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Chapter 1330: Li Heitan’s Marriage

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Brother Shu! Let’s get going!” Chen Zuan walked into the room from the courtyard. He plucked a tomato on the way in and ate it after rubbing it on his clothes.

Cheng Qiuqiao who was carrying confetti behind him was unhappy. “Can you help carry some?”

“I am the Heavenly King!” said Chen Zuan.

“Am I not a f*cking Heavenly King too?” Cheng Qiuqiao widened his eyes and turned before shouting into the room, “Brother Shu, Xiaoyu, fatty ate your tomato!”

Chen Zuan was shocked and stuffed the huge tomato into his mouth. Coincidentally, Lu Xiaoyu walked out of the room emotionless and said as she saw the stuffed mouth of Chen Zuan, “If you dare to eat our tomatoes again, I will split your head apart.”

Chen Zuan quickly changed the topic and shouted as he walked into the room, “Brother Shu, let’s hurry, Heitan should go and fetch the bride.”

After he entered the room, Chen Zuan saw Lu Shu standing beside the window with full focus. There was a bronze vessel beside the window and one could see Ouyang Lishang’s signature at the corner of the vessel.

However, the interior of the vessel was very strange. The complicated orange mark was flickering as though it was breathing. Meanwhile, a phoenix egg was in the center of the vessel. It was breathing along with the vessel.

Chen Zuan immersed himself in this scene and felt that there was a secret. He took a deep breath. “Brother Shu, what is this?”

“You will find out in the future.” Lu Shu shot him a glance. “What are we doing today?”

“You ran away sneakily when we were sticking the ‘double happiness’ decorations. Today, you, Qiuqiao and I will drive and bring the confetti along. We have to set off the firecrackers when we pa.s.s by tunnels and bridges to get some luck. We need to reach the bride’s house at 9.50. Then, Li Heitan will bring Nalan Que’s sister to their room. Lastly, we will head to the hotel for the wedding ceremony, dinner and toasts.”

“What do you mean by running away sneakily.” Lu Shu slapped the back of Chen Zuan’s head. “I left because… Zhong Yutang looked for me and said it was for an emergency.”

Chen Zuan looked at Lu Shu calmly. “He came over to stick the decorations afterwards.”

“Hahahaha really.” Lu Shu looked around. “Let’s leave, don’t delay Heitan’s marriage. I don’t know what Nalan Que was thinking when she introduced her sister to Li Heitan and they actually fell in love… Oh right, have you found your love? I heard from Qiuqiao that you went for a matchmaking session a few days ago.”

“Don’t talk about that.” Chen Zuan looked extremely annoyed. “When I sat down, the girl asked me if I have any career plans in the future. I thought I went for a job interview! Moreover, I am a Heavenly King so there’s not much progress I can make. What career plans would I have, just sit, eat and wait to die!”

“So you said that?” Lu Shu was stunned.


“Elder Chen is waiting for you to start a family and give birth to children. Now that I think about it’s going to be hard…” said Lu Shu with complicated emotions.

“I am in despair too. What can I do?” Chen Zuan said.

The group of them walked out with the confetti in their hands and their voices faded away. “Have you fixed Qiuqiao’s car?”

“Cough cough, recently I am short of money, brother Shu, can you lend me some…” said Cheng Qiuqiao as he looked at Cheng Qiuqiao.

Lu Shu shrugged. “If you need money, you should look for Xiaoyu.”

Li Heitan’s wedding was rather grand as though it was a party for the Imperial Dragon Soldiers and the Heavenly Network. This was the first joyous occasion after the great war and everyone felt that it should be extravagant.

Nie Ting sat beside Lu Shu and asked, “How is it?”

“There’s some progress.” Lu Shu said as he took a bite of the food, “Oh right, is there anything going on in India? Should I make a trip?”

“No, you will scare them,” said Nie Ting, “You should just stay put in Luo City.”

“I can’t help here.” Lu Shu was annoyed. “Or I can go to North America. I heard that the leader of the Phoenix Society is not being obedient.”

“Wait till he reaches the Shen Cang Jing,” replied Nie Ting.

At this moment, Li Heitan and his wife came over to give toasts. Then, they saw everyone take out a bottle of white wine under the table. n.o.body knew where the thousands of white wine came from. Li Heitan’s wife was intimidated.

Lu Shu glared at them. “Scram, don’t delay their intimate time.”

Li Heitan thought that his Great Lord was being nice to him. He walked over to each table without drinking any alcohol. With the Great Lord’s order, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers would not be able to make him drink.

After Li Heitan left, Lu Shu shot Chen Zuan and the rest a look. Chen Zuan became excited immediately. “Let’s go, brother Shu asks us to listen to what they are saying!”

The whole group sneakily came to the window and heard Li Heitan’s wife say, “Lu Shu gave us 10,000. Record it down.”

Li Heitan replied, “Alright.”

“Chen Zuan gave you 100. I don’t think he treats you as a brother,” said Li Heitan’s wife.

Li Heitan was anxious. “I warn you, don’t you dare make that comment about my brother again.”

“Oh.” The bride nodded.

Everyone looked at Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao scolded. “You are really f*cking stingy!”

Chen Zuan looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. “Do you still want me to fix your car?!”

Cheng Qiuqiao changed the topic. “Why aren’t they going to bed? I thought newlyweds do that first? Why are they counting money?”

Lu Shu looked up into the blue sky and smiled. “Let’s go, that’s their lives.”


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