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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 20: Rich and Overbearing

The spiraling vortex in the sky ceaselessly spun as the surrounding area occasionally changed colors between blue, violet, black, and white… The area surrounding the spiral changed into all kinds of colors, at the same time, the s.p.a.ce unceasingly released violent quaking motions.

The spatial quakes were strong, causing a terrifying state.

Led by Reverend Ming Liang, thousands of 6th tribulation loose immortals lined up in two rows to greet him. Below, Fang Que and Zong Jue appeared unwell, only coldly staring at the channel in the sky.

The quakes became more and more powerful—

*Tsss* (嘶吕) A deep sound began resonating throughout heaven and earth, the spiraling vortex began to disintegrate. A white channel appeared. One could only see a radiating light coming from the white channel as fire and earth poured out, the speed was indeed rapid, to the extent that the friction caused sparks to fly.

After a moment, that radiating light diminished becoming the image of a person.

“Phew, that s.p.a.ce channel really was quite dangerous.” The figure let out a sigh until he looked below himself.

“This junior is Qing Xu Temple’s Ming Liang, I am honored to greet the Immortal Realm Emissary.” Reverend Ming Liang was the first to speak.

That dense Immortal aura, the arrival via pa.s.sing through a spatial channel, and the new from the 9th floor of the Heavenly Palace. All of this pointed towards the fact that the man in front of them was in fact the emissary sent by the Immortal Realm.

“Oh, you are Ming Liang.” The Immortal Realm Emissary looked handsome, he had two long locks of hair coming from his temples, and carried an Immortal sword.

Qin Yu who was watching this from below was absolutely unconvinced.

Why would the Immortal not store the sword within his body? Instead he carries it on his body.

Qin Yu simply did not know that this was the difference between Sword Immortals and a typical Immortal. A typical Immortal has a flying sword, and Sword Immortals have their Immortal sword. A typical Immortal would store their flying sword within their body and a sword Immortal would carry theirs. But, Sword Immortals not only have an Immortal sword, at the same time they also have a jianying (which is equivalent an Immortal’s yuanying).

“This junior is in fact Ming Liang.” Reverend Ming Liang respectfully said.

The Immortal Realm Emissary nodded his head and smiled, saying, “I am the Sword Immortal Hua Yan. You may call me Senior Hua Yan. When you acquired the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, his majesty Sovereign Yu was extremely happy, and even allowed me to heavily reward you. Right, about the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, can you hand it over to me?”

Reverend Ming Liang looked bitter, “Senior Hua Yan, half a day ago, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram was still in my hands.”

After hearing this sentence, Sword Immortal Hua Yan’s colors completely changed, but he still did not interrupt.

“It was only a little while ago, Zong Jue of the Chaotic Astral Ocean and the Dragon Clan’s Clan Leader Fang Tian combined forces to destroy my Qing Xu Temple’s Ten Development Illusionary Formation. After that, a mysterious Sword Immortal Lan Feng appeared and directly took away the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. I, Ming Liang, am just too weak. I never even had a chance to fight back and could only be manipulated by them no matter what.”

Once Ming Liang said ‘could only be manipulated by them no matter what’. His heart was filled with bitterness.

Leading the loose immortals as their number one expert, Reverend Ming Liang’s status was something to be respected. However, in the face of two unrivaled experts, even he, Ming Liang, could not resist in the slightest.

“The Sword Immortal Lan Feng?” Hua Yan faintly furrowed his brow. At the same moment, he used his Holy Sense to sweep the entire area below him.

“Ah… you really can’t be blamed, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon and the Golden-Winged Great Peng are both Superior Divine Beasts. In the Demon Realm, both of them are extremely n.o.ble existences. Even though you are all of the 12th tribulation level, their power is far stronger than yours. As for Sword Immortal Lan Feng, where is he?”

For Hua Yan, seeing Zong Jue and Fang Tian was only slightly intriguing and nothing more. He really did not care too much.

“Sword Immortal Lan Feng only just now s.n.a.t.c.hed the Heaven-Sundering Diagram and left.” Reverend Ming Liang respectfully said.

