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Chapter 1237: Save People In Pa.s.sing, Pilfer Loot In Pa.s.sing

The woman was heavily injured, but as long as the knife wasn’t pulled out and she was sent to the hospital right away, there was still a chance she could be operated on and saved.

If the knife was pulled out, there was a chance she would die of blood loss.

When the old man got close enough, however, he hesitated.

The woman was lying on the ground, and that black-and-white figure was standing next to her with the dagger in its hand.

Luke turned around and looked at the old man with his dark eye sockets. He then tilted his head to look at the dagger that he had just pulled out, and then at the wound on the woman’s stomach.

Pondering for a few seconds, he said, “Why don’t I put it back in so that you can pull it out again?”

The old man: “…”

The injured woman: “…”

Luke was in a good mood as he made the joke. He stood up and said, “Okay, let her lie still for a few minutes. If you’re worried, you can send her to the hospital for a checkup. If you hurry, she might be able to go home and sleep in her own bed.”

As he spoke, he suddenly paused, and then cursed, “F*ck.” He broke into a run, and the support propulsion system on his back was fully activated.


The armor flew northeast, the shockwave kicking up a huge cloud of dust. It avoided the injured woman, but the blonde was. .h.i.t in the face and ate a mouthful of dust.

By the time the dust cleared, the flames on Luke’s thruster were only a small dot of light in the distance.

The old man and the blonde looked at each other.

In the end, the old man was more worried about the injured woman lying in front of him. This was his “ex-wife,” Julia.

Julia had indeed been his wife when he was alive a few months ago.

Now that he was dead, she had automatically become his ex-wife, but he couldn’t just watch her die.

After examining the wound on Julia’s abdomen, the old man raised his head in surprise. “How do you feel?”

Julia frowned. “The wound is itchy and uncomfortable.”

The old man asked, “It doesn’t hurt?”

Julia shook her head. “Well… after he injected me with some drug, the pain disappeared very quickly. It just feels itchy, and it’s getting worse.”

The old man said, “…Don’t scratch that. The wound is healing.”

Julia was stunned. “Huh?”

She had just been stabbed, and it was already healing? She was full of questions.

The blonde also came over for a look and nodded. “That black-and-white face isn’t like an ordinary person’s. Hm, maybe he isn’t human at all. It’s not strange that he would have a quick healing method. She definitely won’t die so easily.”

The old man glared at his partner unhappily. That’s my wife. What do you mean by that? This d*mn old man really has a foul mouth!

The blonde didn’t care about that. In any case, it wasn’t his “ex-wife.”

He walked over to the divine artifact and examined it, then murmured, “This is good. If we hand this over, the higher-ups will probably stop treating us like trash.”

As he spoke, he walked back and searched around the tree stump.

Just now, he had used the special grappling hook on his pistol to pull out the cross at the center of the divine artifact.

Of course, RIPD’s big backer would automatically “censor” any confidential information.

Any behavior that involved confidentiality, including talking, gestures, writing, and typed messages, would automatically become incomprehensible rubbish.

For example, this grappling hook would look like something else in the eyes of the living — a toilet plunger.

Also, he, Roy Pulsipher, was clearly a handsome man with a beautiful white beard. The living could only see the blonde on his badge.

His partner, on the other hand, Nick Walker, was a pretty boy with bad luck. All the living saw was an old Asian man on his badge.

The RIPD’s censor control was just that bizarre.

Before this, he and Nick had triggered a huge disaster. If they didn’t fix things, they might be abandoned right away and tossed into the afterlife.

Now that they had resolved the problem of the door to the afterlife opening and had gotten this divine artifact back, they could at least play around for several more decades.

Thinking that, Roy looked around, but didn’t see the golden cross.

Just now, he had successfully pulled the piece off and closed the door to the afterlife, but a bunch of Deados had still managed to slip out before that. Thus, Roy could only toss his grappling hook aside and prepare to fight to the death.

Logically speaking, the cross should have fallen here, right? Puzzled, Roy searched the area twice, but found nothing.

It was impossible for him to be losing his memory; he had been dead for decades, and didn’t have any brain cells to lose.

But where did that thing go? Frowning and thinking for a moment, he suddenly trembled. “Nick, forget your ex-wife; we might be thrown into the afterlife. You’ll never be able to see her again, not even her tombstone.”

Nick had been very unhappy earlier, but when he heard Roy’s words, he immediately comforted Julia before he walked over. “What is it?”

Roy said, “The core cross component of the divine artifact is gone.”

Nick said, “WTF? How is that possible? Didn’t you pull it out?”

Roy said bitterly, “Apart from us and your ex-wife, there was only one other ‘person’ here.”

He stressed the word “person.”

Nick gaped. “Holy sh*t! Are you kidding me? How can someone like that… Wait, is that really possible?”

That cross was the core of a divine artifact which could open a door to the afterlife. Even some higher existences would be interested in it!

Looking at Nick’s face, Roy knew that he had figured it out. He said in a low voice, “Just now, he pa.s.sed by the place where I threw the cross, and then flew off, so it can only be him.”

Nick was full of despair. “Then what should we do? Go look for that skull and ask for the cross back? He’ll turn into a sun and turn us to dust!”

Even someone as hard-headed as Roy felt that this was a likely outcome, and he couldn’t refute it. “So, we need to say the same thing now.”

Nick: “Huh?”

Roy said, “We just need to bring forward the time that person took the golden cross. He must’ve secretly nicked it after I pulled it out.”

Thinking quickly, Nick suddenly slapped his thigh. “That’s right. We didn’t see him take anything when he flew away. He actually took the cross at the very beginning, and only then helped us!”

Roy stared blankly for a moment, before he patted Nick’s shoulder. “As expected of a cop generations after me. How shameless…”

Nick was lost for words. Weren’t you the one who came up with this idea first, you schemer?!

However, the RIPD duo had finally found a scapegoat, and their hearts finally calmed down.

It was indeed as they had guessed.

When Luke had broken into a run earlier, he had pa.s.sed by the golden cross and stored it in his inventory.

It would be a waste not to pick up such an extraordinary, mysterious item.

As for the bigshots who might come looking for him, he wasn’t too scared.

This time, the system had given him a new way to spend money; he could finally turn credit points into attack power.

Last time, 50,000 credit points had been enough to send Mephis…o…b..ck to h.e.l.l for a decade. Now, he had more than 200,000 credit points, which was enough to beat Mephis…o…b..ck twice over.

Also, with the pa.s.sing of time, his credit points would continue to increase.


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