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Chapter 956: Acknowledgement

“Are you sure you are not mistaken?”

Gray of the Ghost Eye Race looked with great astonishment at Ling Yus.h.i.+.

“You have all gone to the Nine Soul h.e.l.l before and know the aura there as well as its traits.” La Pu’s expression was profound. “Carefully feel the aura from Miss Ling’s bloodline. You will know that I am not mistaken.”

The three Nether Realm experts—Gordon, Luz and Gray—closed their eyes at the same time.

They released their enormous soul perception, and carefully probed the uniqueness of Ling Yus.h.i.+’s bloodline.

When they closed their eyes, they clearly saw Ling Yus.h.i.+ turn into a great abyss in their mental sea as though she contained countless secrets.

Their souls seemed to be suddenly pulled out of their bodies.

The three of them shook and suddenly woke up. They looked with wide eyes at Ling Yus.h.i.+.

“How is it?” La Pu asked.

“It really… seems like the aura of the Nine Soul h.e.l.l,” Gordon’s voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e.

“After Miss Ling a.s.similated that drop of Silver Streak Heavenly Snake I refined, her bloodline characteristics have now become extremely clear,” La Pu said proudly.

When Gordon and the other two people looked at La Pu again, their eyes were filled with surprise. They started to seriously consider what La Pu had said previously.

At this time, the mist that had flowed out of Ling Yus.h.i.+’s hair slowly gathered above her skull.

Blurry ghostly figures flickered in the mist as though they were wailing and trying to break free.

The three strongest people in Nether Realm looked at the shadows within the mist and their expressions gradually changed.

“Indeed. Her bloodline… really is connected to Nine Soul h.e.l.l!” Gordon shouted.

Luz also shook and said excitedly, “So unbelievable, so unbelievable!”

They looked with surprise at Ling Yus.h.i.+.

At this time, streaks of fire flashed out of Qin Lie’s skin. The fire was a crimson red and small fragmented divine characters flashed within them.

Qin Lie roared, his body convulsing violently, his tendons bulging out like earthworms.

His hair quickly became a fiery red as his skeleton cracked.

Gordon and the others moved their gazes from Ling Yus.h.i.+ to him as he underwent transformation.

“G.o.d Race bloodline…” Gordon narrowed his eyes and said, “Venerable One’s grandson… his reputation on the Nether Continent before was not good. People once placed great hopes on him, he was thought to have the strongest bloodline. But he disappointed everyone. His G.o.d Race bloodline never woke up.”

Gray was extremely puzzled. He said, “He had never shown extraordinary talent before.”

They were not like Luz. In these years, while they had not shown themselves on the Nether Continent, they paid attention to Spirit Realm’s Central World through various information channels.

Because Qin Shan was the reason why the races of the Nether Realm managed to survive, they paid special attention to the Qin Family. Therefore, they were all familiar with the sudden upheaval that occurred three hundred years ago in Spirit Realm’s Central World.

They all knew of Qin Lie’s existence, knew of Qin Lie’s history, and knew how Qin Lie had died.

Luz had been trapped in Boluo Realm all this time, willingly entering the state of deep slumber, and thus he had no idea of Qin Lie’s history..

The Qin Lie he knew was the Qin Lie who rescued the Dark Shadow Race in Boluo Realm and took them back to the Ruined Lands.

Gray and Gordon knew a Qin Lie who couldn’t do a thing… and could be called average.

This caused them to have different opinions about Qin Lie.

“He has a rank five bloodline, he works hard on his cultivation, he is extremely tough and has many abilities. Even in Spirit Realm’s Central World, he would be a star.” La Pu who understood Qin Lie best looked at the trio and said, “Compared to three centuries ago, he has completely transformed!”

“I believe he is the crux to the revival of the Qin Family!” Luz gave his opinion.

Gray and Gordon had surprised expressions. They couldn’t help but pay attention to what was happening to Qin Lie.


A streak of red glittering energy flew out of Qin Lie’s brow and turned into the fire spirit in front of the trio.

The fire spirit in the shape of the fire qilin had stolen the Life Flame Crystal from the core of the Flame Race’s ancestral volcano and then sank into his glabella, dormant all this time.

This time, the fire spirit detected the transformation in Qin Lie’s bloodline and came out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“Spirit of Void and Chaos!” Gray and Gordon’s expressions changed.

Even in the Central World, the Spirits of Void and Chaos were something that made people pale in fright. This kind of unknown being that could consume elements themselves and possessed almost limitless uses were the bane of all Soul Altar experts.

The races of the Nether Realm knew about the terror and value of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The fire spirit was connected mentally to Qin Lie and knew that these three foreign races’ experts held no malicious intent towards Qin Lie, so without worrying about their gazes, it secreted three drops of blood.

The three drops of fire spirit essence blood accurately landed on Qin Lie’s open palm. It landed into the wound where the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake blood was merging into his blood.


The three drops of fire spirit blood caused Qin Lie to suddenly burst into flame when they touched.

The fire spirit quickly returned to the Soul Suppressing Orb.

In Gray’s eyes, Qin Lie suddenly became an erupting volcano that released destructive heat.

“Not good!” La Pu’s expression changed and he said anxiously, “I hadn’t expected the Spirit of Void and Chaos to interfere!” Now the flame power in Qin Lie’s bloodline is even more uncontrollable! We must move Miss Ling away from him!”

At this time, Gray and the others felt a destructive aura that seemed able to burn everything from Qin Lie’s body.

“Leave it to me,” Luz reached out with a hand.

A gray-brown light quickly covered Ling Yus.h.i.+ and immediately pulled her away from the small stone house.

The next moment, Ling Yus.h.i.+ appeared on the Ling Town’s plaza.

The stone house was drowned in flames, and so was Qin Lie, who completely disappeared from sight.

The experts from Nether Realm saw mysterious characters and felt a terrifying and raging destructive intent that wanted to annihilate the world itself.

“His soul has entered the Chaos Blood Realm,” Gray suddenly said.

Gray who possessed the ninth eye was more sensitive than anyone else. He detected the wondrous change occurring in Qin Lie’s body from tiny fluctuations.

“It seems his bloodline… has evolved to rank six.” Gordon was also surprised. “He is different from the rumors. According to the information we gathered, Venerable One’s grandson… possessed the strongest bloodline, but never managed to awaken it.”

“That was three hundred years ago,” La Pu said gravely.

“Maybe the future Qin Family can once again establish themselves in Spirit Realm’s Central World through him,” Gray said.

“I believe this boy’s future accomplishments will not be any less formidable than his father’s!” Luz said.

La Pu looked at the trio, thought for a moment and then said, “I speculate that the Venerable One… wants him to pair with Miss Ling.”

Gray stilled for a while and then said, “Is that really the Venerable One’s intention?”

“I think so.” La Pu nodded and said, “At the beginning, Venerable One lived in Ling Town with him. His engagement with Miss Ling was Venerable One’s doing.”

“Gray! Miss Ling has an unimaginably powerful bloodline, she will start the new epoch for the Dark Nether Race. The Venerable One has recognized her ident.i.ty, why can’t you do the same?” Gordon shouted.

Gray was silent.

A long time later, he took a deep breath and said, “When I return to the Ghost Eye Race, I will discuss with the clan elders for them to acknowledge the Ling Family’s status.”

When these words were said, Gordon, Luz, and La Pu’s eyes lit up.


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