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Chapter 911: Man of Steel, Li HeitanTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhang Weiyu looked at Li Heitan and was dumbfounded. He knew how painful it was for one’s vital channels to collide. Thus, he knew that the soldiers would only come back from the field training at night after crossing mountains and valleys. But Li Heitan was already back.

He sighed with emotion. It was not that Li Heitan was stronger than the rest. He was just very reckless. Others had to stop in pain and rest before they could continue with their field training. But Li Heitan did not need any rest. He would grit his teeth and finish the journey. He would not recuperate his vital channels along the way…

But Zhang Weiyu knew that there were advantages to this. If he was able to recover, Li Heitan’s vital organs and power would be stronger than the others.

There was much suffering in this pursuit. Loneliness, hurt, doubt, and so on.

Zhang Weiyu quite liked Li Heitan, as he knew that only people with pure intentions would be able to go further in this journey.

A majority of the army only came back when the night sky was full of stars. Li Heitan lay on the ground and yelled.

Lu Shu came over. When he saw the painful expressions on everyone’s faces, he could not stay, but he did not say anything.

Zhang Weiyu put his hands behind his back and calmly led the Imperial Palace Soldiers back into their barracks. Zhang Weiyu’s voice could be heard in the night. “This is not much. Go back, wash up and have a rest. Do not sleep at night. Sit in meditation and control your breathing. We will continue tomorrow! No slacking off! We will conduct a patrol later!”

Many of them just wanted to sleep, but they could not. This was torment!

Furthermore, they were forced to shower. They were only allowed to enter the barracks after they had showered…

After an hour, Zhang Weiyu and the rest took action. They entered the barracks and whipped everyone who slacked off and slept. The barracks were filled with howls. It sounded like h.e.l.l.

Zhang Weiyu checked over 30 barracks. He only left satisfied when he was sure that everyone had started to train their techniques. On the way, he b.u.mped into Lu Shu. He smiled at Lu Shu. “Don’t worry about them. This is for their own good. Problems will occur after they have slacked off for too long. Their att.i.tudes, techniques, and vital channels all have to be adjusted. Looking at the situation, there will be a surprise tomorrow morning!”

With that Zhang Weiyu left. Lu Shu thought that Zhang Weiyu had gone to sleep, but discovered that they conducted checks every hour to ensure that no one slacked off. Needless to say, Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not even have the physique of an ordinary person. They did not have enough energy to carry out this high intensity training.

But it was precisely because of this that Lu Shu started to respect Zhang Weiyu and the rest. They could put in work and effort for their ideas.

If they continued this, the Wei Wu Army… could undergo a complete transformation!

The next morning, Lu Shu was still in the limestone cave when he heard cheers from outside. He walked out of the cave in doubt and saw many soldiers jumping for joy, as if they were celebrating something.

He asked one of them and to his shock, he discovered that some Rank Five soldiers had advanced to Rank Four overnight! What was this?

Zhang Weiyu stood beside them. He smiled and explained, “These people have been stuck at the peak of Rank Five for many years. They only lack a technique. Yesterday’s intensive training caused turbulence in their vital channels and obtained new techniques. Advancing to Rank Four is natural for them. Those who are already Rank Four might be able to do this in a week.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. The overall strength of the Wei Wu Army had increased by one grade. The average strength was impressive!

Zhang Weiyu seemed as if he had read Lu Shu’s mind. He smiled. “Don’t panic. This is just the beginning.”

The first batch of people had broken through. The others who had not yet broken through saw some hope. Those who had broken through tasted the fruits of their labor.

Zhang Weiyu knew that the current Wei Wu Army was still a disorderly mob. Thus, they wanted to make them put in painstaking effort and let them see the benefits of working hard.

A soft rope was put on the table. If you took the tip of the rope and walked forward, the rope would follow you. But if you pushed the rope from behind, the rope would simply curve, but not advance.

This collective progress caused the King Lu Mountain to be filled with hope and joy. The Wei Wu Army was initially made up of mostly Rank Fives. Thus, many people benefited today.

The next day, everyone was in pain when they started training, but they carried hope and pa.s.sion with them.

Zhang Weiyu took out a drawing that he had just drawn. “Today, if you see this kind of plant in the forest, bring it to me. It can definitely be found on the mountains. I saw them near the foot of the mountain yesterday.”

When night fell, all the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army brought some of the plants that Zhang Weiyu had asked them to bring back. Then, they impatiently showered and returned to their barracks to train.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest took a large pot and started to mix the animal fat and the herbal medicine they had collected from the mountains.

Lu Shu was slightly distressed. “Don’t use too much of that. I plan to use that fat to make soap.”

Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. “The quality of the animals in the mountains are not bad. It might be nouris.h.i.+ng to the skin if made into soap. That is a good idea. But now, we cannot be stingy. After we nurture the Wei Wu Army, your plan can be carried out.”

Lu Shu bore the pain and agreed. The fat in the dozen pots grew whiter as they were boiled. It slowly turned into a cream-like substance. It was very mysterious.

The boiling took five hours. Zhang Weiyu and the rest took turns to stir the pot. If not, they would not be able to bear it.

“Do you want to take a rest and ask Li Heitan to bring some people over?” Lu Shu asked.

“No.” Zhang Weiyu flatly rejected him. “Their vital channels are not stable. They are in a crucial period. We cannot deprive them of their precious training time.”

In the morning, a small group of peak Rank Four soldiers had advanced to Rank Three. But there were few Rank Fours in the first place. Thus, there was not a big celebration today.

Zhang Weiyu smiled and gestured at Li Heitan and the rest to come over. “Come, come, take off your s.h.i.+rts! Rub this oil all over your bodies! Not only can it help you recover from the injuries to your vital channels, it will improve your skin too!”

When Li Heitan heard this, he was unhappy. “This is what the daughters of aristocrats use. What use is there for us to have good skin? We don’t need this.”

Zhang Weiyu was upset. “Then tell me. What should you rub on your bodies?”

Li Heitan scratched his head and said, “The blood of my enemies?”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

Lu Shu laughed out out. Li Heitan was indeed a man of steel.


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