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Chapter 1025: Divine d.a.m.nation Shenanigans

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

The fourth wave came and 9 bolts landed at the same time.

Ye Mo was shook, he released Zi Xu without hesitation.

Even he wasn’t able to deal with such a wave in such a short time.

*Crack crack crack*

Ye Mo hacked open three of them and the remaining two landed on him. Three more were stored in the storage formation and he could only digest one bolt.

Luckily his power had increased after the shower of the first three waves, otherwise the damage would be quite serious.

But just the two bolts still tore his flesh apart. He had a half dao artifact protecting him, so he wasn’t heavily injured. With the Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo soon devoured the lightning in the storage formation and completely recovered from his injuries.

Ye Mo checked Zi Xu and found that it wasn’t damaged. It seemed his kitchen knife was really substantial.

The divine d.a.m.nation was over. Ye Mo took a deep breath. This divine d.a.m.nation was strong but it was reasonable.

After the waves of lightning, Ye Mo felt his power increase greatly. Ye Mo thought, ‘Is this nascent soul state power?’

Just then, Ye Mo remembered his cracked golden core. He hadn’t formed his nascent soul yet, what was going on? Did he fail?

While Ye Mo was still checking himself, the spirit chi around him rustled and flew towards him like an opened dam. He didn’t even need to devour it and it just went into his body.

Ye Mo was shocked and quickly ran the Three Birth Chant. Luckily, his Three Birth Chant was powerful enough to handle all the spirit chi.

Ye Mo felt his power increase more rapidly. His meridians started to burst with pain again. His golden core was about to burst. Ye Mo didn’t expect to encounter such a terrifying situation.

Before he could find a good solution to this, the sky rumbled once more. At the same time, more lightning crackled.

Each bolt was the size of a baby’s arm.

Ye Mo was dazed, there were so many bolts here, did the heavens want to blast him to pieces?

But they had already started falling, so Ye Mo didn’t have time to curse the heavens as he released Zi Xu again and charged it with cultivation essence like crazy.

How could a golden core state cultivator have such a terrifying divine d.a.m.nation? Ye Mo roared “Illusion Cloud Exert Will, break!”

‘You want my life, but I won’t give it!’

Countless purple sword rays flew out and clashed with the dense bolts of lightning. Even though Ye Mo’s power was already far stronger than before, the power of the lightning bolts was far from what his sword rays could block.

Twenty more lightning bolts fell and 8 were directed into the storage formation. The rest all landed on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that his formation could store at most 8 bolts or it would explode.

*Crack, rumble*

No matter how powerful his Three Birth Chant was, he was almost torn to pieces by these lightning bolts. His half dao artifact blocked the first few waves without being damaged, but this time, it completely shattered.

Ye Mo spat mouthfuls of blood and crawled out from a deep trench. This divine d.a.m.nation almost took his life, but luckily he still managed to block it. However, he was heavily injured. He found that the bursting sense in his meridians was gone.

His shattered golden core seemed to have devoured this energy and formed a new type of energy.

At this moment, Ye Mo realized that his divine d.a.m.nation was different than that of others. The divine d.a.m.nation seemed to have hatred towards him and wanted to kill him.

Ye Mo didn’t even have the energy to curse. He had counted, that last wave had 36 bolts. In total, he had experienced 72 bolts of lightning. That was equivalent to 8 waves.

72? Ye Mo was flabbergasted, he was definitely going through the 9 9 divine d.a.m.nation, meaning that the last wave wasn’t here yet.


Ye Mo was grumpy, but he knew he had to digest all the lightning in the storage formation. Otherwise, the last wave wouldn’t be any easier than the previous wave.

The rumbling sound in the sky seemed to have disappeared and the sky even looked clearer than before. However, Ye Mo didn’t feel easy like before. He knew that this divine d.a.m.nation was sneaky, and if he rested up now, perhaps it would fall immediately.

Ye Mo quickly ate some recovery pills and started digesting the 8 lightning bolts in the storage formation.

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt his sea of consciousness brighten up and his injuries seemed to recover faster. His meridians expanded and his cultivation essence became even denser.

Ye Mo was relieved. As long as his injuries were healed, he could take it even if the last wave was more powerful.

At this moment, he saw a woman charge at him.

“Move aside, it’s my divine d.a.m.nation!” Ye Mo just said this before he realized he knew this woman. She was so familiar – it was Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo was shaken. ” Xiaoyun, what are you doing here? Move aside….”

“Husband, I’ve been looking for you. I finally found you. I’m not leaving you again!” Mu Xiaoyun cried as she charged over.

*Rumble rumble*

Before Ye Mo could say anything more, the last wave fell. The first two bolts flew towards Mu Xiaoyun, clearly because she interfered with the divine d.a.m.nation.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to let her get struck at all. This last wave was twice as thick as the previous wave. Mu Xiaoyun clearly only had foundation establishment state power. She would die for certain.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo charged towards Mu Xiaoyun and released Zi Xu. Two bolts were stopped by Zi Xu and one landed on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t have the half dao artifact armor now, so even though there was the Three Birth Chant to help him digest the power, he still spat blood.

Before Ye Mo could worry about his injuries, he quickly asked, “Xiaoyun, are you okay?”

But then, Ye Mo immediately felt something was wrong. How could there be such a coincidence? While he was doing his divine d.a.m.nation, Xiaoyun charged over and into the lightning range? This place was deserted for thousands of miles.

That wasn’t Xiaoyun, it was the heart demon tribulation!

Ye Mo realized this and Mu Xiaoyun disappeared. 7 more bolts of lightning appeared.

‘f.u.c.k!’ Ye Mo cursed. He was tricked again, the divine d.a.m.nation had lured him outside the lightning storage formation.

Luckily, he reacted quickly and had realized what was going on. Before the 7 bolts fell, he had returned to his original position.

Almost instantly, the 7 bolts fell down. In his fury, Ye Mo released Zi Xu and didn’t use any Illusion Cloud moves, charging it with only his cultivation essence and hacking towards the sky.

*Crack crack*

Ye Mo found that when he didn’t use Illusion Cloud, Zi Xu showed it’s strong ability to defend against divine d.a.m.nation.

Two bolts were hacked open by Zi Xu and dissipated. Out of the remaining five, two were directed into the formation, one was forcefully devoured with the Three Birth Chant, and the last two struck Ye Mo again sending him into the ground, heavily injuring him again.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to figure out why Zi Xu was stronger fighting the divine d.a.m.nation without using Illusion Cloud because he already noticed the huge change in his dan tian. The shattered golden core had formed into a small nascent soul. That soul had exactly the same appearance as Ye Mo. It went into Ye Mo’s dan tian and also started using the Three Birth Chant to devour spirit chi.

The Three Birth Chant ran even faster and the spirit chi around him was swept away. A few more rumbles sounded in the sky as though in dissatisfaction.

Ye Mo felt his injuries recover and get better. But suddenly, the heavens changed again.

Ye Mo thought, ‘I can’t be this unlucky right?’

But this time, it wasn’t the divine d.a.m.nation. It was a large area of rainbow clouds that came out of the void and landed above Ye Mo’s head.

Such a familiar feeling – Ye Mo knew that when he formed his core, there were rainbow clouds in the sky, but this time the rainbow color was clearer.


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