left the police academy in her car.

Luke and Selina looked at each other and smiled. “What an impatient kid.” They drove off as well.

Instead of following Clarice’s car, Luke and Selina drove to a block east of the city and wandered the streets.

Selina looked at the camera. “She’s here.”

Luke hummed in acknowledgment and asked, “Have you confirmed their destination?”

Selina said, “It should be that bungalow. That number was dialed from this area recently.”

He thought for a moment. “Let’s go and have lunch first.”

They went to work as usual in the afternoon. At three o’clock, Luke’s expression changed. “Check the security system at home. Someone’s in the house.”

Selina took out her tablet and quickly checked the surveillance footage.

Looking at the image, she exclaimed, “Wow! If you weren’t right next to me, I would’ve thought that this was you.”

Looking at the person who looked exactly like him on the screen, Luke snorted. “The security system didn’t warn of a break-in. Her imitation is really good.”

Selina clicked her tongue. “Did she touch your body last night and turn into you today? Why does this ability feel so weird?”

Luke said, “It’s even weirder to watch her rummage through the house.”

As he spoke, he sped home.

When they were close to their neighborhood, Selina warned, “She’s going to run. She probably knows that we’re on the way back; does she have accomplices helping her keep an eye out?”

Luke said with a smile, “Don’t forget that she took two twin girls with her out of the police department.”

Selina didn’t even raise her head. “She’s running to the back door… Holy sh*t! She’s now Karen Gaffney.”

This was the first time she had seen a person transform from a man to a woman in just a few seconds. It was as unbelievable as a movie special effect.

Luke’s smile grew wider. “That’s great. Let’s go say hi to this ‘good neighbor’.”

The car swung around the corner and sped up.

The sound of tires screeching on the ground rang out as Luke parked the car by the back entrance.

Looking at Karen Gaffney, who happened to be standing in front of the gate, Luke said with a bright smile, “Hi, neighbor, long time no see. Are you here to talk to Selina?”

Karen heard the brakes and turned around.

She chuckled. “No, I was just pa.s.sing by. I know you’re busy.”

Luke opened the back gate with a smile and drove past her. “It’s fine. We just happened to get off work early today.”

Selina had already gotten out when Luke stopped the car.

At that moment, she walked to the side of the road and pulled Karen into the house. “Since you’re here, chat with me for a bit. We haven’t met in days.”

Karen looked conflicted. “I’m sorry to bother you.”

Selina said, “It’s fine. It’s been a long time since you and Jeff came to have dinner with us. When Jeff gets off work, have him come straight here.”

Karen gave a dry laugh. “He… He’s working overtime today.”

Luke and Selina were both secretly amused. Working overtime? Jeff Gaffney was a mid-level manager in the HR department who spent his time chatting idly; what d.a.m.n work?

After they entered the house, Selina sat down with Karen and had Luke get some drinks.

Luke put some drinks and snacks on the table and took out a deck of poker cards as he sat down. “You lost terribly the last time you played poker. Let’s have another round today.”

Karen’s face stiffened. “Well, I have to go home and cook.”

Luke waved his hand. “It’s only four o’clock. You can cook some steak and sausages when you get back. It won’t take you even half an hour. If you really don’t have time, we can pack up some BBQ meat for you to take home later.”

Karen’s mouth opened slightly, but she had nothing to say.

In her muddle-headedness, she played a few rounds of Fight the Landlord or whatever with Luke and Selina, and lost to Luke three times.


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