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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 12-64 Emperor Yu’s Rage

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and ME!

“Are you cracking jokes?” Emperor Yu still had a smile on his face. It’s just that there was a slight anger in his eyes.

Qin Yu replied with a matter of course appearance. “Cracking jokes? What jokes? The Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and Bewitching G.o.d Painting are mine and mine only. No matter who it is, they can forget about trying to s.n.a.t.c.h them away from me.”

Emperor Yu’s expression immediately dropped cold. His smile was completely gone. He stared at Qin Yu with his ice-cold gaze. “Qin Yu, I offered you a path for survival yet you refused to take it; are you wholeheartedly seeking for your own demise?”

“Who said that I’m seeking my demise?” Qin Yu asked instead.

Emperor Yu’s eyes grew narrow. He stared at Qin Yu deeply and didn’t say a word. However, his Immortal Awareness had covered the entire Reef Yellow Star. All the Immortals within the Reef Yellow Star were in a state of dismay.

“Zhi Bai, Mu Yan, come over quickly.” Emperor Yu’s voice sounded in Immortal Emperor Zhi Bai and Immortal Emperor Mu Yan’s minds.

Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai. Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan. They are the two great level seven Immortal Emperors under Emperor Yu. Of course, if one were to compare their attack power, then Green Blooded Sword Immortal would be slightly better. However, the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was the one in charge of all the troops underneath Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu had always thought that Qin Yu possessed an amazing technique to vanish his aura. He had only thought that QIn Yu was able to hide himself but never was he aware that… Qin Yu’s Immortal Awareness was able to detect his own Immortal Awareness.

“You’re going to attack now?” Qin Yu’s entire body’s energy have completely vanished into his Black Hole. His soul’s power was also completely vanished into his Meteoric Tear.

Emperor Yu did not attack. That’s because he had heard of how astonis.h.i.+ng Qin Yu’s speed was. He figured that if he wanted to catch Qin Yu, it’ll be very difficult a task to do by himself. Thus, he was prepared to have the Green Blooded Sword Immortal and the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor to surround Qin Yu with him from three sides!


Would Qin Yu give him the chance to do that?

“Haha… Emperor Yu, you are determined to steal my treasure; if you have the ability, then come!” Qin Yu shouted loudly . His voice echoed in the heaven and earth. However, he had instead completely disappeared into the east.

Emperor Yu’s expression changed. He suddenly spread out his hands. With Emperor Yu as the center, the area within a circ.u.mference of ten thousand miles had turned into his ‘domain.’ Within this domain, Emperor Yu was even able to sense a speck of sand clearly. Unfortunately… with Qin Yu’s speed, he had already left the range of the domain.

“Whoos.h.!.+” “Whoos.h.!.+”

Zhi Bai and Mu Yan appeared beside Emperor Yu.

“Your Majesty?” Mu Yan spoke. He had a slightly confused expression.

At this moment, Zhi Bai and Mu Yan’s Immortal Awareness had completely filled the air. However, even though their Immortal Awareness had covered the entire Reef Yellow Star, they were still unable to find Qin Yu’s aura.

Likewise, Emperor Yu’s Immortal Awareness have also covered all the places of the Reef Yellow Star.

With a cold and detached expression, Zhi Bai spoke. “That Qin Yu has a secret technique to vanish his aura. Back when he was on the Blue Flame Star, he suddenly appeared when I did not even sense his existence. And now… I reckon that he had once again used that aura concealing secret technique.”

Emperor Yu nodded.

Numerous times Qin Yu attacked, however, every time before he attacked, his opponent was unable to determine his strength. They were only able to sense it through his dissipated energy after the attacks. That was something that Emperor Yu knew about.

“Everyone, you need not be worried. Now that the entire Reef Yellow Star was sealed off by us, it was impossible for him to escape out of it. There is more than enough time for us to catch him. Furthermore… I do not believe that he has unmasked his true nature. If there truly is no other way, then I would…” Emperor Yu’s eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness.

