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Chapter 234: Eternal Tree’s evolution

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes flickered with a burst of light as his right hand trembled ever so slightly. He unleashed the golden-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s that curled on his right hand. At the same time, the power of his bloodline activated. He was able to sense the burning sensation coming from his right arm, followed by the slight numbness on his skin. Following that, gold scales started to appear on his skin and enveloped his entire palm and forearm. His fingernails grew sharp claws as well. An unprecedented amount of strength grew within him.

The gold and silver vortex within his body circulated extremely quickly as the gold light became brighter and stronger. Lan Xuanyu’s body shook as he seemed to grow by another few centimeters. Right at this instant, a strange enlightenment suddenly appeared deep within his heart.

Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! He took a step forward as the deep and low dragon roar reverberated. Lan Xuanyu suddenly unleashed a punch with his right fist, producing a golden figure of light that seemed to form the shape of a dragon head. This was his first time producing the form of a golden dragon.


Lan Xuanyu focused all of his Soul Power, power of the bloodline, and techniques all into this punch and struck the target.

This punch felt extremely invigorating and had the sense of pulling away all the negative emotions within his body. More importantly, this punch gave him a peek into the true essence of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Nana had once informed him that the same technique in different people’s hands would produce different results. That was because everyone is different and has their own comprehension and understanding. Being guided on the technique was just an introduction; the true essence of turning a technique strong was to merge it with one’s own body and mastering it with one’s own understanding.

For some reason, Lan Xuanyu had always felt that Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was extremely suited for him, but it was only on this day did he truly sense the true mysteries behind this technique. The sense of mastering it made him realize that the increase in his strength due to the bloodline mutation was not by a small margin. He knew that he had to experience and refine the technique further and, at the same time, increase his cultivation to utilize the technique better. The improvement was not just from the two-rank improvement in his Soul Power or the 10-over points in terms of spiritual power but more of a holistic gain, including his enlightenment.

This time, the robotic voice did not announce how much force he had used. The door opened, signifying the end of the test.

Once he was out of the machine, Lan Xuanyu noticed that no one had entered yet. He quickly walked to the side and found a conspicuous position and sat down cross-legged to meditate.

The physical examination had yet to end, but he had to grab every second to recover his peak state to unleash everything he had in the upcoming tests.

The equilibrium test had different effects on everyone, and by the time everyone completed the fourth test, half an hour had pa.s.sed. Lan Xuanyu had recovered to his peak state in the half hour, and his entire being emitted an aura br.i.m.m.i.n.g with abundance of energy and fighting spirit.

Qian Lei and Liu Feng’s expression did not look good. Liu Feng was slightly better and only pale white. But Qian Lei had a green face. His physical condition was the worst despite having Soul Power at around rank 27 and 28. But his Martial Soul was the Summoning Coin and thus did not focus on his body that much. This caused him to suffer greatly in the equilibrium test and was the one to perform the worst and vomited the most. He lasted for 18 seconds and almost fainted. When he exited the machine, he vomited all over.

Liu Feng was adept in speed. His comprehension of speed was pa.s.sable and was always good in his balance, so he performed fairly well.

“We will have 30 minutes of rest. After 30 minutes, we will undergo the second round. In the second round, the main aspect is your physical capability. When the time comes, your Soul Power will be sealed to prevent its use to supplement your body. You can only rely on your own physical state in the test. The bracelets in your hands will record the test results.”

“Ah?” Qian Lei scowled immediately; he wanted to cry! Physical capability was his weakest point, and Soul Power was even prohibited. Although he was not considered obese, but he was at the peak edge of the slightly fat area. To him, the physical capability test was equivalent to taking his life.

“It’s fine, I’m here.” Lan Xuanyu patted him on the shoulders.

Qian Lei was startled for a moment. “Xuanyu, don’t! I can’t drag you down.”

Lan Xuanyu replied almost immediately. “Just remember to treat me to a big meal when we get back.”

Qian Lei laughed. “You really have confidence in this?”

Lan Xuanyu smirked. “Let’s try it. A big meal! Remember that.”

“No problem. I will rest up now.”

Shrek Academy. Main teaching block, top floor.

This was the central work area of Shrek Academy’s outer courtyard and where the offices of the outer courtyard’s president and the few deputies were located.

“The satellite image is here, and we discovered something after a.n.a.lysing it. When the tide appeared on the Sea G.o.d Lake, the life energy in the entire Shrek City increased to 120%. The life energy on the entire Douluo planet increased by 5%. We have reported this to Tree Elder. Tree Elder mentioned that it should be a good phenomenon, and the Eternal Tree seemed to have evolved or had some positive mutation and advised everyone not to worry.”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a rather ordinary appearance except for the vertical eye on his forehead, making him look extremely out of the norm.

And at this time, the one seated at the head chair was a lady who looked to be younger than 20-years-old. She was extremely beautiful with a warm and gentle smile on her face. Upon hearing the news, she nodded her head and replied, “That’s good. With this, everyone can rest easy. The new student tests should be ongoing in these two days. Everyone, please pay attention to this. There are many good seedlings, so we can break the quota rules and recruit more if need be. I have already proposed this at the Sea G.o.d Pavilion and will increase the number of students in the near future. I feel that 30 a year is too little. Now that the Eternal Tree is stable and even improved, my proposal should pa.s.s.”

“Yes, president.”

“President.” Right at this time, a person walked in from the outside. If Lan Xuanyu was present, he would definitely recognize her to be Doctor Zhang Chenyu, who had drawn his blood.

The beautiful president smiled, “Chenyu, you’re here. What’s up?”

Zhang Chenyu had a strange expression on her face. “President, I discovered a blood sample with unique characteristics in the blood test just now. It has already broken two detectors, so I have come to invite you over to take a look.”

“Oh?” The president revealed a surprised expression and stood up immediately. “Alright, bring me there. Seems like there is an interesting brat this year!”

Zhang Chenyu replied respectfully, “Yes, I felt that his blood is slightly different while drawing it. There was a blood anomaly, but I was unable to confirm it at that point. But in the detector, the blood was truly incited after being provoked. The situation is extremely peculiar.”

“Let’s go take a look.” The president was already by her side.

Zhang Chenyu immediately took the lead. The others in the central office did not follow along and continued with their tasks. Shrek Academy has never been a simple academy!

Everything inside the large laboratory was silver, making the place look extremely clean and tidy. More than a hundred researchers and scientists dressed in white gowns were busy with their work. The interior of the laboratory was segmented into different regions. And this was not the only laboratory in Shrek Academy, just the biological test lab.

Upon seeing the beautiful president, the researchers immediately bowed respectfully, while the president maintained a warm smile and nodded toward them.

They arrived at a standalone room. Upon entering, the expression in the eyes of the president changed because she sensed a peculiar energy fluctuation.

Two two-meter tall blood detector machines that took up one square meter each discharged smoke and emitted a burning smell.


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