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Chapter 293 Pull Yourself Together!

After seeing Old Greyson off, Luke told Selina what happened in the house.

The two of them entered the house again and saw that Todd was calling the police in a panic.

Luke said in amus.e.m.e.nt, “Mr. Vince, you can hang up. I’m in charge of your case.” As he spoke, he couldn’t help but step back and give Todd a strange look. “An ambulance will take you to the hospital soon. So… can you pull yourself together and not soil your couch?”

Before he even finished speaking, he and Selina both stepped back again.

Todd was delighted at first, but then exploded with anger. “Why are you here? Are you with that woman?”

Luke had no choice but to turn off his Sharp Nose. “It seems that you aren’t thinking straight. This is my partner. Of course I’m with her.”

Todd: “No, I’m not talking about her… ugh.”

Shocked, Luke and Selina retreated right up into the hallway, and Luke simply shouted, “Mr. Vince, let’s focus more on talking instead of doing!”

Todd’s face was pale from near dehydration, but diarrhea wasn’t something that one could control.

At that moment, the ambulance arrived.

Two paramedics rushed inside. “Where’s the patient?”

Holding their noses, Luke and Selina pointed at the living room.

The paramedics ran over, and a while later, carried Todd back out with dark faces. They confirmed with Luke, “Is this the man, detectives?”

Luke and Selina were now at least ten meters away from the door. They simply nodded. “That’s him. Right, he’s Todd Vince, a famous horror writer.”


Todd rose up on the stretcher in fury, only to lose control of his bowels again.

He immediately lay down and shouted weakly, “Just you wait! Just wait!” Luke and Selina looked at each other, not really worried.

Todd wasn’t actually a big deal.

It wasn’t easy for the police to deal with him, but it wasn’t easy for him to deal with the police either.

They belonged to different worlds, and it would be hard for the man to get back at Luke.

As for the female nurse, Todd might not remember what he told her.

Even if he did, what could he tell the public? That he killed Sarah in order to hide the fact that he killed his ex-wife?

So, Luke simply got into his car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. He had to make sure that there was a proper ending to this incident.

If Todd insisted on taking revenge on Old Greyson’s friend, chances were that Luke would have to “reason” with him.

While he was thinking this, the ambulance up ahead ran a red light at an intersection.

This was very normal.

Ambulances and police cars were allowed to run lights in an emergency, as long as they paid attention to the other vehicles around them.

However, a speeding car appeared from the right and slammed into the ambulance.

The ambulance doors at the back were smashed open, and a stretcher flew out.

The stretcher skidded over the road on its wheels, right into the path of a fast-moving truck at the intersection.

Dumbfounded, Luke could only remark, “What the heck?”

After a long pause, Selina murmured, “Was that Todd on the stretcher?”

Luke: “Let’s go down and take a look.”

Neither of them went over to the truck that had stopped. They put up lights at the scene of the traffic accident as a warning to pa.s.sing cars and checked the ambulance first.

After a brief inspection, Luke was relieved.

The paramedics and the ambulance driver only had scratches and were fine on the whole, mainly because the ambulance had been hit in the rear while they had been in the front.

Luke had them call another ambulance, before he went to check the car that had been speeding.

After a quick glance, Selina whistled. “Wow, it’s still March, right? Isn’t she cold?”

In the driver’s seat was a muddle-headed young girl who was only wearing a bikini. She was stuck behind the airbag, and was looking around bewilderedly.

She had clearly heard Selina’s whistle.

Luke said, “You take care of this. Remember to have the hospital run a blood test.”

If she was speeding in a bikini in L.A. in March, she was probably driving under the influence. Luke would rather not waste his time on her.

Finally, he checked the truck.

The truck must’ve been carrying goods out of the city, when there wasn’t any traffic at night.

But now, the driver was gloomily examining the accident.

Seeing Luke and his badge, the middle-aged man immediately cried, “Officer, I… I didn’t break any road rules. That d.a.m.n thing simply flew under my truck.”

Luke looked at him and nodded. “I know, don’t worry. My car’s dash cam captured everything.” The driver was relieved. “Really? That’s wonderful.” He was happy because his boss would probably fire him if he was blamed for this accident.

Luke nodded and said casually, “That’s right. That guy deserved to die anyway.”

The driver was too excited to hear what he said. “Huh? What did you say?”Luke: “Hehe.”

Staring at Todd, whose eyes had popped out under the truck, Luke sighed and said, “If you had seen this day coming, would you have done things differently?”.

He then rose and said to Selina, “Have them take care of the body. Todd’s dead.”

Selina rolled her eyes. “I would be more surprised if he was still alive.” She then made the call.

Luke thought for a moment, then called Old Greyson. “Todd was just hit by a car. He’s dead.” Old Greyson: “Did you…?”

“Someone crashed into his ambulance and knocked him into the path of an oncoming truck.” Luke rolled his eyes.

What was Old Greyson thinking? If it was Luke, he would’ve disposed of the guy far more cleanly!

Old Greyson gave a rare apology. “Fine, I’m sorry.”


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