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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 44 – So It’s You

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Arezs, Philip, Kulops

Guo Nu’s corpse fell from the sky and onto the street. The whole street was quiet without a bit of nouse. Only the sound of the storm whistling could be heard.

On the side of the street, Lin Lin and Sisi were standing together.

“Miss, miss.” Sisi softly pulled Lin Lin’s sleeve. “Stop grieving. Hanshu died. We can find of a way to avenge him in the future.” Seeing Lin Lin’s appearance, Sisi was very pained.

Lin Lin took a glance at Sisi and merely shook her head without saying a word.

“Young lady, is it possible for you to take out your Transmission Spiritual Pearl?” Qin Yu’s voice sounded beside Lin Lin. Lin Lin raised her head and looked at Qin Yu who stood in front of her. She didn’t bother thinking too much and took out her Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

Qin Yu received her Transmission Spiritual Pearl and imprinted his own Immortal Awareness within it.

“You too imprint your Immortal Awareness in my Transmission Spiritual Pearl.” Qin Yu handed over his own Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Lin Lin faintly nodded and also imprinted her Immortal Awareness in Qin Yu’s Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

[TL: need a rephrasing of what Qin Yu said. He didn’t ask her, he kinda said it matter of factly.]

When Qin Yu was about to take back his Transmission Spiritual Pearl, Lin Lin instead pulled back her hand.

“Mister, are you really Hanshu’s master? Please tell me, what is your name?” Lin Lin still had a slight delusion in her heart.

“Qin Yu.”

After saying those words, Qin Yu took his Transmission Spiritual Pearl from Lin Lin’s hands.

Lin Lin smiled desolately. “Sure enough, so that’s why he didn’t contact me for all these years. I was also unable to find any news regarding him in the Maple Moon Star. So, actually, it turns out that he really had an untimely death.”

After the battle in the Maple Moon Star.

The amount of level eight and level nine Golden Immortals that died reached a terrifying amount. The three great clans of the Maple Moon Star took the same action without prior consultation and eliminated all information regarding that battle. Even Qin Yu and Liu Hanshu’s accomplishments were eliminated.

“Young lady. If you were to encounter any problem in the future, you only need to send me a transmission. As long as I can accomplish it, I would certainly settle it for you.” Said Qin Yu toward this Lin Lin. After saying those words, he immediately started to walk toward the other direction of the street.

From start to finish, Qin Yu had never asked the name of this green clothed girl.

He had no need to ask.

Qin Yu only needed to know that this girl was the most beloved girl of his disciple. The reason why he promised Lin Lin that earlier was also because of the guilt he felt for his disciple.

Guo Nu’s corpse laid on the street. At this moment, another middle aged man with the same crimson red hair and a pale, grave and stern expression appeared on the street. He was half kneeling beside Guo Nu’s corpse and closely hugging his corpse.

“Nu. Why didn’t you wait a little bit longer?!”

The facial muscles of this middle aged man who was dressed the same as Guo Nu was trembling. “I was very worried, very scared the whole time that, with your temperament, you’ll get into an accident.”

The red haired middle aged man was holding a Transmission Spiritual Pearl in his hand.

The Transmission Spiritual Pearl had a message within it. “Master, I found the lover that I like. I was aware of it at the first sight that I fell in love with her. She would definitely become mine. Master, please wait. I will bring her to see you.”

This was the message Guo Nu transmitted to his master after walking into the restaurant and seeing Lin Lin.

His master was the super expert of the Blood Devil Path — Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

[TL: Xue Yi means b.l.o.o.d.y garments. Not sure if this is his nickname or actual name.]

Devil Emperor Xue Yi was on the Blue Flame Star earlier. He had also came to the Indigo Bay Star Field this time around because of the Cosmic Energies gathering upon the Hidden Emperor Star. When the Devil Emperor Xue Yi received the transmission from his disciple, he already had a bad premonition.

As a reason, he immediately went through the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Blue Flame Star and arrived on the Hidden Emperor Star.

