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Chapter 69: The Supreme Status of the Daoyuan cla.s.s (Part 1)

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

First period, English.

Second period, Mathematics.

Third period, Language

Fourth period, Geography.

This was the timetable for Soph.o.m.ore Cla.s.s 3.

During the afternoon cla.s.ses, Lu Shu had realized something rather meaningful. There were 4 students from his original soph.o.m.ore cla.s.s 3, namely, himself, Lu Lingqi, Li Qingyu and Liu Li, who had entered the Daoyuan cla.s.s although Li Qingyu had been expelled.

The 11 new transfer students were also all part of the Daoyuan cla.s.s.

It was told to them when Daoyuan cla.s.ses had first started that they would still need to partic.i.p.ate in the cultural lessons even as they rise up the academic levels, including the subject’s examinations as well. Even so, only Lu Shu and Jiang Shuyi were focussing on the lessons while the rest of them were keeping their eyes shut while they engaged in their training.

The Yinyang Kins.h.i.+p of the Three was different from his celestial map as they could train even in the day. As such, these students were rus.h.i.+ng to complete their training even in the day.

According to Liu Li’s personal experience, the ‘day’ of training which Xi Fei mentioned was actually half a day as it did not include the timing they were in cla.s.ses during the day. This meant that they could be considered to be ‘rus.h.i.+ng’ through their training.

Liu Li thought that if he could complete two cycles within a day as compared to one cycle the other people of tier B apt.i.tude could complete, wouldn’t it leave Xi Fei impressed?

In actual fact, many of them were thinking the same thing as well…

Liu Li had understood the practical benefits of training as he had already tasted the fruits of its labor first hand. Furthermore, he was very troubled deep inside as he had received a complete beat down from Lu Shu during this morning’s arm wrestling. All he was thinking of was to complete the entire huge cycle as soon as possible in order to ascend out of the E cla.s.s!

The other students who had lower apt.i.tudes were admiring the strength the tier B students possessed and wished to obtain what they had as early as possible.

As Lu Shu was browsing through his income records, he saw that Liu Li was training with his eyes shut even though he had continuously been receiving distress points of +10 +7 +8 from him…looking at the initial 6000+ distress points he had received from the early part of the day, it had just exceeded 7000!

Even as he trained, he did not forget to help out his cla.s.smate. What a great man!

But… aren’t you becoming a little too obsessive? Lu Shu was unsure of whether to cry or laugh at this situation.

Lu Shu had to give it to the person who had invented this training method since it did not require the tranquil environment as stated in the legends in order to practice it. All they needed to do was to direct the magical energy into the route of their base chakra, simple and convenient.

The last period was geography which was taught by their form teacher, s.h.i.+ Qingyan. Just as he entered the cla.s.s, s.h.i.+ Qingyan noticed this trend where all those Daoyuan cla.s.s students were training with their eyes closed and that they did not even realize that a teacher had walked in.

s.h.i.+ Qingyan had remembered that luckily, Luo Cheng international school did not have the tradition where high school students would stand at attention and greet the teachers whenever they were to set foot into the cla.s.s. Or else, with those Daoyuan cla.s.s students sitting down as they continued their training without even moving at all, it would surely come as a blow to the teacher’s pride and dignity

Lu Shu continued to observe s.h.i.+ Qingyan’s expression and realized that he did not intend to disrupt the Daoyuan cla.s.s student’s training. This was because he had already understood that in today’s society, those who were in the Daoyuan cla.s.s were considered to have a higher social status.

Lu Shu had also read in the forums that Daoyuan cla.s.ses had also been established in universities. Currently, there were some materialistic girls who would gladly throw themselves at the guys next to them if they had been enlisted in the Daoyuan cla.s.s.

The number of such girls was few, just like the number of boys who would go to the nightclub as gigolos in order to make a living.

In the past, these girls would usually gather outside famous aviation schools as they felt that the boys there would normally be pilots after graduating and be earning hundreds of thousands every year… such logic was just shocking…

And now, their sights were placed on the Daoyuan cla.s.s students. But of course, they did not include the tier E and tier F students, as if they weren’t considered to be part of the Daoyuan cla.s.s.

Being a guy himself, Lu Shu felt elated as he saw this thread on the forum. Can these girls please throw themselves at me.

As he saw the last part concerning the tier E and F students, Lu Shu let out a laugh. Why was there so much discrimination in this society! Are we, E and F tier students, not considered humans as well?

Lu Shu suddenly felt rather curious and asked Jiang Shuyi, “Why aren’t you training, don’t you have to rush through it? Daoyuan cla.s.s is obviously segregating us into different places for first, second and third cla.s.s students and the better you performed in your abilities would mean that you would be placed further in front. Perhaps in the future, when they distribute resources such as weapons, you would receive more of it.”

Jiang Shuyi shot him a look before replying in a soft voice, “Although the magical energy around here has been replenished, there is always a limit to how much magical energy a location would have. After depleting the location’s energy, it requires time for it to be replenished. Thus, there are laws and rules you have to follow while training and it’s very important where you carry out your training. If someone with tier F apt.i.tude like you were to train in an energy-rich location while someone with a tier B apt.i.tude were to train in an energy-depleted location, perhaps the speed at which both of you are training at could be the same.”

Lu Shu thought about it for a while and agreed that it really was as such and Jiang Shuyi wasn’t spouting nonsense. Although the current energy in the area had been replenished, it wasn’t similar to the air in the atmosphere where it could be immediately replenished the moment you have depleted it.

It was more like a piece of cheese. The moment you finished it, it was gone for good.

You would only be able to continue eating once the chef had served you yet another piece.

As such…was there somewhere in this world where the magical energy in the area was bountiful, where it was higher than other places by a few folds…or even tens or hundreds of folds? It’s not impossible!

Lu Shu wouldn’t naively believe that everyone in this world was dismissive towards the idea of training as there would surely be some of them out there who were extremely interested in it. If metahumans were to become the world’s most important resource one day, perhaps every single one of these ‘predators’ would be out there fighting for these useful resources in frenzy, much like the current state of the business world.

Thus… apt.i.tude wasn’t the only deciding factor in one’s training speed.

Furthermore, there’s nothing in this world which was controlled by just a single factor; and in actual fact, even if one’s apt.i.tude was mediocre, one would still be able to achieve something through training!

His deskie really did know quite a lot of stuff. Lu Shu curiously asked, “how is this related to my question.”

Lu Shu’s actual question was why wasn’t Jiang Shuyi rus.h.i.+ng to complete his training during lesson time?

Jiang Shuyi inched closer and whispered, “There are 12 people training in this cla.s.s currently. Even the cla.s.s next door and all the other cla.s.ses have students who are doing the same. All of them require this magical energy and our school isn’t a place which is blessed with the abundance of energy. How can it supply enough energy to all these people who are training now?”

Oh, Lu Shu clearly understood what he meant. If he had to compete with this many people for magical energy, he would have might as well save himself the effort.

That’s true. There were over a thousand metahumans who were training in this one school and the rate at which the energy was going to be depleted at would definitely be shocking.

This was the reason why Jiang Shuyi did not bother to train in school at all and it was also the reason why Xi Fei had said, “Don’t bother trying it out at school, do it at home!”

Lu Shu had already viewed Jiang Shuyi in a different light and this explanation from him further strengthened his impression of Jiang Shuyi. This dude must have definitely learned something from his family as he had already made full sense of this reasoning while the others were still foolishly training and competing with each other for the magical energy.


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