“Your Majesty, you cannot.” Said Mu Yan hurriedly.

Mu Yan knew what Emperor Yu’s final method was. Upon thinking of that method, Mu Yan immediately thought of the terrible consequences.

Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai still had a cold and detached appearance.

Emperor Yu’s Immortal Awareness filled all the areas of the Reef Yellow Star. Breeze, speck, river, air, all the aura within them; the air oscillation caused by the battles of Immortals on the Reef Yellow Star… any kind of energy fluctuate was completely detected by Emperor Yu.

“Humph, still trying to run?”

Emperor Yu suddenly shot toward the northeast. Without the slightest hesitation, Zhi Bai and Mu Yan also followed.

Emperor Yu, Zhi Bai and Mu Yan rapidly flew. In a blink of an eye, they saw Qin Yu who was resting on a stone within a valley. At the same time, Qin Yu also discovered the three. His eyes was filled with shock.

“You actually managed to find me?” Qin Yu’s eyes had a slight excitement. “Emperor Yu is worthy to be called Emperor Yu.”

Emperor Yu humped coldly. “Did you think that after you vanish all your aura, I would be unable to find you?”

“How did you find me?” Qin Yu asked.

Zhi Bai and Mu Yan who stood behind Emperor Yu were also confused. They were confused about how Emperor Yu determined Qin Yu was here when none of them were able to sense Qin Yu’s aura.

“Why must I tell you? If I were to tell you, then won’t that be telling you how to flee from me?” Emperor Yu sneered. He then coldly ordered. “Zhi Bai, Mu Yan, kill him directly!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Mu Yan and Zhi Bai nodded and rushed toward Qin Yu simultaneously.

Neither Mu Yan, Zhi Bai nor Qin Yu noticed that Emperor Yu’s complexion was somewhat pale. Earlier, the reason why Emperor Yu was able to discover Qin Yu was through a method that he comprehended after reaching his current level of realization of the cosmic s.p.a.ce.

In a split second, his Immortal Awareness covered each and every aura, air, stone, Immortals, etc. of the Reef Yellow Star… He was able to clearly take note of the fluctuation of energy in any place. Thus, he was able to determine the location that was unreasonable.

The ground would not cave in for no reason.

For the land to cave in, it might be because the ground underneath was a vacant s.p.a.ce. Or it might be because someone stepped on it from above. However, it was absolutely impossible for it to cave in without any reason.

With this theory, Emperor Yu discovered that the location that Qin Yu was at, the gra.s.s underneath him was being pressed down for no reason at all. Although valleys have winds, but the gra.s.s in the other areas of the valley was still not pressed down to that extent. If there was no external force being exerted upon it, why would the gra.s.s be pressed downward?

There was only a single explanation.

An existence that Emperor Yu was unable to detect was pressing down upon the gra.s.s.

Emperor Yu had determined that Qin Yu was there.

The theory was simple in speech but this Reef Yellow Star was such a large place, it was a boundless area with all kinds of places. There are deserts, swamps, valleys, mountains, forests… all kinds of tiny energies. Ants, air movements, rock movements…

Merely the population of the people was over a hundred million. The movements of each and every person would cause all kinds of effect to their surroundings. Each and every person’s action would cause a chain reaction. Emperor Yu also have to take that into consideration. Otherwise, he would certainly make a mistaken in his judgement…

All in all, Emperor Yu had to a.n.a.lyze millions and millions of things in a split second. He had to determine whether or not each and every one of those places was within reasons. Unless one had a large Immortal Awareness, it was something that’s impossible to be done. Even though this was the case, Emperor Yu also felt the mental exhaustion. That’s why he did not immediately attack Qin Yu.

“Where did he go?” Shouted Zhi Bai toward Mu Yan.

Mu Yan shook his head helplessly and said. “Earlier that Qin Yu had received a palm strike of mine and then fall behind that mountain. However, when I got over there, I only discovered that he had disappeared.”

