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Chapter 173: The Chip Reactivates [Part 1]

Outside of this grade one prison planet on board Lung’s s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, the gray cat had lost all mood to teach the little h.e.l.lhound fellow to talk. Right now, unusual impatience was the only thing it was feeling as it paced back and forth repeatedly on top of the table of the control room.

The little h.e.l.lhound fellow laid on top of a chair and stared wide eyed at the pacing gray cat. It did not know what happened, but it could feel the anxiety emanating from the little cat. Therefore, it obediently laid where it was and said nothing. If it didn’t act tactfully then it would probably provoke a merciless paw strike.

The gray cat had slapped it often with its claw while teaching it to recognise words when the little fellow’s performance wasn’t enough to satisfy the gray cat. The good news was that the little h.e.l.lhound fellow had good IQ and fast learning capability, and the effects of education under its paws were rather good. But just now, the gray cat had suddenly lost the mood to teach and charged to the control room instead, pacing back and forth.

Something bad happened. Something bad must have happened!

Lung did not close off the control room, allowing the gray cat to enter and exit as he wished. Plus, there was a large group of robots here, so Lung wasn’t worried if anything would happen here.

After walking around in circles for a while, the gray cat came to a pause and seemed to have made up its mind about something. It then crouched down and faced towards the control panel.

The cat’s eyes began to turn green, and unlike the kind of green present in the little h.e.l.lhound fellow’s eyes, the green color in the cat’s eyes was like a pair of bright green lights in darkness. There was also some near indiscernible twitches that looked like a combination of codes and programs.

As the green in the cat’s eyes appeared, the b.u.t.tons on the control panel before the cat began to flash. An image jumped into in the display as the picture of the planet grew larger, and larger, and larger…

The gray cat’s whiskers trembled once when it saw the prison that was devastated beyond recognition. Then, it continued to zoom in the image as it began its search by performing deep scans and life detection.

But what disappointed the gray cat was that there were corpses everywhere inside the prison, and most of them were deformed. There were convicts and prison guards among the bodies, and judging from the prison’s degree of destruction, it wasn’t just caused by mere explosives. Moreover, judging from the wounds on the dead people, they were killed by a group of very powerful people, but these people were absolutely not Lung and Cillin. The gray cat knew Cillin very well, and it could see from the wounds that it was not done by Cillin.

Different images flashed across every display in the control room almost instantly, but the gray cat looked incredibly serious as it watched the displays. If someone had seen this scene, they would definitely have suspected that it was just pretending.

Not far away, the two robot beauties were looking at the situation going on in the control room. They were still wearing perfect smiles on their faces, but their eyes were flas.h.i.+ng just the same as they recorded everything happening in the scene before them.

The gray cat knew about the robots’ surveillance but did not stop them. It did not have the heart to stop them now anyway. It had lost contact with Lung and Cillin.

Both Lung and Cillin had brought with them an emergency contact device before departure, and they had the Andrea Family’s latest GPS system too, but now…


The gray cat finally found a GPS coordinate, but it did not know why its signal was so incredibly weak. Although the signal was very weak, the gray cat knew that it belonged to Lung. Moreover, looking at the signal reflection and movements of the coordinate, it would seem that Lung was still alive. However, Cillin still could not be found, and there were no GPS signal reaction anywhere.

The reason it could detect Lung’s position but not contact him was probably because the contact device on Lung was broken.

It was at this moment the gray cat noticed that some s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps and s.p.a.ceplanes were flying towards the planet. They did not belong to the government but the native forces of Sector S. Every s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and every s.p.a.ceplane had a logo on it, and one of them was the ‘Flying Snake’s’ logo.

Right now, the forces were not causing each other trouble, and they did not have the heart to pay old grudges any mind.They too had noticed the crisis of chaos in Sector S. Previously, they had thought that as long as the forces of foreign Sectors kept out of their own Sector’s business, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to turn a blind eye and even cooperate with them when the necessity arised. However, the events on this planet had exceeded their predicted development.

