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Chapter 656: The Underground Tunnel of the Camp Site

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Although Bali had been a battlefield, its tourist attractions hadn’t gotten damaged significantly as Luo Yue’s army has arrived and left in no time.

When Luo Yue’s army attacked Bali, they mainly took over the military facilities, the main tourist attractions and transport routes. So the place Luo Yue’s army had stayed at was close to the Bayi Strait, which was also very close to the airport. Luo Yue’s army had planned it strategically, so that they could fly or leave from there.

When Ye Mo came to this place, he sighed -everything there had been wiped away. He could understand it. How could the army allow large amounts of tall buildings to still stand there?

Although there were only about 10,000 people that partic.i.p.ated Bali’s occupation, the base they stayed at was very big. So big that his spirit sense couldn’t cover it completely. At this moment, Ye Mo saw Liang Di take his people and go to a military s.h.i.+p placed in a simple dock.

Ye Mo didn’t go meet them. He could tell just by looking that they hadn’t found out anything. It was better if they left early; otherwise, as long as Luo Yue’s army was still in Bali, there would be more room for people to doubt their intentions. Luo Yue had already gotten the most out of the war. If they didn’t leave at the right time, it might have negative repercussions.

After Liang Di and the rest left, Ye Mo started to inspect the base.

There were two ways to access the base.One was from the Bayi Strait and the other one was from the attack route Luo Yue had used to invade Bali.

Ye Mo took note that most of the tourist attractions surrounding the attack route had been destroyed by the army. Some had been trampled over by tanks and armored vehicles.

Looking at this, Ye Mo was confused. How could have the five tourists gotten into Luo Yue’s base and been recorded?

It was impossible to get in through the Bayi Strait, so the only other possibility was from the road occupied by Luo Yue’s army. But that route was also impossible. Even a dog would be seen by the guards, much less five people.

Ye Mo walked to the base’s gate and stood there for a long time. The two sides of the road were also very empty, there was nothing that could block their vision. A bit further down there was a barbed wire fence.

Ye Mo searched the fence’s nearby with his spirit sense and soon found something different. He walked to this part of the fence. There were obvious signs of someone having cut through it, but then it had been twisted back together.

The place wasn’t far from the main door and it was a blind spot. Ye Mo sighed. Although Luo Yue was one of the most developed countries in the world in some fields and thanks to this Luo Yue’s military power had increased a lot too, there were still differences between them and world-cla.s.s military powers.

If it had been the US or some other country’s elite force, they wouldn’t have let someone cut open the wire under their eyes, even if there was a traitor.

Ye Mo wanted to reopen the wire and investigate from there, but he could hear cars coming. It was probably the Indonesian army.

As soon as they came, they cut the wires into pieces and threw them on a big truck.

His guess was right. If he had come a little later, he wouldn’t have been able to see that. They obviously had come to destroy the evidence.

It was good as long as he could find someone to ask about it. Ye Mo decided not to follow the guy immediately, he marked him with a spirit sense mark instead. He kept searching around nearby.

He believed that the Indonesian government hadn’t planned it. If they could think of such a plan when they were in such dire situation, they wouldn’t have fought so poorly.

Ye Mo continued walking through the area where the wire had been cut. He walked very slowly and seeped his spirit sense into the ground. There was nowhere to hide on the surface, so the only possible place to hide was underground.

Soon, Ye Mo stopped. He hadn’t found anything after walking for a few hundred meters. The person he marked had also stopped moving, which meant that he arrived at his destination. Ye Mo decided to go check who was behind this man, who had ordered him to remove all the wires.

Ye Mo soon got to where he had stopped, but when he saw the guy, he realized why he was no longer moving. The man was now dead.

Ye Mo immediately saw that he had been bitten by a snake – a very poisonous one.

Such an sudden and unexpected death. Ye Mo sighed. Since the man was dead, the mastermind could be sure that other people wouldn’t be able to link the death to him. If he hadn’t come there, it would’ve just been labelled as an accident.

Even though the lead was gone, Ye Mo was still going to find someone to ask. Just when he was about to do so, his phone started vibrating.

It was Xu Yuehua. The people on duty that day had all gone missing except for two bodies.

“Give me the details of the original installations of the base and facilities. I want a map, as precise as possible,” Ye Mo immediately said. Since the five tourists had disappeared in the base, then it meant that the problem was inside of it and it must be underground.

Xu Yuehua did as told quickly. Not long after Ye Mo received the map of the original base.

With the map, Ye Mo just realized that the place had been a commercial district near the airport. It had been covered, but Ye Mo’s spirit sense could still pierce more than 10 meters into the ground. He was sure that even if there were underground rooms, he could find them within 10 meters or so.

Ye Mo walked through the entire street, but he still didn’t find anything. He started to walk back in disappointment, still without any results.

Ye Mo was sure that there was an underground room somewhere because five people couldn’t have just disappeared for no reason after entering the base. Otherwise, they would have been caught 100% sure if they went into the base.

Caught 100% sure? Ye Mo thought carefully about this and went back to the door.

Huang Yinian had only known about the five missing tourists after news got online. If they had managed to go deep into the base without Huang Yinian knowing, then he was too useless.

Ye Mo walked to the guard station. It had originally been a café. He reached his spirit sense down and indeed, he found an underground room. He finally understood.They had been brought there, taken into the guard tower and disappeared.

He felt this opponent was very strong and was a step ahead of Luo Yue. If the missing guard wasn’t a traitor, he must have been killed. Ye Mo dug and pulled an iron board until it opened. The putrid smell of the sea came in, but it dissipated quickly as though it came out of nowhere.

Ye Mo reached his spirit sense down – it was a storage room. Other than some coffee beans, there was nothing else. But he knew that since the five tourists had disappeared there, there must be a hidden mechanisms.

The floor was made of granite stone and there was just earth under it.

But Ye Mo could see with his spirit sense that the earth near the door was 1 meter thick. And under this meter-thick earth layer there was an underground tunnel.

The tunnel was very well hidden and near the door. The earth around it was the same as there.

The place was very hard to find. In order to find the switch to open the tunnel, Ye Mo spent almost half an hour. Eventually, he pressed the trigger. Rumble- A dark pa.s.sage appeared before him with the smell of the ocean wind.


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