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Chapter 393 Another Encounter with Conflict

In view of the trouble they met earlier today, Lin Mengya and Baishao decided to have their meals in the room.

When their horse carriage came to a stop at the doorstep of the inn, a waiter with a glib tongue immediately came up to welcome them.

It was only after Lin Mengya and Baishao alighted from the carriage did they realize that the inn was filled with people.

However, this was not surprising since the town was full of people in the business of trading.

Lin Mengya tapped her head lightly, thinking that she had been over-sensitive.

“This way in, our honored guest.”

The waiter clad in grey clothing made from coa.r.s.e cloth led the way in.

The inn was simply furnished and the rows of tables in the hall were all filled and there were completely no empty seats.

The aroma from the delicacies filled the entire hall of the inn.

The steam buns with salted vegetables that Lin Mengya and Baishao had for lunch were to them delicacies.

They began discussing what dishes to order later on.

In the eyes of the outsiders, they indeed appeared to be a loving couple.

“My room is next to yours. Call me when you need anything.”

On the second floor where all the guestrooms were, Lin Mengya and Qiu Yu each occupied a room.

This time, Qiu Yu was not as shameless as before to want to share a room with Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengya looked on as Qiu Yu enter his room and closed the door behind him. At that moment, a few question marks appeared in Lin Mengya’s mind.

Since they left the post station this morning, this guy had been looking unhappy. He did not speak much throughout the day too.

Could he be angry about something? But Qiu Yu did not seem like a petty person.

Finally, Lin Mengya could only shake her head helplessly and followed the waiter to her room.

Master Guo was prepared to let Lin Mengya have the best room in the room, perhaps because he felt bad and wanted to make it up to her.

The room was quiet and had an attached bath. Its window was right on top of the streets and the guest in the room could see the scene of the town from it.

The room was furnished with a wooden table and stools. It was even decorated with a flower vase.

Even though this place could not be compared to Restaurant Ruyi, it was clean and comfortable.

After ordering the dishes, Lin Mengya closed the door and started looking around the room with Baishao.

Thankfully there was nothing abnormal about the place, but it was wise to be cautious when they were out and about.

“Master, do you think Mr. Qiu is angry with me?” asked Baishao cautiously after she sat down by the table as she poured Lin Mengya a cup of tea.

It was all because of a slip of her tongue, but wasn’t Mr. Qiu too petty? She only grumbled to him a little, did he have to be angry for the entire day?

Lin Mengya shook her head with a smile and lowered her voice, saying, “He is not angry with you. I think he’s only putting on a face so that people can see.”

For the entire journey, Qiu Yu and Lin Mengya looked as if they just had a fight.

Lin Mengya had discovered that there was someone following behind the group of businessmen along the way.

Although she could not be sure if that person was coming after her, she did realize that Qiu Yu disappeared for a period of time when they were taking a rest by the roadside at noontime.

Lin Mengya had a keen sense of smell. There was a subtle odor of blood on Qiu Yu after he returned that would not go away.

She supposed Qiu Yu had gone away to get rid of that person who was following them.

Given Qiu Yu’s character, he definitely did not kill the person. At most, he ought to have tried to extort a confession from him.

However, he did not think it was time to tell her.

The quick-witted Baishao quickly understood what Lin Mengya meant.

Since she had been through and overcome many crises with her master in the past half a year after she entered the mansion, she was naturally more composed in such circ.u.mstances.

She nodded and stop pursuing this matter.

“Dear honored guest, your food is here. May I bring it in for you?”

The waiter standing outside the door knocked lightly and asked loudly.

Lin Mengya straightened her clothes and make sure that she did not give her ident.i.ty as a lady away before she replied to him.

A few delicious-looking and nice-smelling dishes were laid on the table, although there was no fresh vegetable from this place.

Fortunately, the skillful chef had whipped up palatable dishes from simple ingredients like Chinese cabbage and beancurd.

Together with hot steam rice, it looked very appetizing.

As Lin Mengya and Baishao seized the time to finish their meal quickly, there was a continuous stream of pa.s.serby outside the inn’s entrance.

Seeing that the streets outside were so busy, they could tell that there were many groups of businessmen staying at this inn at the same time.

Lin Mengya frowned slightly at the thought that the more people there were, the more complications. Whoever was stalking her would not give up so easily.

It seemed that they had to postpone their plan for tonight, which was to go around the town to explore it.

After they were done with their meal, Master Guo sent someone to invite her over for a chat.

Lin Mengya instructed Baishao to lock the room door properly and not to open it to anyone unless she heard Lin Mengya’s voice.

Lin Mengya, who had changed into another set of clothes, walked down the stairs gracefully from the second floor.

She had washed her face and hands using a basin of clean water in the room after she ate her fill.

Compared to the businessmen downstairs who traveled long distances to earn a living, this Childe Yuan with delicate features and pretty face was like a foreigner among them.

Sitting in the hall were many others apart from the group of businessmen traveling with Master Guo.

