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B6C3: Internal disorder

Deep in the ocean, Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan, all robed in red, are rus.h.i.+ng side by side through the water. They cause great turbulence and surges wherever they go.

“7th brother, 8th brother’s death is very strange. The Blood-red Cave is at the northernmost part of our territory and next to the Qian Long continent of mortals. The Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace are even farther from it than us. Given such great distances, the killer shouldn’t be from the Azure Dragon Palace or the Blue Water Mansion.” Di Qing ponders for a long time then opens his mouth and says.

What he just said is reasonable. After all, Di Tong leaving for the Blood-red Cave was a secret and not even all of his 8 brothers in the Nine Demons Hall knew about this. How could outsiders possibly have known?

Even if in the end the Blue Water Mansion’s and the Azure Dragon Palace’s subordinates were able to discover that Di Tong had gone to the Blood-red Cave, perhaps they would still not have enough time to chase and kill him.

Among the 9 brothers, Di Luan is fairly good at stratagems. After thinking for a while, he says with a nod: “2nd brother, do you still remember that we sent Cha Hong a message but he unexpectedly hasn’t replied?” When Di Luan set off, he messaged Cha Hong to ask.

However, the message was like a clay ox entering the sea and went unanswered.

“There are only 2 possibilities. First, Cha Hong is already dead. And second, he used some unknown wicked method to kill 8th brother then went into hiding, in which case, he certainly doesn’t dare to reply to our message.” Di Qing continues.

But, for the moment, Di Qing and the other 2 also have no way to find out if Cha Hong is dead or alive.

In fact, the Nine Demons Hall has basically never thought that the 8 caves under it are important. These 8 caves are merely the managers of its 8 large areas. The Nine Demons Hall has been using them only to govern its 90 million li radius territory and has never collected the soul jade slips of the 8 caves’ masters.

“We’ll know after an interrogation. What’s the point of making wild guesses here?”

The grim 6th brother Di Jian says.

Di Luan’s eyes brighten as he hears his 6th brother’s words. He says: “2nd brother, I’ve got a method. Not only will it find out if Cha Hong is dead, it’ll also be a big help to us in finding 8th brother’s killer.” After saying, he takes out a transmitter.

Both Di Jian and Di Qing feel happy at once and look at Di Luan.

“First, let’s message the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave, which is the one nearest the Blood-red Cave. The Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master must know some matters related to the Blood-red Cave. There’s another step that can be taken after questioning the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master.” Di Luan says smilingly.

He then sends a message to the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave. In just a while, the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master replies.

As soon as Di Luan takes a look at it, a faint smile appears on his face: “Just as I expected indeed, the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master said that the original master of the Blood-red Cave, Cha Hong, is already dead! This news has spread throughout the entire territory of the Blood-red Cave so the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave has also heard it.”

“Cha Hong is dead?!” Hearing this, Di Qing makes a deduction in his mind. “Who’s the new cave master?”

He knows very well that it is probable the new cave master killed Cha Hong to seize his position. As they can kill Cha Hong, they can also kill Di Tong.

“Wait for a while, 2nd brother. I’m questioning him.” Di Luan is waiting for the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master to reply. After a while, he says frowningly: “2nd brother, 6th brother, according to the message of the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master, the new cave master is a former guardian called Liu Xing. But he doesn’t know anything about how Cha Hong died.”

“Guardian Liu Xing?” says Di Qing to himself.

Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan are all pondering.

“2nd brother, 6th brother, do you remember that old turtle Qingxuan of the Blood-red Cave? Do you still remember that fight several hundred years ago?” Di Luan suddenly says smilingly to Di Jian and Di Qing. He has already come up with an idea.

Di Jian is startled: “Old turtle Qingxuan? I’ve never heard of him.”

“6th brother, you never pay attention to what happens outside so it’s normal that you know nothing about him. How about you, 2nd brother?” Di Luan looks at his 2nd brother Di Qing.

Di Luan says with a nod: “I’ve heard of that old turtle Qingxuan. In the past, when we were choosing a manager for the territory of the Blood-red Cave, both he and Cha Hong strived for this position. In the end they fought each other. Cha Hong won a narrow victory, but the defense of that old turtle Qingxuan was so astonis.h.i.+ng that Cha Hong couldn’t kill him.”

Di Luan says smilingly with a nod: “Exactly. That old turtle Qingxuan’s defense is outstanding. Now he is also a Dongxu stage expert. Most of the 8 caves under our Nine Demons Hall have been unable to completely control their territories, and the Blood-red Cave is one of those.”

There are many experts in the territory of a cave, how can all of them possibly submit to the cave?

The Blood-red Cave rules an 8 million li radius area in name, but in fact it only has complete control over the Blood-red Ridge and cannot completely control some distant valleys and ravines.

