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Chapter 746: Eat the Dragon Stage!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

This time, Chaos did not immediately start to eat, unlike the previous time. Instead, it churned about at the ceiling of the cave and observed. Lu Shu realized that it was very sly. It awakened when there was something to eat and went to sleep if there was no food. It did not try to fight, if it knew that it could not defeat its enemy.

Nie Ting swiftly slashed the Dragon Stage. But to everyone’s surprise, the Dragon Stage was unharmed!

The next moment, Nie Ting rose into the sky with his blade. Ao Xian, who had been sitting on the Dragon Stage, suddenly turned into a dragon. A hundred meter long green dragon appeared out of thin air. With one swipe of its claw, it broke Nie Ting’s blade.

But this attack made Ao Xian very uncomfortable. The scales on his claw started to peel and reveal the flesh underneath!

The entire Kunlun Mountains started to shake. The people inside the base walked out of the temporary building and looked helplessly in the direction of the Death Valley. The piled-up snow on the Kunlun Mountains started to collapse. Another avalanche was about to happen!

“What’s happening?” Zhang Yanfeng asked. He really admired these Pract.i.tioners. Any move they made had the potential to shake the entire world. He had only heard about this in myths.

Suddenly, they heard a loud and angry roar from the Death Valley. w.a.n.g Yan and the other ordinary people panicked. “Is there some strange creature there? Why don’t we go back to the city instead of waiting here for them?”

Cheng Qiuqiao was unhappy. “Auntie, we are here to protect you, but our teammates are still in there. You’re lucky that we haven’t abandoned you to help them. Would you kindly shut your mouth?”

Everyone had seen the slash of the sword that had swooped down from the sky. According to Cheng Qiuqiao, Heavenly King Nie and Lu Shu should be in the Death Valley. Everything would be all right…

At first, w.a.n.g Yan and the rest felt that Cheng Qiuqiao was very honest. This was true. Cheng Qiuqiao was always very frank with his friends, especially Chen Zuan. But there were times when Chen Zuan could not handle the truth…

But they also had their limits, especially when facing selfish people like w.a.n.g Yan.

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the peak of a mountain among the Kunlun Mountains. The crack rapidly grew longer, as if a deep abyss was about to form.

When the Cheng Ying sword unlocked the seal within the Death Valley, even the mountain itself was in danger of collapsing under the fight between Cla.s.s A experts. It was as if it would collapse at any time. Even the air started to distort. From afar, it seemed as if there were pieces of gla.s.s in the air that did not follow the laws of the natural world.

“Hm? Who are they?!” Zhang Yanfeng looked up and saw that there were two people above the Death Valley.

Both of them were dressed in black cloaks. Identical iron-clad puppets floated beside them.

Cheng Qiuqiao, Lu Xiaoyu, and Cheng Qiuqiao’s expression grew serious. “The Puppet Masters! Why are both of them here at the same time?”

Their black cloaks shook and dozens of wood puppets flew out, laughing cheerily. They were holding on to a red thread.

These wooden puppets were very fast. In a flash, they had used the red thread to create a large web in the sky. Buzz! A red ray of light burst forth from the web.

The mountain peak that was about to collapse was stabilized by the ray of light. It was as if a small part of the world was being protected.

“They are… protecting the world there?” Cheng Qiuqiao was shocked. “Aren’t they villains who want to destroy the world? Why are they protecting that area?”

But Lu Xiaoyu and Cao Qingci were not as talkative as Chen Zuan. They did not reply to him.

Lu Xiaoyu quietly looked at the two Puppet Masters. For some reason, she felt that they were smiling at her.

Back in the cave, Lu Shu did not partic.i.p.ate in the fight between Ao Xian and Nie Ting. But Nie Ting was very calm, even in the face of a five-taloned Panlong.

“Nie Ting is about to break through. He is stuck at the limit and cannot advance,” said Hai Gongzi as he observed from below. “No wonder he initiated the fight. He wanted to use the battle as a trigger for him to break through. From the look of things, the enemies he had faced in the past were… too weak. But this battle is not enough, because Ao Xian is not a worthy opponent.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. So Nie Ting had come all the way to the Kunlun Mountains to find a stronger opponent. Such drive!

“Can’t he just do it on his own?” Lu Shu asked.

“What do you understand?” Hai Gongzi looked at Lu Shu in disdain. “Out of the Eighteen Arms 1 , there are nine short weapons and nine long weapons. You have to press forward with an indomitable will when using the short weapons. Without this will, he would not have his achievements today. One cannot be defeated by the obstacles in front of them.”

“I am not ashamed to ask someone inferior to me. You said that one has to press forward with an indomitable will for the way of the Dao. Then how about the way of the sword?” Lu Shu asked.

Hai Gongzi expressionlessly looked at Lu Shu. “Throw that att.i.tude away and ask properly. I might consider telling you.”

“From Ao Hai’s distress, +800!”

But Hai Gongzi suddenly realized that Lu Shu no longer cared about him. Instead, he waved at Chaos, who was observing in a corner. He secretly approached the Dragon Stage.

To Lu Shu, after the events that had happened in the Lop Nur remains, killing Ao Xian was not that difficult. All he needed to do was to get Chaos to eat the Dragon Stage!

Ao Xian probably did not know about Chaos’ ability. Everyone had also been taken by surprise by the mystic water. Many people felt that their mythical objects and magical items were tough and sharp. But when they encountered mystic water, they were very unlucky. They could not defend themselves against it.

When Chaos saw Lu Shu waving to it, it became very excited. There would be food to eat as long as it followed its owner!

Hai Gongzi and Chen Zuan looked helplessly at them. While an earth-shaking fight was occurring above their heads, Lu Shu and Chaos were stealthily heading towards the Dragon Stage.

“What is Brother Shu going to do?”

Ao Xian had seen what Lu Shu and Chaos were doing. But the Dragon Stage was very durable. Even ordinary mythical objects were no match for it. Wanting to destroy the Dragon Stage was just wishful thinking


Chaos bit off a corner of the Dragon Stage and started to eat… delicious!

“From Ao Xian’s distress, +999!”

“Stop!” Ao Xian, who was still in his dragon form, was furious. He had never thought that Chaos would be able to break off the Dragon Stage with just one bite!

The power from the Dragon Stage started to leak out. This was Ao Xian’s sole support that allowed him to survive!

When Lu Shu saw how furious Ao Xian was, he turned and shouted, “Run, run! The old man is angry! Eat later!”

Ka! Chaos glanced at Ao Xian, who was running towards the Dragon Stage. It bit off another corner of the Dragon Stage before flying away.

Ao Xian saw the Dragon Stage, that he had been sitting on for thousands of years, missing two corners. He felt so much pain that he almost could not breathe…

“From Ao Xian’s distress, +999!”


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