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Chapter 92: Lu Xiaoyu level up!(Part 3)

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

That night, Lu Shu personally monitored Lu Xiaoyu’s training by her side, in fear that she would fall asleep…

Both their training methods were unique and at that point in time, Liu Li and Jiang Shuyi had completed one large cycle of training but the next step wasn’t pa.s.sed down yet.

These two days, Liu Li walked with a spring of arrogance but had yet to find trouble with Lu Shu. Even though he had completed one large cycle of training, he realized that amongst Cla.s.s Fs, strength-typed metahumans were invincible.

There were no elemental or other types in Cla.s.s F, only strength-type and pract.i.tioners.

Liu Li also found out through others that his own training would increase 900 pounds of strength while strength-type metahumans had 1200 pounds…

Although Liu Li had contributed mountains of distress points, he wasn’t stupid. Finding trouble with Lu Shu at this time would be the same as asking to be humiliated.

Even though Lu Shu had awakened, he could only stagnant at Cla.s.s F for a long period of time while Liu Li was different, his future was more promising!

In the day, Jiang Shuyi reminded Lu Shu not to let anyone know about their exchange with the magical stones. Someone on the Golden Foundation forum mentioned that a rich businessman had offered a high price for the stones and a deal was made. The student who sold the stones was informed by his cla.s.s teacher that his supply of magical stones was halted for a year.

Valuable items like magical stones, Lu Shu could sell them but so did others. He wasn’t the only one lacking money.

The child that was punished for selling his magical stones was rumored to have a Tier B apt.i.tude and felt no need to use the stones due to his high apt.i.tude. And since his family needed money and saw someone else buying on the forums, he sold them.

But the consequence was one year without any magical stones.

In fact, he wasn’t only losing out on a monthly two magical stones but given his apt.i.tude, he would have quickly risen to Cla.s.s E and in another year, probably Cla.s.s D which would reward him more magical stones.

But all these no longer concerned him.

The Heavenly Network was strict about its distribution of magical stones and once caught, there would be dire consequences.

If Lu Shu did not wish for his supply of magical stones be halted, and Jiang Shuyi to lose his extra supply of magical stones from Lu Shu, they would have to keep their mouths shut.

To people like Jiang Shuyi, relative to his apt.i.tude, magical stones were like the icing on the cake but many influential households have some kind of urgency- In the previous era, they were the leaders of their own fields but with the new era, in order to not lag behind, they had to continuously fight to be ahead.

How did rich people get rich? Because of their judgment for the future and for good opportunities.

One magical stone may be insignificant but what about a hundred? That would be enough to propel your own children to the front lines of the era.

For these people, no one wanted to be left behind.

Lu Shu stood beside Lu Xiaoyu and waited for her to complete her training. It was almost dawn when Lu Xiaoyu opened her eyes but she was still in a blank state. Her eyes had the intensity like a black hole before returning to normal 1s later.

“Lu Shu, I’ve broken through the first nebula and a black hole appeared!” Lu Xiaoyu excitedly announced.

Previously, she knew that Lu Shu had broken through the first nebula long ago and was lagging behind which made her anxious. If Lu Shu kept progressing this quickly, the gap between them would only increase.

But now, she had broken through the first nebula and Lu Shu had only broken through the first two stars of the second nebula

Lu Shu’s breakthrough happened two nights ago. The number of celestial fruits required for the second star of the second nebula was still reasonable and breaking through that was only a matter of days. Nothing special happened besides a more intense surge of celestial power, a denser celestial cloak and increased strength.

“Black hole? What does the black hole do? Can it materialize outside the body?” Lu Shu asked curiously as his corpse of the dog could be materialized and used as a physical attack. So what could Lu Xiaoyu’s black hole do?

At the mention of black holes, you would a.s.sociate it with the word ‘swallow’.

Lu Xiaoyu shook her head, “It can’t materialize, it can only stay within my body.”

Hmm, what is this situation, although both their powers are quite similar. they also appear to be opposite. Lu Shu also could not figure out the use of the black hole.

But at this moment, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly closed her eyes and after a short silence, she opened her eyes and showed Lu Shu her hand. A small black ant stood atop Lu Xiaoyu’s hand.

The black ant was different… It was like… a concentrated spot of black smoke.

For some reason, Lu Shu felt that it was some kind of soul! The feeling was very similar to his corpse dog which was one of the seven souls of instincts.

Lu Shu directed his curious gaze towards Lu Xiaoyu, “This is?”

“I could suddenly feel the souls in the surrounding and this is an ant that died last night. I wanted to bring it back when the black hole swallowed it which turned it into this. Now, it follows my commands,” Lu Xiaoyu explained everything so that Lu Shu could understand better. She knew that she had gained something incredible.

Lu Shu used his finger and pressed the ant atop Lu Xiaoyu’s palm. The feeling was just like touching a real ant!

“It can’t be. By this logic, if it can swallow the soul of the ant then it can do the same to human souls,” Lu Shu was really shocked, “Try and see how many ants it can swallow.”

Lu Xiaoyu compliantly went into the house to look for dead ants as Lu Shu followed behind. Lu Xiaoyu once again shuts and opened her eyes and said, “It can only swallow one. The moment a new soul entered, the previous one would disappear.”

Hmmm, what can an ant accomplish? What a useless power!

Wait… Lu Shu went into a deep thought before explaining his idea to Lu Xiaoyu, “This black hole may be limited to a single soul. Try something else.”

As a result, Lu Xiaoyu got her hands on a small sparrow which flew around at her will. The young lady was having fun while the new ant disappeared.

Lu Shu had an idea. Since the black hole could duplicate an exact copy of the soul it swallowed, what would happen if Lu Xiaoyu managed to swallow a metahuman’s soul?

Lu Shu felt troubled. How did such an innocent girl suddenly have a connection to souls, what a contrast……


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