“Even now, Qingxuan’s turf, the Qingxuan Ridge, is not under the Blood-red Cave’s control. It’s weaker than the Blood-red Ridge but Cha Hong is already dead so Qingxuan definitely won’t accept the new cave master’s authority. We can …” Di Luan bursts out laughing in a sinister manner.

Di Qing’s eyes brighten: “Ha-ha, you’re really smart, 7th brother. That’s right. n.o.body knows that new cave master Liu Xing very well. It won’t be bad to let that old turtle Qingxuan have a go at him. If that guardian Liu Xing can kill Qingxuan then … he’ll be a major suspect!”

Di Luan also nods his head.

Cha Hong is dead so naturally the new cave master will be suspected. If that mysterious new cave master killed Cha Hong then he can have killed Di Tong too.

“There’s some friends.h.i.+p and contact between the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master and Qingxuan.” Di Luan says smilingly. “Why don’t we directly back this old turtle Qingxuan, 2nd brother, 6th brother? We’ll tell him that the Nine Demons Hall has decided to let him become the new ruler of the Blood-red Cave’s 8 million li radius territory.”

Hearing this, Di Qing cannot help pointing at Di Luan and scolding laughingly: “7th brother, you’re really wicked!”

In the past, Qingxuan fought Cha Hong for this position but eventually lost. He has always considered this defeat a disgrace to his life. If he knows that Cha Hong is dead and that the Nine Demons Hall has appointed him as the new ruler of the Blood-red Cave’s territory, will he possibly be able to sit tight?

“Ah, 7th brother, that Liu Xing fella is just a suspect. If, after we say that we’ve appointed Qingxuan as the new manager of the Blood-red Cave, he beats Qingxuan, it won’t be good for our investigation. After all, we will have appointed Qingxuan as the new manager.” Di Qing says with a frown.

Di Luan, however, says smilingly: “Will we? We’ll only let the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master tell this to Qingxuan. If he succeeds, we won’t have to do anything. But if he fails, we certainly can s.h.i.+ft the responsibility onto the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master. I think he won’t dare to say a word even if he’s wrongfully blamed.”

That’s right. If the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties cause him to be wrongfully blamed, will he dare to speak out?

“Clever! Clever! 7th brother, quickly tell the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master to message Qingxuan, making him rebel and fight for that cave master position. That Liu Xing, I’ve never heard of him before. Now I want to see how powerful this mysterious fella is!” Di Qing’s eyes flash with coldness.

If this Liu Xing can kill Qingxuan, Di Jian and the other 2 will have to consider him their no. 1 suspect.

The purpose of this maneuver is to estimate Liu Xing’s true power. If he is not strong enough and gets killed, of course Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan will not pay attention to him anymore.

In the Blood-red Cave’s territory, there is a particular mountain range that is several times smaller than the Blood-red Ridge. There are nearly 10,000 Xiuyaoists here. This Qingxuan Ridge can be said to be a country within a country. In name, it is under the Blood-red Cave’s control, but in fact, it does not take orders from the Blood-red Cave.

In the mansion of the old turtle Qingxuan in the Qingxuan Ridge,

Old Founder Qingxuan is sitting in an armchair. There is a lady-in-waiting gently fanning him with a fan on either side of him. He is all smiles at the moment. His nearly 1 m long bluish flaming hair is slowly flowing. His blue eyebrows are also flowing.

“May I ask why you are so happy, Old Founder?” A white-clad handsome man comes in then says respectfully on one side.

Qingxuan does not answer but his expression changes irregularly, sometimes looking frighteningly ferocious, sometimes looking excitedly murderous: “Ha-ha, Bai Yan, have you heard of the Nine Demons Hall?”

“Of course I have. The Nine Demons Hall is the real ruler of a 90 million li radius area and one of the 3 underwater superpowers. How could I not know about it? But why did you mention it, Old Founder?” Bai Yan says doubtfully.

Holding his eyebrow between his forefinger and middle finger, Qingxuan slowly arranges his thoughts then says: “You know, the Nine Demons Hall has told the Great Sh.e.l.l Cave’s master to message me that Cha Hong is already dead and I’ve become the new cave master. Ha-ha, Heaven has helped me. Heaven has helped me! That guardian Liu Xing or something, a brat from some small mountain range, has unexpectedly made an absurd attempt to become cave master without checking if he’s eligible.”

“Now I’ve been appointed by the Nine Demons Hall, I’m legitimate.” Qingxuan suddenly stands up.

The white-clad man bows and waits for his orders.

“Bai Yan, spread the news that I have become the new cave master for me, saying that this is an appointment made by the Nine Demons Hall itself and that Liu Xing is illegitimate.” Qingxuan’s l.u.s.trous green eyes radiate viciousness. “Disturbance, disturbance, cause a disturbance for me, those rebellious fellas. I want to plunge the Blood-red Ridge into absolute chaos and blood splattered everywhere. When the time is right, I’ll reappear and put everything back in order at one stroke.”