Like the wind, Qin Yu was drifting. His valiant body had allowed him to be able to reach the speed of level eight or nine Golden Immortal without even using the Black Hole energy. In a flash, Qin Yu had arrived at a little village.

“This Emperor Yu is truly abnormal. How did he manage to find me earlier?” Even now, QIn Yu was still unable to get over that problem. “That shouldn’t be the case. He was unable to detect my soul’s aura nor was he able to detect my energy’s aura. How did he manage to discover me?” Like an ordinary person, Qin Yu walked toward the village unhurriedly.

Fortunately, for Emperor Yu to use his Immortal Awareness to cover the entire Reef Yellow Star and then a.n.a.lyze every aspect of it was, even more tiring than fighting a battle. If Emperor Yu was able to immediately use his Immortal Awareness to a.n.a.lyze the entire planet once again, then it would be impossible for Qin Yu to flee.

“Big brother, are you an Immortal?” A six or seven year old child from this little village was looking at Qin Yu with wide open eyes.

“I guess so. What’s wrong?” Said Qin Yu to this child while smiling.

Qin Yu had currently vanished his aura and has let himself become an ordinary man. He didn’t believe that Emperor Yu would once again discover him.

This six or seven year old child took a gulp of saliva. With eyes wide open, he said hopingly. “Big brother, I want to cultivate into an Immortal. Can you teach me?”

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

There are non-cultivators in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?

To be honest, even till now, Qin Yu was still not very clear about the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. There are some mortal planets, like this Reef Yellow Star, that are very big. The Reef Yellow Star possessed a diameter of several billions of miles. However, there were only three cities in the entire Reef Yellow Star. The distance between each city was over a billion miles.

A billion miles.

Outside of the three cities were some villages. Many of the people in those villages don’t know how to cultivate. A distance of a billion miles, to these non-cultivators, was truly way too distant.

Thus, in many planets, there are tiny remote villages located outside of the cities and ordinary people that aren’t cultivators living within those villages.

The greatest hope that those people had was to meet a foreigner or someone that flew by from the sky. That’s because majority of those people were cultivators. What they hoped for the most was to learn how to cultivate from those people so that they can fly in the skies.

“I can.” Qin Yu smiled at this child and said.

The child’s eyes immediately s.h.i.+ned brightly. He was so excited that his face had turned red. “That’s awesome. Ah, I need to go tell mother.”

At this moment, some people from the village had also discovered Qin Yu.

“Niu Wa.” From afar a woman shouted loudly.

Qin Yu smiled. So this child is called Niu Wa. What a simple and honest name.

[TL: Niu Wa basically means Ox Child.]

“Mom, I met a…”

“Qin Yu, it seemed that you’re pretty relaxed.” Emperor Yu suddenly appeared. The current Emperor Yu’s complexion wasn’t very pale. It was because this time around, after he determined Qin Yu’s location, he slightly rested before rus.h.i.+ng over.

At the same time, two other figures appeared. It was the two great Immortal Emperors, Zhi Bai and Mu Yan.

As Emperor Yu was still talking, a golden thin sword suddenly appeared within his hand. With the golden thin sword as the center, an surging sword aura was being spread out. Qin Yu was only able to use his energy to protect little Niu Wa in time.

“Bang!” The area within a radius of several tens of miles were completely turned into dust. That little village from earlier had disappeared into nothingness.

“Mom!” Little Niu Wa who was being protected by Qin Yu were shouting nonstop. He was so pale very pale that it seemed as if there was no blood underneath his face.

Qin Yu’s hand touched little Niu Wa’s neck and little Niu Wa immediately fell unconscious. Qin Yu then immediately sent little Niu Wa into his Qingyu Immortal Mansion.To receive such a large shock, it’s better for one to be unconscious.

“Emperor Yu, you did that deliberately.” Qin Yu’s eyes started to turn red.