One whole prison, hundreds of thousand of convicts, and tens of thousands of prison guards. Less than a hundredth people managed to escape the place alive, and the high defense prison system was almost completely paralysed. The defense system’s weapons system was destroyed before it barely managed to put in any effect at all, and the special made prison walls and pa.s.sages were destroyed beyond recognition.

This was just a mere grade one prison. It should not have been infiltrated by foreign forces, but it had suffered such serious damages all the same. What about the other high grade prisons? If every prison planet in Sector S was to suffer such heavy losses, then how much of an impact would it bring to the native forces? At the very least, they would feel like there was a fish bone in their throats that had to be removed.

All monitoring devices within the prison were destroyed, and all monitoring records were obliterated without any chance of recovery. The barrels of the cannons of the defense system were either broken in half or melted by high temperature. Even if there were prison guards who wanted to reactivate the weapons system in this area, the weapons would not be able to play a role.

But how could the weapons of the prison’s defense system possibly be twisted and melted so easily? Who was the one who had done all this? Regardless of whether these invaders had relied on their own abilities or used special weapons to do this, it all pointed towards the fact that they had come prepared.

All the forces in Sector S could no longer be bothered by their internal strife when faced against a prepared, unknown force. They were now united against a common enemy.

The higher ups had ordered ‘Flying Snake’ and ‘Mad Owl’s’ men to put down their strife for now and make clear the situation as soon as possible. The higher ups would be sending some men to help them.

While Qi Geyou was leading his man and fighting against ‘Mad Owl’, readying himself for one final sweep, he suddenly obtained the news from the prison and the order from his higher ups to cease fire at the same time. This wasn’t a suggestion but an order, said the old men from above who had done nothing to help with their internal affairs in recent years. Qi Geyou might be reluctant, but he had to obey all the same. Qi Geyou too felt that something exceptionally serious must have happened at the prison, and when he connected this order with the news delivered by Cillin earlier, he immediately called for his subordinates to stop whatever they were doing and led his men to prison planet.

Since Cillin had sent delivered them a message earlier stating that there were unknown forces inside the prison, and that they were so strong that they had attacked even the prison guards, Qi Geyou immediately called to everyone inside the prison to be cautious and to evacuate the second they spotted something abnormal just to be on the safe side. This was also the main reason why ‘Flying Snake’ had managed to evacuate the most men out of the prison.

After arriving at the planet, Qi Geyou inquired about the situation for a bit. The alert zone was nothing but a mere t.i.tle right now, and there were all sorts of forces searching for survivors inside the prison.

Qi Geyou then asked about Cillin and Lung, but no one knew what happened to them. However, it wasn’t long before two ‘Flying Snake’ members carried Lung to him. Lung did not look to be in good condition, but he still had some spirit in him.

“Hey, Little Flying Snake, did you have any news about Cillin?” Lung asked.

Qi Geyou shook his head.

Lung was lifted to the medbay inside the s.p.a.ceplane, but Lung did not allow the medical personnel to perform an overly in-depth inspection. After treating his wounds for a bit, he arrived beside Qi Geyou once more.

After Lung had exited the prison, he didn’t manage to run far before he was knocked out by a strange shockwave. His feet was a little unstable even after he woke up, and when he had requested ‘Flying Snake’s’ men to send him over after he saw them. He was feeling a lot better now though.

Right now Qi Geyou didn’t have much information in hand. The amount of useful information he could get from investigating the interior of the prison was little. Lung sought out some of the rescue situation going on inside the prison, but apparently not a single survivor had been found yet.

Right now, the people around Qi Geyou were busy contacting the people of all places who had arrived at the prison to understand what was going on around here. However, each message they received was more terrifying than the previous one.

Right now Lung was also incredibly annoyed. The camouflage suit he had given Cillin would absolutely give out a return signal if even a tenth of it remained intact, but right now he could not detect any signal at all. Lung believed that Cillin was still alive, however.

Just when Lung and Qi Geyou were discussing the matters inside the prison, the people who were busy communicating around them suddenly discovered that the communicators’ signals had all been severed.

“What’s going on?” Qi Geyou turned around to ask.

“The communication signals are suddenly severed.”

“I can’t get a connection.”

“Same here!”


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