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Chapter 1173: The Qin Family’s Va.s.sals

Outer s.p.a.ce.

Oldenwarm Realm.

There was a valley of eternal spring where realm entrances of differing shapes and sizes were opened on a public square.

The realm entrances numbered twelve in total. One looked as dazzling as multifaceted crystals, one looked like a swirling whirlpool, one looked like a pitch black cave entrance and another one looked like it was illuminated by cool moonlight.

The twelve different realm entrances were constantly open. From time to time, experts would come through from them.

“Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+”

Many four-level, five-level, and six-level Soul Altar experts came through the twelve realm entrances in succession.

Most of these experts were humans, barring a small number of exceptions. Nearly all of them were at Void Realm or rank nine bloodline.

Hunchback Ba, the old man who had clashed against the six great forces before was among them as well.

Time continued to pa.s.s. The twelve realm entrances still remained open.

More Void Realm experts continued to make their way in from other realms.

A thin man, Chen Lin, could be seen standing solemnly in the middle of the public square.

The visitors who came first were chatting with one another after they had greeted Chen Lin.

“Hey, Hunchback Ba! Are we heading back to the Central World? Is that why the old patriarch had summoned us?”

A fat man dressed in long, dark red robes with narrowed eyes asked smilingly.

The fat man was almost two meters tall, and his fat fingers were completely covered in spatial rings. He looked like your standard upstart.

This man’s name was Gan Feipeng. He was the manor lord of Blood Sun Manor, and he was a late stage Void Realm martial pract.i.tioner. He had constructed his six-level Soul Altar eight hundred years earlier.

Blood Sun Manor was one of the twelve va.s.sal forces the Qin Family possessed. Three hundred years ago, Gan Feipeng’s Blood Sun Manor had such a tight grip over Jun Tiaoyao’s Sun Palace that the latter could barely breathe.

In fact, Blood Sun Manor was one of the strongest second-tier Gold rank forces. They terrified Lunar Temple, Sun Palace, and even Blue Flame Manor.

When the Qin Family had attacked Ninth Heaven, Blood Sun Manor was among the vanguards who caused great damage to Ninth Heaven’s va.s.sal forces.

But the Qin Family was ultimately defeated by the six great forces, and Blood Sun Manor was forced to evacuate from Spirit Realm and hide themselves in outer s.p.a.ce.

Three hundred years had pa.s.sed since. Gan Feipeng and his subordinates had had quite the good time discovering and exploring many unknown worlds.

Many of the leaders who swore fealty to the Qin Family knew that Blood Sun Manor had become even stronger than before under Gan Feipeng’s guidance.

There were even internal rumors that stated that “Big Fatty Gan”—Gan Feipeng’s nickname—was preparing the materials necessary to construct the seventh level of his Soul Altar.

If Gan Feipeng was successful in his attempt to reach Genesis Realm, Blood Sun Manor might very well take a flying leap and become a top-tier Gold rank force.

“I don’t know.” Hunchback Ba had a face of pimples. He answered lazily while remaining hunched, “I just know that they have something big to declare.”

“You don’t say?” Gan Feipeng snorted. “It has been fifty years since the old patriarch has summoned all of us in one place. Of course they have something big to declare.”

“You’ve all heard about what happened in Spirit Realm half a month ago, right?” A thin, middle-aged, scholarly man lowered his voice as he asked, “That Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe were killed?”

The thin man was named Fan Gan. He was the leader of h.e.l.l Web—also one of the twelve great va.s.sal forces of the Qin Family—and a six-level Soul Altar expert as well.

A lot of experts looked over in great interest the moment Fan Gan spoke of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple and walked over.

Narrowing his tiny eyes, Big Fatty Gan smiled at Chen Lin and asked loudly, “Boss Chen, I heard that Young Master Qin was the one who took out Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe with a group of people? Is that true?”

Every Void Realm expert turned to stare at Chen Lin with differing expressions on their faces.

Three hundred years ago, these people were all reputable figures in the Central World.

After all, they were either leaders of a second-tier Gold rank force or an invincible Qin Family’s supporter with their own territory. They all shared close ties with the Qin Family.

Nearly all of them had met Qin Lie in the past. They were all aware of his temperament, character and strength.

Although some of them had left Spirit Realm since a long time ago, they had ways to learn what was going on in Spirit Realm.

They were especially aware of what had happened as of late.

Recently, the six great forces had ventured into the outer s.p.a.ce in search for any traces of the Qin Family and the realms they operated in like mad dogs.

Some of their bases were destroyed as a result.

Through the mouth of the old patriarch, the Qin Family had instructed them to be patient and hide themselves better. He had told them to avoid direct confrontation with the six great forces for now.

They had no choice but to endure the attacks seethingly.

Then, out of nowhere, they heard that the leader of both Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had been killed right at Sun Palace’s headquarters. The resentment they had been holding in for a while was immediately washed away. 

They hurriedly prodded their contacts for further details.

When they heard that the person who had killed Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe and destroyed the entire Sun Palace was none other than Qin Lie himself, they could hardly believe their own ears.

They all knew how Qin Lie was three hundred years ago. They all knew what kind of a person he truly was, and how he was the direct cause of many sufferings the Qin Family had endured for the past three hundred years.

If Qin Lie hadn’t been used as a weak point, the Qin Family and them wouldn’t have had to escape and hide in outer s.p.a.ce.

It had been three hundred years since. To this day, they still weren’t able to return to Spirit Realm, their wealthy homeland.

Many of them disliked Qin Lie intensely, or were deeply dissatisfied with him.

It was only natural that they doubted the authenticity of the news when they heard that it was Qin Lie who had brought destruction upon Sun Palace.

They even went so far as to suspect that the Qin Family was purposely trying to build some wind behind the sail that was Qin Lie’s resurrection.

