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2067 Behind the divine sec

Without the lotus stand, Ji Xi would’ve turned to nothing in the spinning s.p.a.ce. However the lotus stand was a top level magic artefact and despite spinning in the void, it didn’t slow down at all nor get damaged.

The Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect’s prison door mountain was at the border of the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect. The G.o.d spirit chi was arid there and it was filled with chaotic and messy chi. It wasn’t good for cultivation nor for living. There was an extremely short hill with a dark pa.s.sage that led to the depth of this mountain.

This short hill was where the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect locked up sect members who were convicted. One’ soul would constantly be burned by yin fire. Due to arid G.o.d spirit chi, there was no way to defend against the yin fire. The only way was to just endure it.

The people locked up here could only watch as their soul weakened and sea of consciousness withered.

Even when the divine dao realm was complete, the prison door mountain was the crudest place.

Outside the mountain, Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes were red. She knew that her master was locked up in there due to her by her martial uncle.

“Sorry master, disciple brought this on you.” Mu Xiaoyun said after visiting her master. Seeing the way her master was tortured, it was unbearable for her.

Lan Qilan’s weak voice sounded by Mu Xiaoyun’s ears “Xiaoyun, don’t feel guilty. I’m already happy that the sect leader can let you visit me. Plus, she’s giving me a light sentence. I’m only locked up for a hundred years. I can listen to my own dao voice here. Xiaoyun I really want you to see your husband again but as long as I’m here, you must not leave the sect alone. Otherwise, you would never have hope. Although you’re the most cruelly treated saint, you’re still the saint. Biyue’s status in the sect is low, help me look after her.”

Mu Xiaoyun sniffed “Yes, disciple will remember this.”

She didn’t realise what her master was implying. It was that if she died, then Xiaoyun should quickly leave. Lan Qilan didn’t say it that way as she was scared that her every word would be heard. She was also scared that no matter how far Xiaoyun went, she wouldn’t be able to escape from the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect. She believed that as long as she was alive, the sect leader wouldn’t do anything to Xiaoyun but if she died, Xiaoyun’s fate would be tragic.

“Mhm, go first. The chi here is too messy.” Lan Qilan said weakly again.

Before Mu Xiaoyun could reply, an extremely rapid light tore open the s.p.a.ce from the distant mountain and into the valley of the prison door mountain.

The rays were shocking and had dao waves. Mu Xiaoyun was now great extreme immortal. She knew this was definitely a top treasure.

Mu Xiaoyun’s only obsession was to see her husband Ye Mo and didn’t really care about other things. Even though she knew that a top level magic artefact fell, she didn’t charge up immediately. Instead, she closely got near where the magic artefact landed with her flying sword.

At the same time, in the sect leader palace of Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect, a few women sat on the side with one purple robed woman sitting in the middle. She was the sect leader, Ji Xinyi.

“Yunhuai, tell me about what you think. Xiaoyun is only great extreme immortal middle stage now. Even if she is to reach immortal king, she would need a hundred years. The Great Sun G.o.d mountain is too desperate. Our Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect already agreed to their request, what else do they want? Is our saint that worthless?” The purple robed woman sneered.

Yunhuai said respectfully “Sect leader, during these years our Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect has fallen quickly but the Great Sun G.o.d mountain has risen quickly. If the Xu Yue Divine Dao still existed, they could take on Great Sun G.o.d Mountain but Xu Yue divine dao is more declined than us. Their sect is in rubbles. No wonder the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain is so c.o.c.ky.”

The Primordial Essence war didn’t involve the Xu Yue divine dao. No one dares to fight there. Their annihilation is probably related to the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain right?” One Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor said.

Yunhuai said “Martial sister Nanshuang is right. It’s said that the Xu Yue divine dao had a disciple called Duanmu Yuerong. His talent was unparalleled. He reached the highest primordial essence great dao in a mere tens of thousands of years and then left the Xu Yue divine dao and opened a realm to connect to the underworld.

The greatest suspect for annihilating Xu Yue divine dao was the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain. After they did that, they didn’t do anything else. The reason they waited till now was because they were scared Duanmu Yuerong would come back. But after countless years, Duanmu Yuerong never came back. Something probably happened to him as he opened the tunnel to the underworld. That’s why the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain has no fear and is now attacking us Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect.”

Nanshuang got up and said “Sect leader, regardless our Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect is the number one sect of the divine dao realm now. Even if our power isn’t as great as the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain who hides in the dark, isn’t it too insulting for us to give our saint to the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain? No matter how strong they are, it doesn’t mean the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect is scared of them. The Xu Yue divine dao wasn’t scared of them and robbed the word Tan from their sect name. We don’t need to be scared of them too.”

Nanshuang’s words were very impolite.

The sect leader frowned but didn’t say anything. Yunhuai sneered “Martial sister Nanshuang. You know that Mu Xiaoyun is just a temporary subst.i.tute saint right? The reason we chose her was for her to stay at the immortal G.o.ddess peak for a hundred years and sacrifice for our sect. And it’s too rude for you to be talking to the sect leader like this.”

Then she added “Plus, our Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect is the number one sect of the divine dao realm but do you think we’re the strongest? We’re the number one sect because saint Qing sacrificed herself for the divine dao realm. Our power isn’t that strong. Martial sister Nanshuang, do you know how many Dao Essence Divine Emperors the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain has? Without enough power do you think they can annihilate Xu Yue divine dao?”

Nanshuang said coldly “Yunhuai how can I not know what you’re thinking. Regardless if you have conflict with martial sister Qilan, since we chose Xiaoyun to be saint we should treat her as the real saint, not someone to trade with the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain. The Great Sun G.o.d Mountain might be a lot stronger than us but I, w.a.n.g Nanshuang, would rather fight to the death than succ.u.mb to them.”

A blue robed Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor got up and said “Martial sister Yunhuai and martial sister Nanshuang are both doing this for the sect. Let’s just sit down and listen to the opinion of the sect leader.”

Nanshuang sighed and sat down. How could she not know what the sect leader wanted. Ji Xi’s soul lamp wasn’t gone but the sect leader took the flame from the lamp and forcefully lit up the lamp with half of Mu Xiaoyun’s soul. Clearly, she wanted to use Mu Xiaoyun as a subst.i.tute offering to the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain. However her power was too low. Even with her Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor power, it was nothing in the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect.

She believed that martial sister Qilan guessed this and tried to prevent Xiaoyun from becoming saint. However, the sect leader was determined to protect Ji Xi. She would rather sacrifice a Mu Xiaoyun who has lost her virginity.

The Great Sun G.o.d Mountain requires our saint but it’s not like they’re not giving any compensation. They don’t dare to have too much conflict with us yet. Yunhuai, go tell them to wait till our saint becomes a status immortal.” The sect leader said.

Then, she looked at w.a.n.g Nanshuang and said “Nanshuang, I’m not giving the saint to the Great Sun G.o.d Mountain. We’ll drag it on for as much as we can. Perhaps things would change after a hundred years. Otherwise, if the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect is annihilated due to me, I would be the greatest sinner of the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect.”

Yes sect leader.” Yunhuai quickly answered.

w.a.n.g Nanshuang could only sigh helplessly.


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