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Feng Feiyun’s injuries were very serious, so he had trouble standing up straight. He was weak and shaky and it seemed as if a mere gust of wind would blow him over.

His face was as pale as a sheet of paper and bean-sized beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. He was an oil lamp that was about to run out of oil.

This was the best chance to kill him, but no one dared to make a move out of fear that this was another trap. In the end, three heaven-defying geniuses had died in his hands while another was unconscious from his grave injury.

The only ones left from the Evil Killing Alliance were Feng Lingji and the Little Demoness.

Feng Lingji had wanted to defeat Feng Feiyun for a long time now, so this was naturally his best opportunity. He believed that Feng Feiyun was wounded and that last move had taken all of his strength. If he didn’t go now, then when else would he do it?

“Wait a minute!” The Little Demoness’ pet.i.te body turned into a red shadow and that immediately rushed to stop Feng Lingji.

Although he was her older cousin, Feng Lingji was very wary of this little cousin. He immediately stopped and didn’t dare to go any further. He slightly bowed and said: “I want to go catch that traitor and bring him back to our ancestral ground. Please give way.”

The Little Demoness gently stroked the kitten in her bosom and smiled in a very cute manner: “He is the son of the demon while I am the Little Demoness. We would have been the amazing dual devils for the Feng Clan, so I should be the one to catch him. The Little Demoness can surely overpower the son of the demon.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Lingji was relieved and clasped his fists together to say: “If Little Cousin personally takes action, then it would be as easy as flipping your palm.”

The Little Demoness gently shook her head that had a little ponytail tied by a red b.u.t.terfly pin and said: “If the Little Demoness were to fight the son of the demon, then I have to fight against the real son of the demon.”

Feng Lingji was at a loss for words: “…”

“His demonic blood has yet to awaken, so he is not considered the real son of the demon.” The Little Demoness blinked her eyes; she looked just like a cute little doll.

Feng Lingji lost his colors and exclaimed: “Little Cousin, don’t cause trouble!”

“Haha!” The Little Demoness didn’t listen to him at all as she murmured: “In order to completely awaken the demonic blood, he has to drink the evil blood. In the current world, only the Evil Woman could be considered a real devil.”

There were no real devils in this world, there were only people tainted by evil. Once this evil essence reached a certain level, they could be considered devils.

The Little Demoness’ body also had this evil property, but it had not reached the true level so even if she let Feng Feiyun drink her blood, he still wouldn’t be able to completely awaken his demonic blood.

Only the Evil Woman’s blood could officially awaken both the demonic and evil blood in Feng Feiyun’s body.

A person becoming a demon was quite a terrifying thing.

However, a demon turning into a devil was even more terrifying. Feng Feiyun’s mother was such a person; a demon that turned into a devil, someone with both demonic and evil blood running in their veins.

And Feng Feiyun’s body didn’t only have evil and demonic blood, there was also human blood and the soul of a demon.

“Little Cousin, don’t be silly or I will report this to our patriarch.” Feng Lingji was afraid that the Little Demoness did not know the consequences and might cause an unimaginable disaster. In the end, Feng Feiyun hated the Feng Clan, so if the demonic and evil blood in his veins awakened, no one would be able to stop him. At that moment, the Feng Clan would have to face his cruel revenge.

The Little Demoness revealed a sinister smile as her pupils became a little red. Just a glare was enough to let Feng Lingji feel like he was trapped in an icehouse. This feeling was so uncomfortable that he had to take a step back.

“If you keep on talking, then I will tell Meowmeow to kill you.” The Little Demoness revealed her white and even teeth with a slight smile.

Feng Lingji didn’t think that she was kidding. A few cultivators from the previous generation once viewed her words as jokes, and now they were dead without leaving behind even a corpse.

The Little Demoness’ evil tendencies were also not a joke.


“That’s him, Brother Gu. If you can take his life, then I’ll naturally give you a huge reward.” Murong Zhuo brought a young man that wore a white scholarly robe to the Martial Exhibition Tower. Then, he pointed at Feng Feiyun who was standing on top of the battle floor.

Murong Zhuo, Luo s.h.i.+xiong, and Gu Lianqiu initially hired five a.s.sa.s.sins from the Ancient Earth Tribe in order to kill Feng Feiyun outside of the paG.o.da, but all five a.s.sa.s.sins were killed, resulting in them getting further humiliated.

With even more resentment, they invited Gu Qing. They had to kill Feng Feiyun in order to eliminate this grievance in their hearts.

Gu Qing looked to be around twenty-five years old. He had sharp features, especially his brows that were akin to blades. He had both the toughness of a martial artist as well as a scholarly air. However, his real age was already thirty-nine; he was no longer young.

Grand accomplishment G.o.d Base was a huge trial. After cultivating in isolation for twenty-three years in the Martial Tower to no avail, further training would have been useless.