Lin Mengya observed that there were even some groups of businessmen in foreign costumes.

However, these people, be it male or female, had all covered their faces with a veil, leaving only their deep-set eyes visible. At this moment, their eyes were all focused on Lin Mengya.

Smiling calmly, Lin Mengya naturally knew that she stood out in terms of her appearance among the other people.

Nevertheless, she did not intend to hide in her room like a coward.

As Lin Mengya descended the steps, she was holding on to a folding fan made of bamboo. Surrounding her were outstanding men, unique in their own ways.

Trying to look dashing? That was easy.

“Greetings to Master Guo and the two elder brothers.”

Lin Mengya ignored all the judging eyes and stood firm by Master Guo’s table. Thereafter, she cupped her hands together and bowed slightly as she lowered her voice to speak.

Immediately, a few pairs of bashful eyes lit up and focused on her.

Lin Mengya could not help but feel rather proud of herself.

Behold, she could be popular with girls too!

She suddenly remembered her elder brother. Even his engagement with Yue Ting was arranged by their parents. She really needed to give her brother a lesson on love when she returned.

Master Guo was smoking from the smoking pouch. However, he appeared much more jovial and friendly than yesterday.

Likewise, Wen Shi and Zhao Fei were in high spirits. It seemed that after spending these two days together, they really liked Lin Mengya for her easygoing character.

“Come, take a seat here. Yuan Lin, meet these well-known leaders in the business world. You will likely meet them on the road in the future.”

Master Guo always introduced Yuan Lin as the son of a late friend. It not only told of their intimate relationship but also that he was responsible for protecting her.

It was also his intention to recommend her to these leaders so they would remember her face.

In this way, they would make provisions for her in the future when they b.u.mped into each other again next time.

Immediately, Lin Mengya stood up and humbly took a bow. In response, the leaders sitting at the surrounding tables nodded in recognition.

Thereafter, each of them started to introduce their young man by their side.

Although the hall of the inn was very s.p.a.cious, there were only four tables in the middle of it.

Master Guo sat at the table to the east, while a group of businessmen heading towards the Nation of Dongxia were seated at the table to the west. Their leader was a strong-looking old man who resembled Master Guo.

Although he was not as muscular as Master Guo, one could tell from his eyes that he was very intelligent and capable. Sitting next to him was an elegant looking gentleman.

However, it was hard to see the expression on his face because he was wearing a white mask. The white robe below a grey coat of coa.r.s.e fabric was still eye-catching.

Lin Mengya supposed he was the center of attention before she appeared.

“This is Lord Maliu, who’s heading to the Nation of Dongxia. In terms of his time spent traveling along this trade route, he was many years ahead of me. How’s your health, my old friend? When are you going to report to the king of h.e.l.l?”

Lin Mengya quickly gave him a courteous bow. No wonder he was seated next to Master Guo. From Master Guo’s tone, they had to be very good friends.

Lord Maliu was apparently a very easygoing character. He laughed as he also started to joke with Master Guo.

“How would the king of h.e.l.l dare to take me away while you are still alive, old man. Master Yuan is a promising young man, although he is a little too frail. From now on, he can practice some martial arts with Old Guo to strengthen his body. Even though he can’t be compared to the bodyguards, he’s bound to meet with dangers too. If not careful, he may be taken advantage of by the evil people.”

Just when Lord Maliu finished speaking, a guy sitting across from him could not hold back his anger.

“Bang!” The man slammed his big palm on the table.

A burly who was larger-built than Wen Shi and Zhao Fei and had a dark complexion looked over with anger in his eyes.

“How dare a sick horse like you spout nonsense here. Beware, I’m going to tear your mouth out!”

Lord Maliu did not get angry but merely looked at the man with disdain, as if he did not think much of this burly, dark man nicknamed Black Tiger.

“Why get upset, brother? Lord Maliu is known for being straightforward. Moreover, he did not mention any names. Why should you invite a snub?”

A fair-skinned youth sitting next to Black Tiger spoke up.

Lin Mengya who took in everything from where she was sitting could tell that Black Tiger was merely a hatchet man, while the gentle-looking young man, who appeared more fragile than Lin Mengya, was the person in charge.

This young man in green silk clothing was dressed like a rich man’s son, but behind his gentle manners, Lin Mengya could see that he was a scheming man.

After exchanging a look with him, Lin Mengya could tell he was not a simple man to deal with.

Why would Lord Maliu be speaking against him given they were all out here to earn a living?

“Lord Maliu did not mean as his wish. White Dragon, I don’t care that you sold the people of the other countries, but we are the citizens of Lieyun Empire and we would not allow you to treat us anyway you like. If you’re smart, you would release those men whom you’ve caught. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not adhering to the rules!”

Those chilling words wounded from the table seated with the foreigners.

Although both Xiaoyu and Baisu were citizens of the Lieyun Empire, Lin Mengya saw that Uncle Lie and the rest were dressed in Dajin’s clothes.

She could not help casting a curious look at that table of people from the Lieyun Empire.


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