“He was capable of s.n.a.t.c.hing the Heaven-Sundering Diagram in the presence of two Superior Divine Beasts?” Hua Yan felt a bit of disbelief.

Reverend Ming Liang responds, “Senior Hua Yan. That Sword Immortal Lan Feng was not like any ordinary expert, he is already a level 1 Golden Immortal. His strength was something that the combined efforts of both Zong Jue and Fang Tian may not be able to overcome.” Reverend Ming Liang clearly remembered the conversation that Qin Yu’s Sword Immortal puppet was having with Fang Tian and Zong Jue.

“Impossible!” Hua Yan’s color changes.

“Golden Immortal absolutely could not be in the Mortal Realm!” Hua Yan’s appeared extremely distressed.

Reverend Ming Liang continues, “But his strength really was excessively powerful, even those two powerful experts Zong Jue and Fang Tian had to defer to him. Furthermore, that Sword Immortal Lan Feng also said that he has a martial brother.”

Hua Yan did not speak and only pondered.

Hua Yan, himself, is only a level 1 Golden Immortal.

To break through the barrier between two realms, a temporary channel must first be formed, which is normally an impossible task. However, Sovereign Yu invited his allies, together, they created the channel. This channel’s maximum capacity only allowed one level one Golden Immortal to pa.s.s through. Hua Yan is an elite disciple amongst Sovereign Yu’s subordinates who was sent to descend to the Mortal Realm.

Although Hua Yan is considered weak in the Immortal Realm, he was cla.s.sified as someone who is important to be cultivated.

Just like if Fang Tian ascended to the Demon Realm, his power would only be that of a level 1 Demon Lord, but still, he would be one of the important cultivation prospects of the Dragon Clan. His status would be above the typical Mystic Immortal’s. Although Hua Yan was not exactly powerful, he was still a person of high status.

“That is a Sword Immortal, even more so, a level 1 Golden Immortal! Could it possibly be… another Immortal Realm power’s expert or is it Emperor Qing’s ‘Ten Thousand Ancient Eternal Sceneries’ (万古长景) expert?” Hua Yan thought to himself.

There are many Immortal Realm Immortal Emperor level experts, many level 8 Mystic Immortals, and a few level 9 Mystic Immortals. In his time, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was a highest level Immortal Emperor. Although Sovereign Yu is also one of the Immortal Emperors from the past, at the same time, there are still Immortal Emperors who are more powerful than Sovereign Yu.

After a moment of thought, Hua Yan did not continue to give it more thought.

“Ming Liang, you really can’t be blamed. However, you have worked hard for Sovereign Yu, we have all seen that. I bestow upon you the ‘Star Point’ top-grade Immortal sword. This top-grade Immortal sword ‘Star Point’ used to be the weapon of the Immortal Realm senior who created the ‘Star Point Technique’, it should be utmost fitting for you.”

A gorgeous Immortal sword floated over Hua Yan’s palm, at this moment, Hua Yan removed his blood contract with the sword.

Storage of a top-grade Immortal sword requires a top grade Immortal grade spatial ring, these types of rings were just too precious. Even Sovereign Yu only possesses one of those rings. Hua Yan only had a high-grade spatial ring. He could only use a blood contract in order to safeguard the Immortal sword.

Storage types were very rare. Even if it was a high-grade Immortal grade spatial ring, it should still be able to store a typical top grade Immortal sword. (TL: Questionable first sentence)

“Ah.” Reverend Ming Liang s.h.i.+vered.

Top grade Immortal sword!

Right from the get-go, it was a top grade Immortal sword!

“Junior thanks Sovereign Yu and Senior Hua Yan for the gift.” Says Reverend Ming Liang as his trembling hands receive the top grade Immortal sword.

From below, Qin Yu let out a cold breath.