And right when he was about to leave his training, Murong Zhuo came to find him and asked him to kill a certain person. This was not a big deal to him. As long as the opponent was not a grand accomplishment G.o.d Base, he was confident in beating the person. Moreover, Murong Zhuo even promised him a second-rank Prime Focusing Pill as a reward.

With this pill, maybe he could break through to grand accomplishment. This temptation was truly not small, so he immediately agreed.

“Are you talking about him?” Gu Qing had a jade sword around three foot long on his back. He calmly gazed at Feng Feiyun who was standing on the third floor and noticed that Feng Feiyun was near his end. He then shook his head and said: “So weak, truly a disappointment.”

“He is not weak at all. Four heaven-defying geniuses had already been defeated by him; three are dead and one is gravely injured.” Gu Lianqiu had been watching over the floors. She noticed Murong Zhuo invite someone over so she immediately recalled the events once more.

Murong Zhuo and Luo s.h.i.+xiong were naturally speechless, but Gu Qing put on a look of disdain and said: “They’re just peak G.o.d Bases, but their disparities might be ten-fold.”

“Why is that the case?” Gu Lianqiu was still very far away from peak G.o.d Base so she didn’t know its mysticisms.

She was a Beastmaster who came from a prestigious family; she was also pretty with a great figure befitting of a n.o.ble daughter.

Gu Qing’s l.u.s.tful eyes swept across her towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s and then slowly said: “Everyone knows that once a cultivator reaches first level Heaven’s Mandate, their lifespan would increase to five hundred years. In the eyes of powerful cultivators, only people who reached this level would be considered real cultivators. Those who cannot reach Heaven’s Mandate would become a lot weaker after reaching one hundred years of age. They would only be able to live up to one hundred and fifty years old. Even grand accomplishment G.o.d Base cultivators are no exceptions.

“Not just anyone can reach Heaven’s Mandate; besides pure talent, only those with great luck may have this opportunity. Spirit Medicines, lucrative adventures, and luck — all three of these are essential.

“And the purpose of the peak G.o.d Base and grand accomplishment G.o.d Base levels are to acc.u.mulate energy in order to reach Heaven’s Mandate. The more they acc.u.mulate, the easier it is to pa.s.s the tribulation.

“Peak G.o.d Base is a boundary; at this level, one could cultivate a group of divine intents. Only when people have divine intents would they be able to control items to fly in the sky. Moreover, divine intents could replace the eyes to see things more than a thousand miles away.

“Training at peak G.o.d Base is all about training one’s divine intents. The stronger the intents, the stronger their power. The difference between someone with one intent versus someone with eight intents is more than ten-fold.”

Murong Zhuo asked: “Then how many intents does Brother Gu have?”

“Eight intents.” Gu Qing coldly gazed at Feng Feiyun in the distance and continued on: “Accord to Miss Gu’s words, the heaven-defying genius, Ji Feng, only cultivated five intents and could fight Feng Feiyun to the point of a stalemate. Not to mention that Feng Feiyun is wounded at this moment, but even if he was at his peak condition, I would still only need one move to kill him.”

“Then how many intents are required to reach grand accomplishment G.o.d Base?” Murong Zhuo asked with a hint of wors.h.i.+p in his eyes.

“A person has three souls and seven spirits, so they naturally need ten divine intents to reach grand accomplishment.” Having said that, eight scales made out of steel suddenly appeared below Gu Qing’s feet. All of them were hovering in the air; he then rode them slowly as if he was walking in the air towards the martial floor.

Take someone’s money to deal with their trouble. He only needed to kill someone who was nearly dead; this business was way too lucrative.

“Gu Qing is taking action. Even if Feng Feiyun is only feigning his injuries, he will die for sure.” A cruel glimmer appeared in Gu Lianqiu’s eyes.

Luo s.h.i.+xiong suddenly became a bit serious and asked: “Oh right, Brother Murong, that day, what is that Ji woman’s relations.h.i.+p with Feng Feiyun?”

Having heard this, Gu Lianqiu and Murong Zhuo became frightened after recalling what happened on the day that Feng Feiyun left. That Ji woman was really too scary.

Murong Zhuo touched the scar on his neck. He was almost decapitated by that ferocious woman, so he still felt the chills even right now.

“That woman is crazy. At that time, Feng Feiyun was asking about my father’s eighth concubine, so she must have heard as well. That night, she rushed into the eighth concubine’s mansion and killed her as well as burning her corpse into ashes.” A coldness appeared in his eyes as he continued on: “She even killed my little brother, Murong Ta, and burned his corpse as well.”

“It seems that she is another person who has a deep grudge against Feng Feiyun, someone who wants to kill everyone related to him. Feng Feiyun really offended too many people.” Gu Lianqiu sighed and said.


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