None of this people wanted Qin Lie to become the Qin Family’s third generation leader from the bottom of their hearts. That was why they were very concerned about this matter.

Chen Lin’s expression was indifferent. He knew what all these people were thinking on the inside. A short silence later, he answered, “That seems to be the case.”

“Hehe, Boss Chen, I heard your junior sister was the one who was in trouble? Surely you haven’t led an attack on Sun Palace personally and put all the merits on Young Master Qin, have you?” Big Fatty Gan let out a strange laugh as he said this.

Everyone else was wearing odd expressions on their faces too. It was obvious that they were thinking the same thing.

Chen Lin frowned in response. “I’m not so bored that I would do something like that.”

“Big Boss Chen, we’ve all been screwed over by Young Master Qin before. History… isn’t going to repeat itself, right?” Gan Feipeng asked with a bitter smile on his face.

Fan Gan, Hunchback Ba, and the other Void Realm experts fell silent as well.

Everyone’s eyes were etched with a hint of worry.

Three hundred years ago, Qin Lie’s cultivation was weak, and his bloodline had never awakened. He caused Qin Family unfathomable amount of trouble.

As Qin Lie’s “uncles”, nearly all of them had had to clean up after Qin Lie’s mess. They had all had enough of Qin Lie.

Back then, as furious as they had been, even they couldn’t help but rejoice a little when they heard that Qin Lie had been killed by Han Qian.

It had been many years since. They’d rebuilt their power after much effort and time in the outer s.p.a.ce.

Everyone wanted to follow the Qin Family back to Spirit Realm and reclaim what they had lost. They all wanted to wash away the shame that had been inflicted upon them back then.

But at this critical moment, the news that Qin Lie had come back to life suddenly reached their ears. It was sour news to all of them.

They were afraid that Qin Lie would cause their plans to go awry once more.

Chen Lin was just about to explain things when he suddenly took out a tablet from his spatial ring.

Secret spatial patterns could be seen swimming inside the tablet like snakes and dragons.

A realm entrance swiftly appeared above Chen Lin’s tablet.

This surprised all of the Void Realm experts already present on the square.

They looked at the newly formed realm entrance to see who would come over from the other side.


A six-level Soul Altar built like floors of s.p.a.ce flew out of the realm entrance. Miao Yizi, dressed in white, looked as pretty as a white G.o.ddess seated above her own Soul Altar.

Unlike the rest of the people around him, Chen Lin looked overjoyed to see Miao Yizi. He couldn’t help but take a step forwards while exclaiming, “You’ve finally come, junior sister!”

“Eh! Little Sis Miao!”

Big Fatty Gan couldn’t help but shout oddly as well. He almost looked disbelieving at Miao Yizi’s arrival.

A lot of Void Realm experts stepped forward to greet Miao Yizi.

They were all close to the Qin Family, and they all had contact with Miao Yizi before. Some of them were even good friends with her.

One such friend was Gan Feipeng himself.

Before Miao Yizi had cut ties with the Qin Family, Gan Feipeng had often operated together with her. Borrowing Miao Yizi’s expertise with s.p.a.ce, he had identified the positions of many realms in s.p.a.ce.

Just like Chen Lin, he treated Miao Yizi like he treated a younger sister.

A long time ago, when the news that Qin Lie had drugged Miao Yizi broke out, Gan Feipeng had gotten so mad that he swore he would murder that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d with his own hands.

He was a firm supporter of Miao Yizi from the start to the end. The incident caused him to hate Qin Lie deeply.

If he hadn’t owed Qin Shan many favors, he and his faction might’ve cut ties with the Qin Family already.

It had been three hundred years. He hadn’t had any contact with Miao Yizi since that fateful day because he was constantly embroiled in war in the distant s.p.a.ce.

Many times, he wanted to return to Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of s.p.a.ce and see how Miao Yizi was doing. In the end, he didn’t do so for safety’s sake.

The fat man was obviously didn’t think that he would encounter Miao Yizi in Oldenwarm Realm. He was so happy that his little eyes had turned red.

“It’s good that you’re still alive, fatty.” Miao Yizi pursed her lips together. Her eyes were smiling slightly when she looked at him; she actually looked friendlier with him than she was with Chen Lin. “You look like you’ve put on a little more weight though.”

“Hahaha! That means I’ve had a good time!” Big Fatty Gan wiped a tear from his eyes before shouting angrily, “G.o.d dammit! If I wasn’t at outer s.p.a.ce at that time, I would be the first to tear those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ Soul Altars to shreds myself! How dare Jun Tianyao and Liu Xianzhe try to harm you!”

“Their Soul Altars have been crushed already,” Miao Yizi continued to smile through her eyes.

Gan Feipeng suddenly fell silent. A moment later, he asked, “What role did that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d play in that incident?”

Although he didn’t specifically say who that “little b.a.s.t.a.r.d” was, everyone knew that he was referring to Qin Lie.

He didn’t even care that Chen Lin was standing right there.

Miao Yizi frowned slightly and pondered for a moment. Finally, she answered in an indifferent tone, “He saved my life.”

“It really was him? It really wasn’t the Qin Family who saved you?!” Big Fatty Gan complained disbelievingly.

“It was him.” Miao Yizi answered before looking thoughtful again. Then, she added, “It was him and his supporters who saved me. I can a.s.sure you that the Qin Family was completely unaware of that incident until afterwards. I was only fooled by Jun Tianyao due to my own carelessness.”

Gan Feipeng, Fan Gan, Hunchback Ba, and the others all looked surprised to hear this.

Even Chen Lin was rubbing his chin with clear puzzlement in his eyes.

He obviously didn’t understand exactly what was going on here.


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