“Such a large expenditure, a top grade Immortal sword right from the very beginning!” Qin Yu ultimately only gained a middle-grade Immortal item after a life and death struggle to get to the Treasure-Storing Tower, of course his Lord of Black Flame Ring was a high-grade Immortal item. Its 2 supportive functions and its rarity as a spatial ring made it much more precious than a top grade Immortal item. (TL: If there’s ever a chunk that is near impossible for me to translate, this chunk is that chunk. I literally need help on this chunk)

Both Zong Jue and Fang Tian were left dumbstruck.

Top grade Immortal weapon?

The Mortal Realm naturally did not have any of the necessary means to manufacture a treasure on the level of a top grade Immortal weapon.

The Dragon Clan’s Leader Fang Tian’s personal weapon was only a middle-grade Devil weapon. If he used the Dragon Clan’s treasure the Heritage Pearl, he estimates that he would barely be able to compare with a top grade Immortal weapon. However, usage of the Heritage Pearl would only be an option in a life or death situation.

Zong Jue’s weapon was also a middle-grade Immortal weapon. Luckily he had obtained a treasure from Senior Lan. That treasure was also Zong Jue’s last resort.

“Zong Jue, this Immortal Realm Emissary, from what they have said, he must be the Immortal Realm Sovereign Yu’s subordinate. An expert of the level of Sovereign Yu would naturally not care too much about a top grade Immortal weapon. Although this Immortal Realm Emissary’s personal strength is not that high, he must have plenty of treasures.” Fang Tian exclaimed.

Hua Yan’s personal strength is that of a level 1 Golden Immortal.

However, there are so many treasures on Hua Yan’s body, to the point that it is truly astonis.h.i.+ng.

Even in the Immortal Realm, a typical Mystic Immortal’s treasures could not compare to the current Hua Yan. This is because for Hua Yan’s descent, that Immortal Realm Sovereign Yu spent a large amount of resources (下了大手笔).

Zong Jue’s eyes glistened gold, “Fang Que, look at the armor that Sword Immortal is wearing.”

Fang Tian also carefully looked. For a brief moment, Fang Tian’s eyes widened, “High grade Immortal item? Or is it a top grade Immortal item?”

The Immortal Realm Emissary truly had many treasures.

Not only did he have a good weapon, he also wore the best possible armor.

Defensive Immortal items were relatively harder to refine compared to offensive Immortal items. Storage type Immortal items, however, were much harder to refine than defensive Immortal items. And for those Immortal items that have special functions, those are even rarer.

As for the Lord of Black Flame Ring, it inherently was a high-grade Immortal storage item, which is already quite incredible. However, it also has two special function which makes it even more precious.

“Senior Hua Yan, this is my martial Junior Ming Shan, this is Xue Yu Yang, this person is Reverend Chi Yang, and this individual is Reverend Lan Bing. They are all 11th tribulation loose immortals.” Reverend Ming Liang was currently reporting some information to Sword Immortal Hua Yan.

Hua Yan looked at the four 11th tribulation loose immortals in front of him.

Although to him, 11th tribulation loose immortals mean nothing, he was currently the only one to descend to the Mortal Realm. At this time, he could only utilize these people.

“Great. Your loyalty to Sovereign Yu will be rewarded. Here are four high-grade Immortal swords for you gentlemen.” Hua Yan takes out four high-grade Immortal words from out of thin air. These four swords were taken directly from Hua Yan’s spatial ring.

Reverend Ming Shan, Xue Yu Yang, Reverend Chi Yang, and Reverend Lan Bing were all immensely surprised.

High grade Immortal weapons?

Finally the four calmed down a bit, each one was trembling as they received the Immortal sword.

“Gentlemen, you are all loyal to his majesty Sovereign Yu and have performed great services to him. His majesty Sovereign Yu is absolutely not stingy with his rewards. I, Hua Yan, declare, if anyone is capable of obtaining the Heaven-Sundering Diagram and hands it to me, I will, on behalf of his majesty Sovereign Yu, bestow upon you a set of top grade Immortal armor.

Hua Yan’s loud voice resonated throughout heaven and earth.

A set of top grade Immortal armor?

“Truly rich and overbearing.” Zong Jue furrowed his brow. Fang Tian also bitterly smiled.