Bai Yan immediately bows: “Old Founder is really brilliant.”

In the Blood-red Cave,

“Ha-ha, Xiao Hei, you rushed to here from the ravine but didn’t even tell me about this. I really got a pleasant surprise …” Qin Yu laughs out loud. At the moment, the 3 brothers, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, are drinking wine in a building in the northern part.

Hei Yu stretches his wing and sweeps a cup up with his energy. He then drinks all the wine in it.

“Ha-ha, Fei Fei, I heard that you’re 2nd master. How is this possible? When we were in the ravine, we didn’t decide who ranked higher and who lower. How about this? I’ll be 2nd master and you’ll be 3rd master.” Hei Yu says to Hou Fei through his holy sense.

Hou Fei, who is happily drinking wine, immediately gives a glare when he hears this: “d.a.m.n you. What did you just say? I always listen to Master’s words. At that time he told me to call Qin Yu big brother so I accepted this. Now you hairy bird also want to be one up on me? Dream on!”

He has never dared to disobey Uncle Lan’s orders.

“You hairy bird, Master never told me to call you 2nd brother.” Hou Fei says haughtily.

Hei Yu is furious: “Step aside, you monkey. What are you being aggressive for? Uncle Lan didn’t say who the second is or who the third is but he didn’t say you can get one up on me either.” Hei Yu is very proud. He is simply unwilling to yield.

Qin Yu immediately has a headache.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei already fought each other before when they were staying in the ravine. Both of them wanted to be one up on each other.

Because Hou Fei is stubborn and Hei Yu is proud, they do not easily admire someone. Hei Yu has been following Qin Yu since he was little so naturally he listens to Qin Yu. As for Hou Fei, he calls Qin Yu big brother due to Uncle Lan’s order. But only now, when Qin Yu has made quick improvements in power, does he approve of Qin Yu.

“All right, don’t quarrel. Neither of you is higher-ranked or lower-ranked than the other. You are equal, okay? As for the 2nd master and 3rd master positions, they are just t.i.tles. Xiao Hei, you weren’t here in the beginning so you should accept your position. All right, don’t argue over this matter anymore.”

Qin Yu has no choice but to say so.

“Humph,” Hei Yu utters a cold humph.

Hou Fei also gives Hei Yu a fierce stare.

Even though these two bicker over their positions, they do not fight over the other matters. The 3 brothers then drink wine and chat excitedly to each other again. They chat nonstop about many things, for example their experiences and their respective fantastic techniques. This drinking session lasts for 3 whole days and is very enjoyable.

The life of a Xiuzhenist is almost endless so a 3 day long drinking session does not mean anything.

Qin Yu now looks around. There are 6 beautiful ladies-in-waiting standing respectfully behind him. He says with a wave of his hand: “All of you can leave. Don’t let anyone come in.”

“Yes, cave master.” These girls bow and say then leave deferentially.

When the 6 ladies-in-waiting have left, Qin Yu waves his hands, setting up a restrictive spell around the 3 of them, then says mysteriously to Xiao Hei: “Xiao Hei, that lowlife Cha Hong had reached the peak of the early Dongxu stage and was also a blood-red aquatic python so his yuanying has a lot of energy, enough for you to reach the middle Yuanying stage. For the moment, because of your soul, you should stop absorbing at the middle Yuanying stage. Don’t absorb more than that before your soul has made another breakthrough.”

He waves his hand and a purple yuanying floats out. It is none other than Cha Hong’s yuanying.

Xiao Hei does not decline and receives it immediately.

Hei Yu has been Qin Yu’s companion since he was very young so they seem to share everything. It does not matter how valuable a treasure is, to them, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. Hei Yu also knows that Qin Yu has reached the late Meteor stage.

Right at this moment —

“Cave masters, something bad happened.” Zhuang Zhong’s voice rises outside.

Qin Yu knows that Zhuang Zhong will only behave like this in a serious situation. He immediately removes the restrictive spell with a wave of his hand. Zhuang Zhong hurriedly rushes in from outside and says respectfully: “My 3 cave masters, word has spread through the Blood-red Ridge that 1st master’s position is illegitimate and that the Nine Demons Hall has appointed the old turtle Qingxuan as the new cave master directly. These rumors have made everyone in the Blood-red Ridge anxious and severely dented our Blood-red Cave’s reputation. Quite a few formidable Xiuyaoists don’t even listen to our orders anymore.”

The faces of Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu change color at once.

However, Qin Yu does not know that this is a test that Di Jian and his 2 brothers have given him.

End of b6c3.


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