“That’s right, I did that deliberately.” Emperor Yu’s expression had also turned malevolent. “I already have no more patience to waste my time with you. I have made a mistaken a.s.sessment back on the Maple Moon Star and allowed you to escape. On the Blue Snow Star, I once again let you escape from me. This time around, I will certainly kill you.”

Emperor Yu raised the golden thin sword in his hand. “Last time on the Blue Snow Star, in order to conceal my ident.i.ty, I only used the Thunder G.o.d’s Hammer against you. This time around, I shall let you experience my true strength that allowed me to move unhindered in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. This Divine Weapon is a mid level Divine Sword — ‘Great Emperor’s Sword.’ “

“Pop!” “Pop!” “Pop!” “Pop!” …

Several thousands of golden sword rays fell consecutively from the skies. Qin Yu’s surroundings were filled with attacks by the golden sword rays. There wes nowhere for Qin Yu to dodge. He tried his best to dodge and receive the least amount of attacks.

“What’s going on?”

After merely being hit by a golden sword ray, Qin Yu started to feel a sense of dizziness. Everything that he saw started to give seven or eight phantom images…

“What a strange attack.”

Qin Yu had no way of defending against it….

“Where did he go?” Mu Yan looked everywhere in a state of confusion.

Emperor Yu had an ashen expression, and he once again spread out his Immortal Awareness and covered the entire Reef Yellow Star… he did not let any place slip past. A speck of sand, a tiny piece of gra.s.s, Emperor Yu was carefully a.n.a.lyzing everything.

He a.n.a.lyzed for the first time and was unable to find Qin Yu. His complexion had also grew pale.

He a.n.a.lyzed for the second time and was still unable to find Qin Yu. His complexion grew as pale as paper.

He a.n.a.lyzed for the third time, Emperor Yu’s complexion suddenly turned red.

He forced down a mouthful of blood back into his stomach.

“He had hidden away again. He had hidden away again!” Emperor Yu was giving off a frightening frantic energy. Fiery anger burned within his eyes. “Like that time on the Blue Snow Star, Qin Yu decided to hole himself up again.”

“Your Majesty?” Both Zhi Bai and Mu Yan were greatly shocked.

They had followed Emperor Yu for a long time and had only seen Emperor Yu getting angry twice. The first time was because of Emperor Ni Yang and the second time was because of Mystic Emperor. Never did they expect for Emperor Yu to get angry again.

“I had already antic.i.p.ated that he would hide himself. Sure enough…” Emperor Yu’s voice was ice-cold. “Transmit my order to the sixteen Immortal Emperors. They are to execute the ‘Refining Flame’ of the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array. Burn, burn the entire Reef Yellow Star completely. I just don’t believe that he can still escape from this!”

“Your Majesty, you absolutely cannot.” Mu Yan said hurriedly. “Reef Yellow Star is a huge planet. There are millions of Immortals and over a hundred million cultivators living here. If Your Majesty were to destroy such a planet, then it would be a very vile influence toward you.”

“When Lin Yin destroyed a planet, who dared say anything about it? So what if I decided to burn one to ashes? This Blood River Galaxy was neither the Cyan Emperor’s territory nor is it Mystic Emperor’s territory, who in this Immortal Realm would dare speak ill of me? Burn it, burn the whole planet completely. I want to see how if that Qingyu Immortal Mansion would still be intact after being burned by the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame!” Emperor Yu’s anger was soaring through the skies.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Mu Yan was only able to follow his order.

“Sixteen Emperors, listen up. First use the Blue Colored Heavenly Flame and burn down the entire planet. Then whatever that cannot be burned down, use the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame to once again burn it completely!” Mu Yan slightly changed Emperor Yu’s command. If one were to continuously use Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame, then even if they’re the Sixteen Immortal Emperors and possessed a formation array to a.s.sist them, they would likely all die from over exhaustion.


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