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Chapter 874: Two Women, One Night

Feiyun pondered for a bit before deciding to stay for the feast.

He needed to help the half-demon alliance in Season. The battle palace here and the Li Clan were useful in this regard. With these two top powers as support, the alliance would garner more status.

The atmosphere was cheerful and harmonious. People kept on toasting Feiyun. After several rounds, he was slightly drunk. Jade-rose Wine was quite strong with three thousand years of acc.u.mulated alcohol content.

Eventually, he was completely drunk and brought to a chamber inside a palace filled with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers. A cauldron burned with beast charcoal and a large bath filled with flowers could be seen.

He relaxed in the water, completely surrounded by white vapor.

“No wonder why everyone wants to have status and power. What a difference.” He sobered up a bit and enjoyed the flower fragrances, leaning on the wall of the pool.

Footsteps could be heard then the door was slightly pushed open.

A beauty wearing a blue dress came in. Her white legs were exposed; her black hair draped down her back. She walked closer to the pool.

She had an oval face, fair skin, pretty eyes. The blue dress slowly slid off her figure onto the ground, revealing the enchanting scene beneath – large b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were shaped like a half-bowl, plump and juicy b.u.t.tocks, a waist without any unwanted fat.

The water vapor hid her from sight but this only made people fantasize even more.

Feiyun slightly opened his eyes and asked: “Manager Lan, what are you doing?”

He naturally didn’t know that Bi Ningshuai had messed with him and told the upper echelon of the battle palace to apologize.

They started finding beauties and thought that Lan Wanjing was a good candidate. She was gorgeous and Feiyun seemed to like her.

Her cheeks turned red as she was embarra.s.sed. She entered the bath; her legs shrouded by the water.

“I’m here to serve, Young n.o.ble Feng.” She said softly.

He wasn’t a gentleman who would refuse a gift. It didn’t matter whether she was forced by the old men or she was willing.

Another beauty wearing a red skirt entered afterward. She was around sixteen or seventeen; her facial features were exquisite. Her hair was shaped into two buns; she also wore crescent earrings. In the middle of her head was a lotus flower drawn using cinnabar.

“I am here under my clan master’s order to serve you, Young n.o.ble.” She calmly walked closer and undressed.

She was the Li’s top prodigy in this generation – a historical genius and also the most gorgeous girl in the clan.

Clan Master Li knew that Feiyun was into women thanks to Elder Xu. Thus, in order to protect his clan, he ordered Li Jie’er to come to Feiyun’s room.

For someone who has lived thousands of years, sacrificing one girl for the sake of the clan was no big deal.

Feiyun rubbed his temple and laughed: “Life is so unexpected. Just one month ago, I was a wretched half-demon. Now, beauties from ancient clans are coming to serve me.”

Suddenly, he heard the melody of a pipa, as pleasant as a song from heaven. The source was quite close, maybe right outside the door.

Dongfang Jingyue sat on top of a decorative boulder beneath the moon. Her delicate fingers plucked the strings of the pipa to play a sad song, seemingly expressing grievances. Tears would fall while listening to her song.

The turtle was next to a pond. It said: “Silly girl, it’s useless. Beauties are coming there on their own accord and that half-demon is more than happy to take them. Your song isn’t enough to make him give up.”

Dongfang Jingyue didn’t stop. She showed no emotional fluctuation. The moon rays made her even more transcending, on the verge of ascending at any moment.

Inside the room.

Feiyun listened to the song and took a deep breath. He laughed loudly on purpose and said: “Haha, let’s get started!”

“Splas.h.!.+” He embraced both Lan Wanjing and Li Jie’er at the same time. All three disappeared into the water.

He and Lan Wanjing caused ripples and splashes with their dance. Their actions and sounds painted a romantic scene.

Next was Li Jie’er. He carried her and tossed her onto the bed nearby. She then moaned and begged for mercy. There was also the squeaking of the bed and Feiyun’s boisterous laughter.

Lan Wanjing was eventually brought to the bed and it became a threesome. He spread her legs for the second time and penetrated her tight, soft, and moist figure.

The song they were making was awfully debaucherous.

He had no idea when he fell asleep. When he woke up again, he saw two beauties laying next to him. One was a beauty with a s.e.xy figure; the other was cute and elegant.

‘What did I do last night?’ The events last night slowly resurfaced in his mind.

This was truly crazy, two at the same time. He thought that his demonic blood had awakened.

He hurriedly sat up and checked the blood coursing through his veins. Everything was normal.

‘So this has nothing to do with the demonic blood, just a man’s instinct?’ He then turned towards the two beauties in the blanket.

After the merciless session last night, they pa.s.sed out and were still deep asleep from fatigue like two little lambs.

He didn’t think he had gone overboard. They came on their own accord. Plus, if he didn’t do it, another man would take them eventually.

One shouldn’t worry or be restrained by these trivial matters.

The path of cultivation was long and boring. If one had to suppress their desires and be devoid of joys, what was the point of cultivation?

For example, Xiao Tianyue had more than a hundred wives and concubines, dozens of whom were historical geniuses.

He certainly slept with countless other women without giving them official status. Thus, Feiyun had a long way to go.

He should just go with the flow in life. No need to live in a shackled manner.

‘I think I heard a pipa last night.’ He fixed the blanket and covered them up better.

He then came outside and saw a turtle looking at him. It said: “Dongfang Jingyue left.”

“Obviously, why would she stay?” He touched his nose before heading for another palace.

He kicked the door open and pulled out Bi Ningshuai who was in bed with two pretty girls.

“Feng Feiyun, what are you doing?! If you dare to tell Honglian about this, we’ll become enemies from now on.” Ningshuai was still wrapped in a blanket as he was tossed onto the ground.

“Mind telling me what you told the people here?” Feiyun asked.

Ningshuai thought about the matters yesterday and got back up. His eyes lit up as he laughed: “Haha! Did they really give you a beauty last night?“Keke.”

“Oh? Two? How lucky. You should be thanking me, haha!” Bi Ningshuai kept the blanket wrapped around himself before patting Feiyun’s shoulder.

“I have a child.” Feiyun suddenly changed the topic.

“What?!” Ningshuai’s eyes became wide open; his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. “They got pregnant last night already? Can it be that fast?!”

“Not them.”

“Who then? Dongfang Jingyue? Long Luofu? s.h.i.+t, it’s really Long Luofu?! You’re finished, man. Let me give you a piece of advice, just dump Luofu. A good man can’t be tied to a woman or a child or you’ll miss out on so much. The saintesses from the grottos are waiting at you, the top beauties from the city and factions are still virgins! Do you want to let them stay as virgins for the rest of their life?” Ningshuai began poisoning him.

“I’ll be going to the Myriad-race Battlefield soon.”

“Good idea, I knew you are a real man. Okay, so dump Luofu first then run away. She won’t be able to find you on the battlefield. Brother, it’s fine, great men all have illegitimate children. In fact, the number of illegitimate children is a measure of a man’s success. You can’t handle someone like Long Luofu. If you pick her, she won’t let you have anyone else.” Ningshuai said.

“I’ll take her with me.”

“?????!” Ningshuai stood in a daze.

“Find me a top formation master that is absolutely trustworthy. I want to fix the path to Heavenly Kingdom before going to the battlefield.” Feiyun said.

Bi Ningshuai sighed and shook his head, thinking that Feiyun was stupid. Alas, he couldn’t do anything about it. Everyone had their own aspiration.

He was quite effective and found a formation master right away – his maternal grandfather who just happened to be on a training trip to Crimson, meeting some friends along the way. He was a top cultivator and only needed one day to travel through the portals to reach Season.


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