However, the amount of people who was going through the Interstellar Conveying Arrays of the Blue Flame Star was numerous and in this period of time there was numerous super experts on the Blue Flame Star. Devil Emperor Xue Yi also didn’t dare to kill people in broad daylight to take their s.p.a.ce.

Thus, he was only able to stand in line and wait for his time to take the Interstellar Conveying Array.

However, when he arrived, his disciple, Guo Nu, had already died.

Guo Nu.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s most loved disciple. He had almost the same kind of childhood as Devil Emperor Xue Yi. He was abandoned as a child and lived amongst beasts. He had grew fond of killing and believed that the strong is right. The laws of the jungle had already deeply penetrated his brain.

The Devil Emperor Xue Yi was also abandoned as a child, although after he cultivated successfully his father managed to find him. However, the Devil Emperor Xue Yi still continued in his own ways. He grew deeply fond of Guo Nu the moment he saw him and took him, at the spot, as his youngest disciple.

“Regardless of whoever it is that killed you, even if it’s Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor and them, I will still be sure to kill them to avenge you.” Said the Devil Emperor Xue Yi resolutely in front of his disciple’s corpse.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi had the same kind of temperament as Guo Nu.

Whatever he said, he must accomplish unless he dies!

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s gaze swept across the street. Immediately, it locked on the master and servant Lin Lin and Sisi to the distant. At this moment, Sisi was still comforting Lin Lin.

“Who killed Guo Nu, speak.”

Seeing the red haired middle aged man that suddenly appeared in front of them, both Lin Lin and Sisi were greatly shocked.

This man had the same attire as Guo Nu. He had the same eyes and pale complexion. He also had a battle blade on his waist and the same long red hair. The only difference was that one was a youngster whereas the other was a middle aged man.

“Not going to speak? Die.”

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s expression did not change in the slightest.

“It’s I who killed him.” A faint voice stopped Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s movement.

Qin Yu walked over from the other end of the street unhurried yet quickly. Earlier, his Immortal Awareness had noticed a frightening aura appearing and immediately knew something’s wrong. After seeing that man half kneeling in front of Guo Nu’s corpse, he was able to determine what’s going on.

Originally, Qin Yu didn’t plan to show himself. However, this matter bears upon the life and death of Lin Lin. Thus, he must show himself.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked at Qin Yu coldly. “It’s you who killed my disciple, Nu?” Devil Emperor Xue Yi started to emit his aura that was dense like essence. It came pressing down toward Qin Yu.

“Right.” Qin Yu nodded.

Against such a terrifying aura, Qin Yu didn’t retreat in the slightest.

Ever since Qin Yu reached the Black Hole Realm, the aura from the other side of the Black Hole Channel had a.s.similated with his awareness and Qin Yu had completely transformed.

Aura Oppression?

Perhaps Qin Yu’s strength was fall from his opponent. However, it was impossible for him to be afraid and surrender.

“Are you the woman that my disciple took a fancy upon?” Devil Emperor Xue Yi changed his gaze toward Lin Lin. “There’s only a quick-witted la.s.s like you here who is able to match my disciple.”

“Yes.” Lin Lin was not even slightly afraid when confronted with the Devil Emperor Xue Yi. “Your disciple did took a fancy upon me. However, I don’t like him. Senior, could it be that the way you handle matters is that forceful?”

“Forceful?” Devil Emperor Xue Yi sneered. “I am stronger than you, you cannot disobey me. If you do, then you’ll die.”

Devil Emperor Xue Yi had a think killing intent in his eyes.

“You are the woman that my disciple took a fancy upon. Now that he died, you prepare yourself to go down there and accompany him. You should be honored that you’ll be able to be buried with my disciple.” After saying that, the Devil Emperor Xue Yi waved his hand.


The sound of steel collison sounded.

