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Chapter 722: Look What We Found: A Lieutenant

Luke and Selina returned to the city peacefully. The city was a mess and they needed more manpower. It also had more experience and credit points.

They had just reached the outskirts of the city, when Luke saw a fatty dash out of a side street, his gear flopping around his fat frame.

He stopped the car and murmured, “Why is this fatty here?”

When they rolled down the window, they heard the fatty shout into the walkie-talkie on his shoulder, “Instructor, Instructor Harry, help! There are dozens of thugs chasing me. Ah, Instructor Harry, I see you.”

Luke looked in the direction that the fatty was running.

A man walked out of an alley not far away with a doubtful look on his face and shouted, “Calm down! I said, calm down, and report the situation slowly, you b*stard!”

It was none other than Instructor Harry.

Looking at the fatty running away, he complained, “What the h.e.l.l is Barbara doing? Didn’t I tell him to remain at his post and not run around? He didn’t even run this fast during training!”

As he spoke, he heard footsteps behind him.

Instructor Harry turned around, only to see a huge crowd of people.

They were holding all sorts of things, including sticks, mops, poles, dustbin covers, and so on, and instantly surrounded Instructor Harry in his uniform.

“Look what we found! A police officer! Oh, and a lieutenant at that! What a big officer!” A hoodlum with a black stocking over his face stepped forward and grabbed Instructor Harry by the collar, lifting him into the air.

The hooligans shouted excitedly, “Strip him! Strip him! Strip him!”

Luke and Selina: WTF! What’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you be shouting at him to be killed?

Helpless, they could only get out of the car.

Even though Instructor Harry was a bootlicker, a bootlicker didn’t deserve to die, and they were all LAPD colleagues. They couldn’t really watch him get beaten up by hooligans… or stripped naked.

“Alright, enthusiastic citizens, calm down. Look over here and see what this is.” Luke’s voice attracted the hooligans’ attention.

In the headlights, he and Selina were standing there with their bodies slightly bent in the standard shooting posture, each holding an M4A1.

“It’s the police!” one of the hooligans shouted.

They panicked.

“Don’t panic!” A sudden roar stopped them.

The leader of the hooligans, who was wearing a black silk stocking over his face, turned to Luke and grinned darkly. “We have a lieutenant with us. What are you afraid of? Now, put down your guns and get on your knees.”

Selina glanced at Luke.

Luke sighed. “I’m sorry, but this officer was my instructor when I was in the police academy. He wanted to expel me just because I’m more handsome than he is. If you want to kill this b*stard, I can only avenge him.”

The hooligans were dumbfounded. “WTF?”

Despair filled Instructor Harry’s face. “No, no. Who are you? Bill, Bart, Joyce, Trick, Mich.e.l.le? No matter which student I’ve taught, please believe that everything I’ve done is for your own good. I was only scaring you when I said that I would expel you.”

The hooligans: …This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really wanted to expel so many students? No wonder he wants you to die in the line of duty.

Luke said, “It’s fine, Lieutenant! You might not die even if they hit you a few times. If you really die, I can vouch that you died bravely in a siege by these thugs. Now, I’ll count to three. If you don’t get on your knees and surrender, you’ll be killed on the spot. One!



The hooligans suddenly scattered and ran in all directions.

It was obvious that this man wanted to kill them along with that jerk and lie that they had killed the lieutenant.

They were here to have fun and make a quick buck, not to take the blame for this black-hearted police officer.

Almost instantly, only Black Stocking was left standing foolishly at the scene. “Wait, wait, don’t run.”

“Boss, just surrender! The prison is full right now. You’ll be out in a few days at most. We’ll wait for you at the usual place!” shouted a lackey as he ran.

Desperate, the boss looked at the two black muzzles and took a deep breath. Determination flashed in his eyes, and he suddenly took action.


“I surrender! Officers, I surrender. Don’t kill me. You can kill this b*stard lieutenant. I can testify for you and say that it was those guys that ran away who killed him. Really…” The boss raised his hands and dropped to his knees as he rattled on.

Selina: “Huh?”

Luke walked over with a smile. Taking the handcuffs from Instructor Harry’s waist, he handcuffed the boss.

“Lieutenant, you can call your men back to escort him,” he said to Instructor Harry, who was lying on the ground in a cold sweat.

Instructor Harry asked in a shaky voice, “Which batch are you from? What’s your name? Why don’t I remember teaching you?”

“You never taught me. I was just lying to them. If they didn’t let you go, we would’ve retreated and called for reinforcements to save you. How could we really attack?” Luke smiled.

Instructor Harry asked, “What?”

Luke picked him up and continued, “But reinforcements will probably take hours to arrive. By then, we wouldn’t be able to ensure that you’re still alive. We could only take a risk and test them, but they really ran away.”

Instructor Harry: “…”

The boss was speechless.

Selina: I knew it…

At that moment, a police car drove over and stopped at the end of the street.

An old man with silver hair stuck his head out from the driver’s seat, as if to observe the situation around him.

Instructor Harry narrowed his eyes and was overjoyed. “It’s Princ.i.p.al La.s.sad. He must’ve brought reinforcements.”

Luke and Selina looked at each other and didn’t say anything. They simply retreated behind the car.

As if!

The drones above their heads showed that there were only thirty officers and students around them, and just five to six police cars.

A large group of thugs was headed their way. It was possible that the thugs who had escaped earlier had called for backup.

However, the thugs were still on a side street, and Instructor Harry was too distracted to notice them.

Instructor Harry felt that it was safer to rely on his old superior. He didn’t trust these two colleagues at all.

He had almost lost his life just now because of this youngster’s random joke!

He stumbled toward Princ.i.p.al La.s.sad’s car.


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