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Chapter 1776: How to enter small heaven domain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What troubled Ye Mo was that he didn’t know how to go in. Every jade card was extremely precious and sects would be guarding it very closely. Those people like Chu Chi would’ve handed it out already.

Ye Mo went back to his place, even though he had many secrets but he didn’t know how to go in.

He really wanted to discuss with Li Kun but he knew she was definitely protected heavily.

A day later, Ye Mo decided he wasn’t going to keep waiting like this. just when he wanted to go out for a walk, the restriction at his door sounded.

Ye Mo opened it and saw the purple dressed female immortal and asked in shock “Mi Yun saint how did you get out at this time?”

Mi Yun immediately came in and put on the restriction before saying “Why can’t I come out? The Ethereal Immortal Pond got two jade cards this time and they’re not on me. who dares offend the Ethereal Immortal Pond?”

Ye Mo thought about it and agreed.

“What business do you have with me? Your Ethereal Immortal Pond immortal monarch qian beis are all here, coming here again…”

Mi Yun smiled “because someone reported me, so my master knows about me coming to you on the immortal s.h.i.+p. So, I might as well not hide it. By the way, my master is very interested in you, would you be interested in coming to see my master?”

Ye Mo’s heart was shook, what did Mi Yun’s master want to see him for? Her master would at least be immortal monarch, he wouldn’t dare to go see an immortal monarch alone.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo quickly waved his hand “I like being alone, I would be very rude seeing qian bei, I won’t go.”

Mi Yun seemed to know Ye Mo didn’t want to see her master and said “Martial brother Ye, after I cultivated your stealth cultivation method I realised I’m a frog at the bottom of a well. There’s such wonderful cultivation method, it’s probably immortal grade peak right?”

Ye Mo’s face sunk, what Mi Yun mean by saying this?

Mi Yun didn’t seem to see Ye Mo’s complexion and continued “By the way martial brother Ye, I heard there’s an extremely huge social tonight at Hong Yue immortal city. You know the immortal monarch selling the five elemtn stone stool on the s.h.i.+p? It’s said he’s partic.i.p.ating this auction…”

Ye Mo was shocked, why did she say this? Did she realise he was interested in the stone stool?

Plus, this immortal monarch dared to sell that stone stool publicly here, did he not want to live? there were so many immortal emperors here, which immortal emperor didn’t know five element stone stools involved the chaos world?

Ye Mo didn’t believe an immortal monarch wouldn’t realise this. Since he still dared to do this, it meant that he wasn’t afraid of immortal emperors.

“I want to go see the auction, are you willing to go? If so, we can go together.” Mi Yun suddenly looked at Ye Mo and asked again.

Ye Mo didn’t know what she meant and shook his head “I didn’t get the right to go small heaven domain, I’m planning to leave here tomorrow. As for the auction, I’m not interested.”

Ye Mo had decided to send Li Kun a message and leave immediately seeing that Mi Yun mentioned the stone stool and her master wanted to see him.

Mi Yun fell silent for a while and said “I thought you were interested in that five element stone stool, it seems I saw wrong but I can tell you for sure that even if it’s an immortal emperor he wouldn’t really be selling it. the five element stone stool is 100% fake. The seller also knows that others would be able to realise this. this person wants everyone to know the real one is on him.”

“Why?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked but immediately realised what was going on.

“My master said that this person is quite possibly a half divine. He might be desperate to vindicate dao. If the five element stone stools gather, he can vindicate dao through the five elements even if he doesn’t have a chaos world. a truth spirit world would be enough.” Mi Yun explained.

Ye Mo realised, if Mi Yun’s master knew this, the other immortal emperors definitely knew this too. Unless there was an immortal emperor who didn’t want to live, no one would dare to go find this guy. If someone went to this guy, he would definitely think the other stone stools are on this person and take it.

That person would also keep an eye on those who seemed the slightest interested inhim.

Realizing this, Ye Mo was definitely not going to the auction.

“I heard there’s also a low grade G.o.d artefact and a half G.o.d artefact in the auction.”

Mi Yun’s words made Ye Mo vigilant again. He got a low grade G.o.d artefact pill cauldron. He didn’t know if Hua Ruxue could tell or not.

It seemed he needed to leave quickly.

Seeing this, Mi Yun knew that Ye Mo probably wanted to go even more, she bit her lips and suddenly said “Martial brother Ye, if I can bring you into the small heaven domain, you…”

“What?” Ye Mo dazed, she could take him into the small heaven domain under the eyes of a few immortal emperor?

“That’s right I can take you in.” Mi Yun said calmly.

Ye Mo asked calmly “Whether or not you can even bring me in is one thing but why are you helping me?”

“If I say I suddenly like you and want to help you would you believe it?” Mi Yun said calmly.

Ye Mo smiled “no.”

Mi Yun didn’t care but instead took out the jade slip Ye Mo gave her and looked at it “You said this stealth cultivation method is slightly different to the one you use, I’m thinking…”

Seeing her look at him, Ye Mo sneered “So you want mine stealth cultivation method?”

“Yes, I don’t know if the one you’re using is better but I really need a powerful stealth cultivation method like this. Even if I don’t stay saint and pay everything I have I’m willing to.” Mi Yun stared at Ye Mo and said adamantly.

Ye Mo guessed that she probably had big plans but it had nothing to do with him. He was thinking if she could really bring him into the small heaven domain, it wasn’t impossible for him to give her the stealth cultivation method.

“I also know you have a good body refinement cultivation method…”

“Don’t even think about it, I won’t agree.” Ye Mo interrupted.

“Tell me about how you can bring me in .” Ye Mo said.

“I have a small world…”

Ye Mo shook his head in disappointment before she finished, she was too naïve.

Small world, truth spirit world were completely different to chaos world. Chaos world could be hidden in the depth of the sea of consciousness. As long as someone’s spirit sense didn’t reach there, they wouldn’t be able to know but the small world and truth spirit world were different. It could only be turned into a bracelet or ring to be worn. It was impossible to hide it from an immortal emperor’s spirit sense.

Mi Yun said “I will hang it on my chest, even if the immortal emperor notices it, he wouldn’t ask me to take it out. I believe I wouldn’t be the only one using small world to bring people in. How could Feng Kong grand emperor not think of this but he didn’t mention it so it means he allows it. Even if it fails, I’ll let you out and you wouldn’t lose anything.”

Ye Mo sneered, not lose anything? As soon as he came out of the small world, the immortal emperors would check him with spirit sense immediately.

“Plus, I haven’t spirit controlled my small world…”

Suddenly, Ye Mo had an idea upong hearing this.


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