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“Boom!” Feng Feiyun gathered an energy wave in the shape of a palm. He slammed it on the second brute and rendered his organs to a pulp. Blood dripped out of all seven orifices before he dropped to the ground.

It wasn’t long before both of them became cold corpses. The chilling weather quickly added a layer of frost on them.

Aunt Qin stood there with her walking stick with a frightening grimace.

“Are you alright?” Feiyun apologetically stared at Xiaoxiang and grabbed her hand, afraid that she would start to run after seeing him.

She nodded then shook her head in confusion.

“Cough. Decent cultivation but you’re quite bold to interfere with Beauty’s Smile’s business.” Aunt Qin covered her mouth and coughed hoa.r.s.ely.

Feiyun maintained firm while staring at the guards behind her: “How did you all figure out her location?”

Aunt Qin smiled: “You led us to her.”

He didn’t expect this answer.

“Rumble!” A white ray descended from the sky like a waterfall. A middle-aged woman dressed in a jade robe stood on top of a pavilion – stately and oppressive in temperament.

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed: “Wan Huatong!”

“Greetings, Our Lord!” The old woman and the guarded kneeled and bowed with reverence towards the newcomer.

This was the lord of Beauty’s Smile, Wan Huazhu.

Few have actually seen her before so that’s why not many were able to recognize her ident.i.ty. In the eyes of outsiders, the lord of this faction was shrouded with mysteries.

“Young Divine King, we meet again.” Wan Huazhu looked down, no longer resembling a madame like before, more like an ambitious heroine.

Feiyun sneered: “Lord Wan, not bad! To actually fooled me, impressive.”

Everyone in the capital knew that Ye Xiaoxiang was last seen with Feiyun. So of course, in order to find her, it was best to start with him. Thus, Huazhu pretended to be a madame to hang around Feiyun. She finally entered Supreme Beauty to find Xiaoxiang.

“One shouldn’t mind the minor details to accomplish great things.” Huazhu said with a fierce glare: “Hand her over!”

“She’ll decide where she goes.” He retorted.

“And if I want to take her?” Huazhu bit back.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.” He didn’t relent.

“People can… still kill at the capital.” With a cold temperament, she waved her sleeve. Four old men emerged from the black sky; each taking a corner. They raised their hands and sealed the entire area.

“Boom!” Runes gushed up from the ground and covered the sky.

This was necessary in order to stop others from knowing that they wanted to deal with Feiyun. His status was too prestigious in this place so they needed to silence by killing him.

Xiaoxiang was shocked: “Run already, they’ll kill you and erase all the evidence!”

“Come with me.” He pulled her arm and rushed forward in order to kill his way out.

“Too late for that.” Aunt Qin’s stick turned into a ten-meter-wide skull serpent and aimed straight at him.

He retaliated with a palm strike carrying the power of 9,932 beast souls and knocked the serpent back. Aunt Qin stumbled backward in astonishment, ‘this Feng Feiyun is something else, comparable to a fourth-level when he’s only at the second.’

“Go, we’ll kill the Divine King today, there will be a handsome reward.” She gave the order.

The guards shrouded in black robes and masks rushed forward with their blades. Each had an emotionless expression with great bloodthirst. They didn’t hold back at all and unleashed a torrent of different techniques.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” This was quite a destructive onslaught.

‘Not looking good, some real masters are hiding among them – young kings and historical geniuses…’ Feiyun’s spiritual awareness was strong enough to detect this unfavorable situation. This was an unprecedented danger due to the top masters hiding among the guards.

There were at least five young kings and three historical geniuses – some might be on the upper list. However, their face was hidden and aura concealed by treasures. It was hard to know who they were but Feiyun was certain that he had met them before.

These people might be using Beauty’s Smile. They wanted to kill Feiyun but were afraid of his faction. Thus, hiding among these guards was the best choice. In the future, even if this matter was exposed, all the blame would be on Beauty’s Smile.

The dangerous sensation grew for Feng Feiyun. If he couldn’t escape from this trap today, death was certain.

“Rumble!” He began with the Minor Change Art in order to perform a Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Hammer – intending on breaking the seal in the area. However, the ones maintaining the seal were at the half-step level. The hammer failed to break through.

In the large group, a shadow rushed to the sky with a golden lotus beneath its feet. It took out a second-ranked treasure that looked like a hook. The power of this treasure activated and turned into a moon slamming down.

This was definitely a top young king attacking.

Feiyun was unperturbed and used his Thunderfire Jewel to release a wave of thunder to stop the hook. His feet were pushed into the ground.

The two spirit treasures. .h.i.tting each other resulted in a powerful shockwave. More than ten guards fell to the ground with shocking wounds and broken bones. These were the real guards from Beauty’s Smile.

Wan Huazhu could see that something was wrong. These young prodigies wanted to use them to kill Feiyun. Nevertheless, it was still saving her a lot of effort.

“Rumble!” A gigantic square boulder was lifted by another guard. He threw it straight at Feng Feiyun with a devastating momentum resembling a meteor.

Feiyun was surrounded on all sides. He gathered beast souls in his palm again and crushed the boulder to dust – a successful repel.

The remnant force of his palm strike slammed into the sky but an invisible barrier turned it to smoke.

No one outside knew what was going on due to the barrier.

Half-steps were forming this barrier in order to kill Feiyun. He needed to take it down at all cost.

Next, four young kings attacked at the same time with their spirit treasures and most powerful attacks in order to win as fast as possible. They themselves had no idea who each other was.

“Woos.h.!.+” A saber slash rushed from behind him with lightning speed and immense power.

Feiyun used his Samsara Step but it was still too late. A twenty-centimeter wound was left on him with blood dripping down. It was quite deep – one could see the bone on his back.

This was definitely someone on the upper historical list, capable of overcoming Feiyun’s speed.

‘Just who is so fast with a saber?’ Feiyun released the King’s Order behind him.

This ambusher quickly disappeared into the night to dodge the order.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re dead for sure, King’s Order or not.” A hoa.r.s.e sneer came from the darkness.

The guy purposely changed his voice but Feiyun was certain that he knew the guy.

“Your cultivation can only use the order three times a day max. You did it once at Supreme Beauty and another just now. Just one more then you’re done for.” A different voice came about, a bit familiar as well.

Feiyun’s eyes became serious. The opponents were going all out. He thought that with the order earlier, he would at least grievously wound the guy if not kill him outside. He didn’t expect for the opponent to have a talisman created by a Super Giant. Of course, the talisman was destroyed and fell to the ground.

All of these guys came prepared to fight.


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