No matter how powerful they were, they were only inhabitants of the Mortal Realm, they had no way of comparing with Hua Yan. Hua Yan’s backer was none other than the Immortal Realm’s Sovereign Yu. Ten or so top grade Immortal weapons were nothing to and expert of Sovereign Yu’s level.

A person’s inherent power was very important, however a person’s weapon was also extremely important.

For example, Hua Yan.

Having a top grade Immortal sword, top grade Immortal battle armor, various Immortal elixirs, and a set of powerful protective seals, simply relying on external peripherals, one could exponentially increase their fighting strength.

“If he is capable of offering a top grade Immortal battle armor as a reward, he definitely must have one of his own.” Fang Tian bitterly smiled. “Zong Jue, a level one Golden Immortal with a top grade Immortal sword for offense and a top grade Immortal battle armor for defense, not to mention his other treasures, do you have any plans to deal with him?”

Zong Jue was silent for a moment, then said, “If, I had the same weapon as him, the same armor as him, I would be able to compare with him.”

Hearing what Zong Jue said, Fang Tian also felt helpless.

In terms of personal strength, they were not weaker than this opponent, however this opponent’s equipment was just too powerful.


Hua Yan cast his eyes on Fang Tian and Zong Jue, in an instant, he had arrived in front of the two.

“Fang Tian? Zong Jue?” Hua Yan smiled.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue both nodded their heads. Fang Que says, “I wonder what matter Sword Immortal Hua Yan wishes to discuss.”

Superior Divine Beast?

Others would not dare offend them. But who is Hua Yan exactly? He is Sovereign Yu’s subordinate, an individual valued for cultivation. To be able to be sent to attend to such important matters is a testament to how much value Sovereign Yu has in Sword Immortal Hua Yan.

“What matters? Qing Xu Temple is on the side of the Immortals. Why did you two destroy the Ten Development Illusionary Formation?” Hua Yan’s smile fades into a cold appearance.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue both faintly closed their eyes, releasing a cold light.


Standing behind Fang Tian, Qin Yu was observing the situation the entire time. From time to time, he would communicate with his brothers using holy sense. Regardless of what happens, Zong Jue and Fang Tian were there to be used as s.h.i.+elds. The three brothers did not worry one bit.

Hou Fei says through holy sense, “Big brother, that Hua Yan really is rich and overbearing. An offensive Immortal weapon, a defense Immortal armor, and a spatial ring. He’s basically like a mobile treasure trove. From the looks of it, he must also have various Immortal elixirs from the Immortal Realm.”

Qin Yu laughed. Now, Hua Yan had already arrived in front of Zong Jue and Fang Tian and had begun to ask questions.

“Big brother, I have a feeling that that Hua Yan is about to make his move.” Hei Yu’s voice arises in Qin Yu and Hou Fei’s minds.

Qin Yu agreed, “That Hua Yan already knows Fang Tian and Zong Jue’s ident.i.ties, knowing that those two are the Mortal Realm’s unrivaled experts, as he had just arrived in the Mortal Realm, he needs to first establish his power. The best way to do this would be to defeat both Fang Tian and Zong Jue.”

To establish one’s power, finding and defeating the strongest is the best way.

However, the situation did not play out as Qin Yu and his brothers expected.

“Sword Immortal Hua Yan, what is the meaning of this? Does the affairs and fights of the Mortal Realm need to be managed by you? I do not see eye to eye with the Qing Xu Temple so I destroyed their Ten Development Illusionary Formation, and what? Could it be that Sword Immortal Hua Yan right after descending to our realm wants to use me to demonstrate your power?” Zong Jue coldly said.

At this moment, Zong Jue showed no signs of weakness.

“However, Sword Immortal Hua Yan, people must know their own limits. Demonstrating your power is not wrong, however, it’s a pity you’ve picked the wrong target.” Zong Jue’s pupils turned gold in an instant, his imposing manner became berserk, and the trace of a condescending, proud smile could be seen at the corner of his mouth.

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