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Chapter 291 – Evil Invitation: Opportunity

On one particular day, Vincent and Irene, who looked like a young couple in the eyes of the outside world, did not leave the house separately. Instead, they left their new home together and walked towards the Arena of Life and Death.

It was the seventh day of the a.s.sa.s.sination battle between the Feathered Monster Race and the Bards. The capital of Ultimate Evil was in complete chaos. Every day, dead Feathered Monsters and Bards could be seen on the streets.

For some unknown reason, the number of casualties among the Feathered Monsters had decreased significantly in the past few days. Meanwhile, the number of casualties among the Bard Race had started to increase by a terrifying amount.

The Ultimate Evil Lord, who had not expressed his stance on the chaos, suddenly sent someone to invite Vincent and Irene to the Arena of Life and Death. He wanted to discuss the matter.

Vincent and Irene did not know that they were going over for this purpose, but they could roughly guess that the Ultimate Evil Lord wanted to mediate the war between the two sides.

Irene held Vincent’s arm and asked softly, “Later, if the evil lord wants us to think of a way, what should we do?”

“Tell him the truth! If there’s a way, we’ll definitely think of a solution. If there’s no way, we’ll just shake our heads. In any case, the Feathered Monsters and Bards are already red-eyed with killing. No matter what we do, they won’t be willing to stop!” said Vincent with a smile.

Irene nodded and said, “It’s a pity that no matter how much trouble there is between the two sides, it’s impossible for them to create a bigger commotion in the capital of Ultimate Evil. Now, all the dark crystals in our hands have been used up and replaced with the necessities we need to leave, but the only thing missing is a suitable opportunity!”

Vincent smiled slightly and said, “Don’t be anxious. I believe there will be a chance soon!”

Irene nodded slightly. She knew that Vincent was consoling her, but she also knew that the more critical the moment was, the more she had to learn to be patient. Otherwise, if all their previous efforts went to waste, she and Vincent would have nothing!

After arriving at the top floor of the Arena of Life and Death, Vincent and Irene immediately saw the Ultimate Evil Lord, as well as his face that was filled with unconcealable sorrow.

The Ultimate Evil Lord looked at the smiling Vincent and Irene, and said weakly, “You’re here!”

Vincent and Irene looked at each other and nodded blankly.

The Ultimate Evil Lord rubbed his head lightly as he said, “Now that the capital of Ultimate Evil is in such a mess, what do you think?”

Vincent and Irene looked at each other again and then shook their heads in tacit understanding.

The Ultimate Evil Lord looked at them with a displeased look and asked, “Huh? What do you mean?”

Irene took the lead and said, “I’m in charge of the Arena of Life and Death. The compet.i.tion schedule has been arranged for the past few days, and the audience’s feedback has also improved. There’s no chaos, right?”

Vincent also said, “Recently, the arena has also received some partic.i.p.ants sent by the scavengers. I’ve already arranged it properly and made an evaluation based on their actual combat level. I’ve handed it to Irene as a reference to arrange the compet.i.tions. The operation of the Arena of Life and Death is now thriving. There’s no problem at all! Could it be that there was a hidden danger that we had not yet discovered?”

The two people in front of the Ultimate Evil Lord looked at each other blankly. They sounded like they wanted credit from him. The evil lord could not help but feel even more helpless. He shook his head and sighed, “You two are in charge of the Arena of Life and Death, so of course it won’t be chaotic! I’m asking about the chaotic situation in the capital of Ultimate Evil. Right now, the Feathered Monsters and the Bards have engaged in a fierce battle, and both sides have suffered heavy casualties. Didn’t you see it?”

Vincent and Irene looked at each other again. They sighed in sudden realization.

“Oh! I was wondering why there were so many corpses on the streets recently… So it was Kaeger and Marcus who were fighting! However, I’ve seen the hatred between them with my own eyes. It’s understandable that they’re fighting each other now!”

The Ultimate Evil Lord snorted coldly and slammed the table. He emphasized, “What do you mean by it’s understandable? If we let them continue their fight, the other races in the capital of Ultimate Evil will be implicated sooner or later. When that time comes, the entire capital of Ultimate Evil will be in chaos, and the destruction will only be in an instant!”

Vincent spread his hands helplessly. He smiled bitterly and said, “Then what can I do about this? They are all high-ranking n.o.bles who are high up in the world. They are powerful beings who control an entire region. It is not a big deal to get along with them normally but if I really want to stop them during a critical moment, I’m afraid I won’t be able to! Speaking of which, isn’t the conflict between them because the parties invaded each other’s business? I think you should return their respective businesses to them. Who knows, maybe you might be able to resolve this conflict!”


When the Ultimate Evil Lord heard what Vincent had said, his eyes were obviously bloodshot. He said helplessly, “Yesterday, I had already returned their respective businesses. However, they clearly do not have the mood to manage their businesses at this time. They are still in a heated battle. Last night, the most tragic battle in the past seven days broke out. I heard that even Kaeger and Marcus have joined the battle!”

When Vincent heard that, he quickly frowned and said, “It’s so intense, but they have been operating in the capital for a long time. How could they be so impatient and directly shed all pretense of cordiality with the other party?”

The Ultimate Evil Lord nodded and said, “This is exactly what I haven’t understood. That’s why I called you over. You have interacted with Marcus and Kaeger before, so go and inquire about their respective situations. See if you can take the opportunity to mediate this fight. If you can do it, I’ll hand over a part of Marcus and Kaeger’s businesses to you. I believe they shouldn’t have so much resistance against you!”

When Vincent heard this, he instantly felt that an opportunity had come. He nodded and replied, “Alright! Then I’ll give it a try. But I can’t guarantee that they’ll be willing to listen to me!”

The Ultimate Evil Lord closed his eyes and let out a long sigh.

“Go. If they really aren’t willing to listen to your advice, then I can only take back all their businesses and give it all to someone who is more obedient. It’ll just be a little troublesome!”

After seeing that the Ultimate Evil Lord had already thought of replacing Kaeger and Marcus, Vincent knew that this chaotic situation had reached its peak. Without any further hesitation, he turned around and walked out of the Arena of Life and Death.

So long as he could mediate the fight between them, Vincent could take the opportunity to interfere in their business. At that time, he would have an excuse to leave the capital.

If he did not stop Kaeger and Marcus and the evil lord gave the opportunity for other races to accept their businesses, then everything Vincent had worked so hard for would be in vain!

While he was thinking, Vincent had already arrived in front of the Feathered Monsters’ stronghold. Based on the battle situation for the past few days, Kaeger should be the one with the advantage. Therefore, it should be relatively easier to persuade him.

As long as Kaeger stopped first, Marcus would be a breeze to deal with.


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