Qin Yu stood in front of Lin Lin. He had a short sword in his hand. At this moment, Qin Yu was afraid of showing that the short sword in his hand was the Divine Sword, Sky Piercer. He used his Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow, and covered his skin as he prepared to take on the attack.

“Quickly, leave. I am not able to block him for much longer.” Said Qin Yu hurriedly transmitted.

QIn Yu was able to tell that this Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s strength surpa.s.sed the strength of the Immortal Emperor Qian Qi of the Maple Moon Star by far. Even when compared with the White Haired Blood Devil, Xue Yileng, this man was not much weaker.

“Mister, this man is too strong. You need not fight with your life for us. I had already transmitted a message to my senior martial brother and them. My senior martial brother and martial uncle was soon to arrive.”

Lin Lin transmitted back..

“Stop spouting nonsense, leave quickly.” Qin Yu was very angry. Instead of fleeing with the opportunity, this green clothed girl continued to stand here and tried to persuade him.

“Pretty strong, that short sword of yours should be a Divine Weapon, right? You actually managed to cut through my Top Quality Level Arm Protector and injured my arm.” At this moment, the Devil Emperor Xue Yi started laughing.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi licked the blood coming from his wound. He had a bloodthirsty expression on his face.

“Go! Now!”

Qin Yu forcefully pushed Lin Lin and Sisi. However, even though they were pushed several meters away, they still did not run.

“You’re not even at the Immortal Emperor level yet have a Divine Weapon. Seems like your sect was certainly extraordinary… if you were to have met other people, then perhaps they might have misgivings. Unfortunately, I will not be lenient toward you.”

As Devil Emperor Xue Yi said those words, he pulled out his battle blade from his waist.

However, at this moment, Qin Yu was instead concerned about Lin Lin and Sisi.

“If Hanshu were to know that I cannot even protect the person that he loved, then how could I have the face to continue living?” Qin Yu could not care anymore about his secrets being exposed and charged toward Lin Lin and Sisi.

“Stop resisting in vain, the area within a ten miles circ.u.mference of here all belonged to my ‘Domain.’ In here, it is impossible for those two little girls who aren’t even Golden Immortal to run away.” Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s voice sounded in Qin Yu’s mind.

Qin Yu, however, grabbed Lin Lin and Sisi.

“Don’t resist.”

Without considering Lin Lin and Sisi’s confused expressions, Qin Yu took the two directly into his Qingyu Immortal Mansion. In order to send someone into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, it required the other party to not resist.

“Hooh, seems like your master was pretty fond of you. Did you sent those two into your Immortal Mansion? Immortal Mansions that could be carried around casually, each and every one of them are created through painstaking effort.”

Devil Emperor Xue Yi held his blade with one hand. His gaze gradually turned colder. “An Immortal Mansion that you can carry around with, the Divine grade short sword in your hand, your master was certainly awfully fond of you. Unfortunately… no matter who your master is, even if he is a G.o.d, I will still kill you.”

A blood light soared into the sky.

“So fast!” Qin Yu merely relied on his Immortal Awareness to find the fuzzy silhouette. With rapid speed, he firmly thrusted his Divine Weapon Sky Piercer over.

The sound of weapons clas.h.i.+ng sounded.

At the same time, a crimson red blade aura penetrated through Qin Yu’s body. Fortunately, because the Divine Weapon Sky Piercer had obstructed that blade, the crimson blade aura merely slantly thrust through Qin Yu’s chest.

A black ray of light flashed through Qin Yu’s body and the crimson blade aura were dissipated.

At the critical moment earlier, Qin Yu used his Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” …

Several thousands of blade strikes came continuously.

One blade strike following another.

Qin Yu finally became aware of what speed was. Perhaps the White Haired Blood Demon, Xue Yileng’s strength was stronger than this Devil Emperor Xue Yi. However, his attack speed fell short when compared with Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Relying on his sensitive Immortal Awareness, Qin Yu was vaguely able to tell the locations of every blade strike. He used his Divine Weapon Sky Piercer to continuously block them. Qin Yu felt as if he was walking on a tightrope. If he wasn’t careful, he’ll be immediately pierced through by that battle blade.

