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Chapter 1293: Real domain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Master, those people are betting how many domains martial uncle Ye can go into. Should we bet too?” Yue Chan saw the astonis.h.i.+ng odds of going into the 36th domain.

These odds didn’t just include going into 28th domain now. There was the odds of going into 36 domain. The losing odds of going into 28th domain was one to 3, quitting from 27th domain was 1 to 2. Going into 30th domain the odds rose to 1 to 8. The losing odds of going into 36th domain was 1 to 100.

Yan Yan said, “If you want to bet you can bet here, there’s a place next to the projection formation. Just write what you want to bet on and place in your spirit stones. The spirit stones will be teleported away.”

Tang Mengrao nodded. “I’ll give you 1 million spirit stones, you can bet on what you like.”

Su Jingwen woke up and quickly took out a storage ring pa.s.sing it to Yue Chan. “Help me bet too.”

Yue Chan took the storage ring joyfully and asked, “Sister Jingwen, which one do you want to bet on?”

Su Jingwen’s mind clearly wasn’t on this and said casually, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re betting on one that says Ye Mo will win.”

She wanted to give Ye Mo a little support through this indirect way. Seeing this, Yan Yan also placed a bet.

This was the 4th day Ye Mo was at the 27th domain. His domain could easily break the s.p.a.ce dispositions and squeeze away, but it was still a little bit off from crus.h.i.+ng the s.p.a.ce domain.

Ye Mo was disappointed, he was just a little bit off.

So, he just sat down and ran the Three Birth Chant. Ye Mo let his domain slowly seep into this mock domain.

Another two days later, Ye Mo felt something was wrong. The key concept of forming domain here was through one’s own cultivation essence. This didn’t seem wrong, all the cultivators’ domains were formed like that, Ye Mo’s domain before was formed like that too.

But when Ye Mo used Three Birth Chant, the things he realized was completely different.

Domain wasn’t formed through cultivation essence, those domains formed with cultivation essence were called fake domain. Real domains were a will state, a force. When the cultivator’s force was formed, the domain would be born through will.

As for using cultivation essence to form the contortions and even spirit sense, it was just a method of attack in your domain. When domain was perfected and the enemy was trapped in the domain, your cultivation essence can turn into a method of attack. Cultivation essence and spirit sense weren’t used to form domain, it was a method of attack for the domain.

Realizing this, Ye Mo woke up and suddenly got up. He squeezed away the domain around him and his cultivation essence expanded out. The locked s.p.a.ce around him was completely shattered.

Ye Mo was overjoyed, he didn’t expect it to be so simple. He realized now that only now was his domain truly in initial completion. The domain he previously thought was in initial completion wasn’t even the beginning. Not just him but probably more than 90% of cultivators weren’t even beginners in domain.

However, Ye Mo felt suspicious of this place. Theoretically, this was a trial ground, it shouldn’t be misleading cultivators like this. If he didn’t have Three Birth Chant, even if he pa.s.sed the 36th domain, he wouldn’t be able to truly understand the notion of domains.

Ye Mo wouldn’t believe that the powerful being who set this place up was intentionally trying to mislead people.

One explanation was that powerful cultivator didn’t understand domains either, but then Ye Mo shook his head. If the person didn’t understand domains, how could he set up this huge Heaven 36 Domains. Plus, this place was indeed very helpful for cultivating domain. Even a fake domain was better than not understanding domain at alll.

Now that Ye Mo could easily break the domain here, he went into the 28th domain.

Immediately, he felt like there were sharp beams pointing at him.

The stir in s.p.a.ce here was completely different than the 27th domain. In the 27th domain, s.p.a.ce was s.p.a.ce and the sword rays were sword rays. They were separate, allowing you to dodge them.

But in the 28th domain, they were fused together, it was as though the place he was at wasn’t s.p.a.ce but a place formed with countless pin-sized killing chi.

It was present no matter where he went.

The s.p.a.ce distortions were more than ten times stronger than the 27th domain. Ye Mo took a cold breath in – this was no trial grounds but a slaughterhouse!

If he didn’t truly understand domains, he would be instantly killed the moment he came in here. He wouldn’t even have the time to go into the Golden Page World. Even a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator wouldn’t be able to survive in the pinpoint s.p.a.ce. The domain previously learned was completely useless here. Even if you formed your domain, it wouldn’t last a hundredth of a second.

Ye Mo didn’t expect the difference to be this huge. Luckily he knew what true domain was and instantly formed his domain.

When the killing chi s.p.a.ce pressured him, Ye Mo’s cultivation essence wind blades and spirit sense blades also swept out.

With a thud, Ye Mo’s domain was crushed, but he also stopped the attack of this s.p.a.ce.

Ye Mo didn’t continue trying to learn the s.p.a.ce domain here, he felt this domain wasn’t suitable for him, it wasn’t right. But the s.p.a.ce attack and mock domain attack was very good for him. He could use this opportunity to refine his newly learned domain.

The cultivators watching saw that spot had went into the 28th domain. There were shouts of joy for those who bet Ye Mo was going into 28th domain but sighs from cultivators who lost.

When Su Jingwen saw the dot finally go into the 28th domain, she breathed easy, but then immediately stared at the spot nervously.

West Cultivator City, Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation.

That middle aged man who previously didn’t care if Ye Mo joined the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation now frowned. After a while he asked, “You said that cultivator left here and went to the Heaven Domain, and is now in the 27th domain?”

The fatter cultivator in front of him just wanted to talk but his communication bead lit up. He scanned with his spirit sense and immediately answered, “Yes, a.s.sociation leader, but the news we just received is that he’s in the 28th domain now.”

That a.s.sociation leader got up immediately and his face seemed a little strange. He walked a few steps and said, “I’m going there immediately…”

Then he said, “Ji Liang, tell elder Gong to prepare some gifts, if that cultivator comes out, we need to greet him immediately.”

“a.s.sociation leader, what level or gift should we prepare?” Ji Liang asked.

The middle aged man hesitated and said, “For someone like him, he won’t take ordinary gifts seriously…”

He hesitated and said, “Bring that low grade immortal artifact, only something like that can touch him.”

Ji Liang was dazed. “But a.s.sociation leader, that’s the only immortal artifact we have, it’s the sect guarding….”

The a.s.sociation leader waved his hand. “We were already rude to him by just sending a green robed messenger, if we do it again, this person will look down on us. A low grade immortal artifact is precious but if we can pull a 28th domain powerful being to join us, it would be very worth it.”

“Yes.” Ji Liang agreed.


Ye Mo didn’t use Zi Xu nor Illusion Cloud Domain Shatter Strike, but his domain had cultivation essence wind blades now. After countless trials, his domain finally shattered the simulated domain.

Ye Mo realized that if he kept moving forward like this, his domain might really reach great completion by the 36th domain.


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