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Feng Feiyun was indeed grievously injured with blood everywhere. He paid a great price in order to kill Chen Mojin and the old protector.

These two were big shots, not that easily killed like some random ruffians.

“Can you still fight, Yi Zhenfeng?”

Wu Yangsheng stared at Feiyun while riding his beast diagram. A bright radiance exuded from him. Suddenly, a fiery sun flew out from his forehead. The area around him began to burn with a great force.

The three corpses also looked up at the sky and roared. They sucked in energy and became engulfed with corpse power, looking just like three blood-stained devils from h.e.l.l.

“Why can’t I?” Feiyun looked as fierce as before while looking at them with disdain.

He wrestled with one corpse in the sky, issuing loud explosions. It was as if he was smacking a large mountain.

After nine consecutive exchanges, he successfully ripped out its arm and clawed its corpse palace out with his bare hand before crus.h.i.+ng it. The corpse immediately cracked and disintegrated into dust.

“Boom!” Wu Yangsheng’s fiery sun struck Feiyun’s chest, pus.h.i.+ng him backward.

His internal organs churned chaotically due to the increased temperature, nearly on the verge of exploding.

“He survived?!” Wu Yangsheng was shocked. That move earlier was strong enough to break a mountain range or split a great lake. Just how tough was his body?

Feiyun stabilized his stance as evil energy oozed out. Black clouds appeared behind him.

‘Feng Feiyun, I can lend you my power for free this time, yes?’ Yama’s voice emerged.

“Scram!” Feiyun shouted before heading towards Wu Yangsheng with a calm and ready pace.

The old man owed him a favor for refining the left hand into his body and wanted to get even. However, Feiyun didn’t agree because this wasn’t dangerous enough to borrow external power.

It needed to be used against someone far above his level, not now.

Feiyun had killed three and scared off one out of seven. There was no reason to be afraid.

Wu Yangsheng clearly had the advantage at the moment but fear surfaced in his mind. Nevertheless, he erased it because his mind was firmer than Li Xingtian. They have done so much to get to this point, how could they back off now?

Their names would go down in history by killing Yi Zhenfeng. His eight-beast diagram condensed again and turned into a majestic sky. It shot down a blinding radiance.

Feiyun’s speed had returned after taking down the “Sun and Moon” technique. He was faster than a meteor as he rushed over and ripped Wu Yangshen’s left arm off its socket.

“Ahh!” Wu Yangsheng shrieked from the pain, feeling blood gus.h.i.+ng out of his shoulder. A sharp pain coursed through his entire body.

“Boom!” Feiyun threw the guy dozens of miles away, crus.h.i.+ng numerous walls in the process. Even the Buddhist runes left behind couldn’t stop this force.

He was also struck by the eight-beast diagrams on his back and got blown flying through the shrine’s wall. His spine was visible now with all the flesh gone.

It has been a while since he suffered such heavy damage. Nevertheless, his mental state was still quite good.

Forcing himself to the brink of death would result in an increase in cultivation after a full recovery if he were lucky enough to survive, that is.

He started seeing black and needed to bite his tongue to stop himself from becoming unconscious. He saw a s.h.i.+ny head in front of him.

There was one person with a s.h.i.+ny head in this shrine – Monk Zhi Zang. [1]

“Have… you… recovered yet?” Feiyun propped himself up with both hands and sat down.

The monk nodded and maintained a dignified expression. His eyes were bright; the same with his golden Buddhist aura. It looked like a Buddha was here in person.

He smiled and said: “Amitabha… it is thanks to your pill.”

Feiyun saw the monk’s expression and knew that the guy had figured out his ident.i.ty and cultivation scripture. Of course, Feiyun wasn’t afraid of this or he wouldn’t have given the monk that pill in the first place.

“Then what the h.e.l.l are you standing here for, go outside and start killing already.” Feiyun commanded.

“Amitabha. Calm down, calm down, I’m going.” The monk was surprised at the tone but had enough patience.

He stood up and put on a round hat with black cloth draping down in order to hide his ident.i.ty.

Feiyun started wondering – why was the monk so cautious? It was one thing to s.h.i.+eld his ident.i.ty outside but why in this place? Or, he didn’t want someone in the ruins to know his ident.i.ty?

Feiyun was right – the monk was indeed worrying about a guardian in this place, not wanting this person to know that he was here.

Of course, Feiyun didn’t care too much. The only thing that mattered to him right now was the item inside the great hall.


“Yi Zhenfeng finally lost!”

“Obviously, not to mention Yi Zhenfeng, even a Paramount Giant would lose against those seven.”

“It’s impressive enough already. Three dead and one crippled, Yi Zhenfeng has made a name for himself in Jin despite dying. Many people will remember the t.i.tle Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng.”

Meanwhile, the Violetsea Monarch stood on top of a paG.o.da with a murderous flash in his eyes: “Everyone thinks Feng Feiyun is still trapped in Bronze Cauldron, even the heretical king. Not I, that’s definitely him.”

Yama’s corpse was brought back by the old sages of Violetsea Cave. They have researched his corpse for many years so Violetsea King naturally knew the most about Yama’s evil affinity in this land.

That’s why he confirmed Yi Zhenfeng was Feng Feiyun.

“The army destroyed my cave so I will kill a Divine King to get even. Maybe I can get that scripture too without anyone figuring it out. Once I fully cultivate Golden Silkworm, that’ll be the last day of Jin.” The king commanded the two remaining corpses to enter the shrine in order to carry out this goal.

However, these two were blown flying right away by a deafening Buddhist light.

“Amitabha. Amitabha.” A mysterious person with his face hidden came out. He placed his palms together while chanting – clearly a monk.

No one expected this development. There was another master in the shrine?

Plus, just one flash of him could defeat two corpses with power comparable to Super Giants. The guy seemed to be stronger than Yi Zhenfeng.

“A monk needing to hide his face?” Violetsea King coldly uttered.

“A Buddhist cultivator only focuses on cultivation. This bag of skin doesn’t matter, hidden or not.” Master Zhi Zang walked over to the two corpses and placed one hand each on their head.

He started reading a scripture. It didn’t take long before the two corpses turned to dust, successfully crossed over to the other side.

The monk was mighty indeed.


It was dark inside the shrine as Feiyun meditated with a glow: ‘I must recover thirty-percent right away since there might be guardians here. I have to rely on myself, not that crafty monk or he might really screw me over.’

Suddenly, a strand of bloodthirst appeared as water vapor gathered together to form a slender and beautiful figure – akin to a fairy descending from above.

Unfortunately, she was an aggressive fairy since she took out a sword with fire on the tip and placed it next to Feiyun’s neck.

Feiyun was actually the one who gave her this sword. It used to belong to one of the three Untethered, Ji Yibei. He died in Bronze Cauldron and Feiyun took this sword, eventually giving it to her.

“Old villain, no one will be able to save you today.” Ye Siwan was smart enough to wait for this opportunity.

Feiyun stopped the recovery process and coughed out two mouthfuls of blood.

“Don’t try to act pitiful, death is not enough to repent for your crimes.” She slashed down decisively but didn’t go all out, only wanting to intimidate him so that he would listen.

After all, she needed to force him to return Liu Ruixin’s soul.

Feiyun used his left hand to block but still got struck onto the altar. He coughed out blood again and sighed: “Siwan, it’s me, Uncle!”

1. There was a joke here that I missed back when the monk was introduced on 741. Feiyun heard Zhi Zhang, which means mentally handicapped when it is Zhi Zang, meaning Wisdom + scripture


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