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Everyone from the Ninesuns Sky Sect departed as per Jiang Chen’s orders, except for the sect head. They didn’t stop until they were at least three thousand miles away from the northern territory.

No one dared disobey Jiang Chen. This was no game. They were up against a demon, and not any regular demon, if the young lord’s solemn expression was anything to go by.

“Stay hidden, Brother Xia. The four sacred beasts will take one of each cardinal direction. I’ll search for our target.”

There was almost universal curiosity on just how Jiang Chen would do that.

Xia Tianze, though, knew that the Great Veluriyam Torch in Jiang Chen’s possession could lock in on any demon with its radiance.

More importantly, the light could cover a large area – more than a thousand miles of radius at its full potential. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t completely refined the torch, he could still reach about a hundred miles of radius.

In other words, he’d be able to search through the region thrice in half a month.

Jiang Chen hid the torch within his forehead, blending it with his G.o.d’s Eye and Evil Golden Eye.

On the outside, it seemed as if he was using an eye technique. What technique was so powerful that it could reach such a distance? And the light was so stunning and magnificent to boot!

A day went by with no results.

Then another day. Still nothing.

“Are you enjoying your fruitless search?” mocked Jadeface. “When you return, Jiang Chen, you’ll be lucky if there are any bodies left for you to bury. If my forefather was in a bad mood, there will be nothing left of your loved ones after he’s done with them.”

Unfazed, Jiang Chen abruptly opened his eyes and stared at Jadeface, chuckling darkly. 

“I hear that wood demons have a method of torture named the ‘Myriad Heart-Devouring Fiends’. Have you experienced it before? I know a technique that’s very similar. Since you’re so bored, why don’t I try it on you?”

Jadeface’s face fell. That was one of the top three painful demonic tortures. His expression crumbled when Jiang Chen rose to his feet.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, then suddenly dashed out the door as if he’d sensed something. “Everyone, ready yourselves for combat!”

His order filled everyone with antic.i.p.ation. Had Jiang Chen finally located Forefather Evilshadow?

Above a valley near the Heavenly Dragon Sect, Jiang Chen spoke to the eight Primordial Stone Golem brothers. “Alright you all, level the mountains on each side of the valley.”

After joining Jiang Chen, the eight stone golems had made substantial progress. They’d long considered him their master. They sprung to action as soon as the young lord gave the order.

The eight of them combined made quick work of the mountains. The valley gradually and steadily opened up to them.

Jiang Chen smiled lazily. “Tell Jadeface to come over and enjoy the view.”

Jadeface watched from a distance, his expression desperate. He didn’t know how Jiang Chen had been able to find so obscure a hideout.

Seeing the stones roll away from the valley, he knew the seal would be exposed sooner or later.

“Forefather, Forefather, I didn’t betray you!” he exclaimed. “The human leader is too powerful. This subordinate…”

The four sacred beasts took to the sky and circled the entire area.

From under the valley came a wave of tremendous tremendously. The lands around seemed to shake as well.

A hoa.r.s.e voice carried forth, “What is going on, Jadeface?”

It sounded oblivious to the happenings in the outside world.

There was nothing Jadeface could do but to call out warnings. “You must be careful, Forefather. The leader of the human race has come to attack you with a large group of divine cultivators and sacred beasts.”

“How did they find this place?” raged the hoa.r.s.e voice. “Did you sell this seat out?!”

“No, Forefather, this subordinate didn’t sell you out. The human leader isn’t like a human at all. He… he…” Jadeface fell into despair when he realized he had no words to defend himself.

“Useless! You’re all useless! Where are Serratewind and the other imbeciles?”

He couldn’t be more furious knowing that human cultivators had arrived on his doorstep. He was so close to breaking free of the seal, yet trouble had come knocking at this critical time.

Like Forefather Stonefiend, Evilshadow didn’t think much of the humans either. His pride was equally unfounded. He might’ve been ent.i.tled to such arrogance once he returned to his peak after regaining his freedom, but not when he was trapped in the seal like a sitting duck.

“Haha, I took them out long ago, Forefather Evilshadow. Your one surviving subordinate very kindly led us to your location. I really should thank him. Ah, but the G.o.ds are merciful. We humans have always been kind. We’ll allow you two shadow demons a final meeting before your deaths.”

With a wave of his hand, Jiang Chen threw Jadeface right into Evilshadow’s seal.

“Please let me explain, Forefather,” begged the lesser demon. “The humans are trying to drive a wedge between us.”

Evilshadow snorted. “Oh? The fact that you’re still alive proves to me you’re not loyal enough. Otherwise, why have you survived while Serratewind and the others are all dead?”

Demons couldn’t be reasoned with. They had their own logic, and they never listened.

Evilshadow didn’t even hesitate before absorbing Jadeface.

He was so close to breaking the seal. Jadeface’s energy could be of some help. He cast his consciousness outside and glanced at Jiang Chen, who was hovering in the sky.

“How low has the human race fallen? Why is a boy yet to be weaned off his mother’s milk issuing orders? Has your race completely run out of talent?” Evilshadow hadn’t realized how serious a situation he was in.

Jiang Chen smirked. He so loved being underestimated.

As he’d said to Serratewind last time, the more his enemy underestimated him, the better. That made them reckless. He wasn’t used to being treated as a serious threat by demons.

“This seat is about to break free, boy. Fate has brought you appetizers here for me to consume!” Evilshadow growled and tapped into all of his demonic energy. He was going to rip through the last restraints of the seal!


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