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Chapter 1289: Sealed City

At this moment, Lu Shu did not know who came over or why the person came to the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation. However, Lu Shu had a premonition that someone was there to destroy his plans again!

He was not over-imagining things or making things up. However, any person who was almost in despair would think about the worst outcome.

A commotion started outside the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation. Someone shouted, “This is the conference of the King’s Studies, what are you guys doing? Are you guys disrespecting the old King of G.o.ds?”

This was the typical act of King’s Studies. Ordinary people would not dare to mess with the King’s Studies as after all, the old King of G.o.ds was too powerful.

However, the King’s Studies seemed to have faced some troubles this time. A sharp voice sneered, “I have been in the palace for hundreds of years, this is the first time I have met King’s Studies scholars who want to frame the wealthy families. Scram! The wealthy families will use the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation for today’s meeting, those who are not involved should leave!”

At this moment, Lu Shu who was inside the Palace was stunned. Didn’t the wealthy families say that they wanted to meet five days later? Why did they bring forward the meeting by five days? It seemed that everyone felt the threat.

After all, the soldiers of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were acting too quickly and it was normal for everyone to fear.

However, why did the wealthy families of the palace choose the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation? Lu Shu suddenly realized that anyone would be worried about others acting behind their back no matter where they went. n.o.body would head to other people’s territory at this point in time. What if others treated them as dead weight?

Therefore, it was better for them to pick a central location. The Peach Blossom a.s.sociation, as the best venue in the palace, became the top choice of the wealthy families.

They did not insist on holding the discussion in the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation because of the environment. Instead, to the wealthy families of the palace, everything had to be the best when they headed out. This was the reputation of the wealthy families.

However, unfortunately, the meeting clashed with the King’s Studies meeting.

When Lu Shu heard the sharp voice earlier on, he was certain that the person had a managerial position in a wealthy family. At least, that person would be the manager of the backyard.

“So what if you are from the wealthy families of the palace?” One of the King’s Studies scholars sneered, “You guys must be here to discuss about how to defend against the Wei Wu Army. You probably don’t know that the leader of the Wei Wu Army is one of the division leaders of the King’s Studies a.s.sociation!”

When Lu Shu heard this, his face turned black immediately. They had claimed that Lu Shu dirtied the King’s Studies reputation initially, but they were now using Lu Shu’s name to boast to others. How shameless!

However, this sentence seemed to successfully threaten the other party. Everyone in the palace knew who the wealthy families were afraid of. Therefore, they used Lu Shu’s name immediately.

Lu Shu was extremely annoyed by the fact that although the wealthy families of the palace were afraid of him, the King’s Studies scholars dared to gossip about him right in front of him… Even though the King’s Studies scholars did not know that they said those things in front of him…

The manager was speechless for a while. After all, he did not keep up with the updates and hence did not know if the King’s Studies scholars were lying or not as he made it seem very real.

At this moment, a deep voice was heard, “Scram like we told you to. Or else, we will kill you.”

After this sentence, moans of the King’s Studies scholars were heard. It seemed like some of them had died outside.

The words of the King’s Studies scholars could fool and stop a manager but not the master of the families.

The wealthy families of the palace rushed in and everyone was equipped with broadswords.

As compared to the weak King’s Studies scholars, the wealthy families of the palace exuded a charismatic aura.

Prioritizing a proper education over physical education had been trending for a long time in the palace. Gradually, the cultured people had forgotten that one’s power was determined by one’s physical strength.

The King’s Studies scholars who were blocking the roads were pushed away by the armed guards. Some of them fell to the ground as they were caught off guard.

Lu Shu quickly distributed the books to the King’s Studies scholars. However, the manager saw him and was extremely displeased. “Scram, why are you distributing things here?”

Lu Shu was happy. He did not expect someone to b.u.mp into him like that.

The important characters of the wealthy families had entered the Peach Blossom a.s.sociation. Everyone was poised and had many servants.

Lu Shu saw one master sitting on a small carriage. He shot a look and a servant pa.s.sed him his tobacco pipe. There was also a person holding onto an ashtray. It was extremely charismatic.

Lu Shu wanted to begin with the master. However, before he could speak, many people suddenly ran into the a.s.sociation panting and reported to their respective masters, “Bad news, the Wei Wu Army vanished. They suddenly sped up a few hours ago and disappeared after entering a valley.”

The master who was sitting on the carriage suddenly got angry. “Useless beings, why are you guys only reporting something that happened a few hours ago now? Where did they disappear from?”

“They suddenly accelerated and we couldn’t catch up. Not like we caught up to them before either…” The servant reported, “The people we planted along the way could see their route occasionally along the way. However, something went wrong after they entered the valley. We sent a large number of people into the valley and confirmed that they had indeed vanished. However, we are not sure how.”

“So where are they now?” asked the master.

“Master, I don’t know.” The servant who was reporting was about to cry. He did not want to be the one reporting but this was an emergency.

The masters exchanged gazes and felt the abnormally tense atmosphere. Initially, everyone had calculated that the Wei Wu Army would arrive the next day but why did things suddenly speed up?

Moreover, they disappeared!

The disappearance was the most worrisome. For example, if one discovered a poisonous spider in one’s house, it was not the scariest. The scariest thing would be the disappearance of the spider. One would not know where it went, but it was definitely in the house…

Then, another group of people rushed in. They were also the servants of the wealthy families. They did not bother about their manners and shouted anxiously, “Bad news, master, the Wei Wu Army appeared outside the palace and are beginning to seal the city!”

“What?!” The master who was sitting on the carriage was shocked. Sealing of the city?!

They merely rode on horses the last time, and now, they want to seal the entire city?


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