Qin Yu was unable to see the blade with his eyes. The only thing he was able to see was the deep red eyes of the Devil Emperor Xue Yi; the eyes that looked like those of a wild beast.


After blocking several thousand blade strikes, Qin Yu finally let one past.

“You have a Divine Armor?”

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s face was filled with shock. Never had he expected that the master of the man standing in front of him would be so fond of him that he would even give a the utmost precious Divine Armor to him.

At this moment, Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s battle sword had stabbed into Qin Yu’s abdomen. However, it only managed to penetrate a bit before being obstructed by the Divine Armor.

“However, you still have to die.”

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s voice sounded in Qin Yu’s mind. “Even the Divine Armor have to depend on who’s wearing it. Toward you, I only need to have the vibration strength to slice through mountains and beat oxens. Although there would only be ten percent of the power left after going through the Divine Armor, it’s more than enough against you.”

The Devil Awareness transmission was only an instant.

A terrifying aura stormed into the exterior of the Divine Armor. Soon after, less than a tenth of the aura appeared within Qin Yu’s insides. It directly attacked toward Qin Yu’s dantian.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, the organs within Qin Yu’s body were destroyed. However, they were immediately restored.


At the moment when his opponent pierced through Qin Yu’s abdomen, Qin Yu’s Divine Sword, Sky Piercer, also pierced through Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s abdomen. “To not reciprocate is against etiquette.” Qin Yu’s smile was very grim. However, his expression soon returned to normal. “You also had a Divine Armor?”

Qin Yu only managed to thrust his sword in an inch before it stopped.

He only saw a crimson colored armor appearing on the Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s body.

Divine Armors are extremely rare. Even White Haired Blood Devil, Xue Yileng, does not possess one. Thus, one could imagine how precious a Divine Armor was. However, this Devil Emperor Xue Yi possessed one.

“If I didn’t have my Divine Armor, how could my left hand not block your Divine Sword?” Xue Yi had a grim smile on his face.

A burst of aura continued to penetrate into Qin Yu’s body.

Xue Yi’s strength was already very strong. Even if he was only relying on the ten percent vibrating strength that managed to pa.s.s through the Divine Armor, its power was still nevertheless enormous.

However, the moment when the burst of aura pa.s.sed through Qin Yu’s body and arrived in his Dantian, Qin Yu didn’t even bother to use his Black Hole’s Power to resist. That’s because…

The Black Hole in his Dantian suddenly started to move.


The aura and energy that was planning to attack Qin Yu was directly absorbed by his Black Hole. There was not even a bit remaining.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi’s expression changed.


Xue Yi shouted angrily. A terrifying power came from within the Devil Emperor’s body and burst out as it stormed onto Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s body was immediately sent flying.

While it might appear slow from words, Qin Yu and Devil Emperor Xue Yi actually only collided with their bodies. They each thrust their blade and sword into each other. After which the Devil Emperor’s internal aura exploded and then they immediately separated.

“Strange, your soul was unexpectedly not jolted into pieces. Your soul had managed to reach the Immortal Emperor Realm?” Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked at Qin Yu in astonishment.

Qin Yu’s complexion however changed.

The last move from the Devil Emperor Xue Yi earlier — he exploded all the energy within his body. Because Qin Yu was too close to him, the explosive energy had spread into his skull and jolted the soul in his brain. If he didn’t had the protection of the Meteoric Tear, that move was more than enough to crumble his soul.

Qin Yu truly had a large gap with the Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

“Qin Yu.” A familiar voice sounded.

Jun Luoyu landed beside Qin Yu. He then looked toward the Devil Emperor Xue Yi and his expression changed greatly. “So it’s you.”

That Devil Emperor Xue Yi saw Jun Luoyu and his expression also turned gloomy. He was staring deeply at Jun Luoyu.


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