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Li Xianyu was not resigned to his fate and asked, “Is there anything else we can do? Are we really stuck here?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked solemn, as Lady Killer sighed helplessly, “Currently, there is really no way. Long Aotian himself is an extremely powerful mental power awakener, and the whole virtual world is a huge illusory array. In order to build this world, our company consumed a lot of resources, and strived for perfection. But now it seems to screw us over instead.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady said gravely, “It’s not like there’s no way. We have to defeat Long Aotian, or wait for him to wake up and automatically withdraw his illusory array.”

“Duh.” Lady Killer held a wine cup in his hand and took a sip. “Long Aotian controls the illusory array. Even Big Boss can’t do anything about him here, let alone us… And we will never wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep. He is not pa.s.sively lost in the illusory array, he is in too deep, like a fish in the water. ”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was immediately discouraged. Because of this, Long Aotian’s problem was truly hard to resolve. This was Long Aotian’s territory. In the game world, Long Aotian was electricity, light, the only legend, a superstar that non-player characters (NPC) would want to kneel down to wors.h.i.+p.

“Don’t worry, the leaders will find a way to get us out,” Lady Killer said. “The more people you get involved in, the faster things are solved. Wait at ease.”

That said, Lady Killer was not sure about the scope of the time, it may be a few days, weeks, months, or more.

If they couldn’t solve it in a short period of time, then their real body needs more things, such as infusion tubes, or diapers… Thunderbolt Battle Lady shuddered at the thought of someone wearing and changing diapers for her regularly, her expression turning more despondent.

“Since Long Aotian is so formidable, what are you doing in here?” Li Xianyu snarked. At this time, he didn’t bother to use the honorific of “Senior”. Didn’t they say it was a safe and risk-free trip to the cutting-edge VR experience? Now they were all screwed.

Lady Killer replied, “Of course, it is an attempt to awaken Long Aotian. This task is valuable and is worth 300 points. The fixed points of senior employees are only one hundred points. This is three years’ worth of salary. This year, all the company’s mental power awakeners held a meeting to discuss the treatment and solution of the virtual world. We all agree that as long as we can find out the loopholes in Long Aotian’s worldview, we may be able to wake him up.”


“Well, it’s a virtual world after all, and flaws are certain to exist. We have found more than one place, but every time we mention it in front of Long Aotian, he will patch it up, and then the person who raises the question would become a villain and killed, game over.”

“So this doesn’t work?”

“No, the loophole is not big enough. As long as we can find a loophole enough to subvert the world, Long Aotian’s patch will not be able to be executed. The virtual world will collapse, and we will be saved.” Lady Killer said. “Our plan and only hope now, is to stay in this game and slowly look for loopholes.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady said, “It’s not that easy. Although Big Boss’s script follows many tropes, but the logic is very sound. Although there are many loopholes, but they are small problems, there are no loopholes to subvert the world.”

Li Xianyu asked, “Why not just unplug the power supply?”

Lady Killer shook his head, “That won’t work. If that happens… then our consciousness will die with this nonexistent world, including all the other people trapped in the virtual world. By then, we will really become vegetables.”

Li Xianyu also fell silent. He sat at the table with emotionless San Wu, picked up a cup of win and took a sip. He then took another sip.

As an experienced player, Lady Killer had went through the despondent stage and comforted. “I was just like you at first, but I found that it was good to be in the virtual world. Here are gold bottles of good wine and beautiful ladies. You can experience ancient life. During the initial construction of the world, our company hired a professional historian as a consultant, to reflect the life of the ancient people as accurately as possible. Think of it as a holiday.”

Li Xianyu rolled his eyes. “They are all fake, what good experience. I have to go out to practise my cultivation, I’m just here to gain some knowledge.”

Lady Killer smiled unfathomably and pushed the beauty in his arms towards Li Xianyu.

Li Xianyu stared blankly, and welcomed the beauty who fell towards him, with open arms. “She feels great, like a real person.”

Lady Killer chuckled dryly, “Not bad, right… Now that you know, although the world is illusory, it is not very different from reality. Remember the uniform you wore when you entered the game cabin? There are built-in sensors in it, including touch, pain, hearing, vision, and even taste.”

Li Xianyu muttered to himself, “If it’s like this, then that’s not bad. I’ll just treat it as a holiday. The young ladies feel like real people. Though I can touch them but not ‘eat’ them, a life of debauchery and pleasure in ancient brothels is a rare opportunity to experience.”

“Who says they are fake? The people here are no different from real people, and there are beauties all over the place. Our company’s IT toiled for half a year and suffered from sleepless nights just building the modeling.”

“It really feels very nice. It’s no wonder that Long Aotian does not want to come out.”


Thunderbolt Battle Lady punched Li Xianyu in the head, like a gorilla beating Hanamichi Sakuragi, and remarked angrily, “Can you two be more reliable?”

She was still shrouded in the trauma of wearing diapers, and the two guys had a lively discussion of vulgar content. She glared exasperatedly at Li Xianyu, who could be considered half her disciple, and said, “Lady Killer is a mental power awakener. He can resist temptation. Be careful, don’t fall deeper and deeper. If you become mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded, you will live with diapers every day.”

Li Xianyu replied with an “Oh,” and corrected his att.i.tude, becoming more serious.

Since matters are already like this, rather than complaining, they rather accept reality and think about solutions. Thunderbolt Battle Lady drank wine, frowning and meditating.

Lady Killer’s mentality was much better, drinking with Li Xianyu and chatting happily.

Since they were in a brothel, of course, it was natural to talk about the culture of the brothels. He said that brothels were different from prost.i.tute dens. In ancient times, brothels were places of pleasure for the literate and officials, and commoners were not allowed to go in and spend.

For the first time, Li Xianyu found out that brothels were so opulent.

Lady Killer also said that the most popular courtesan in the brothel had a very high status. One could not develop relations with them just because one was rich. One might only be able to take a glance at them after spending hundreds of silver taels, or have them chat and sing. If one wanted to bed them, one had to pay even more, and it all depends on their mood.

Li Xianyu remarked, “This I understand, courtesans are equivalent to female celebrities now.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady retorted, “You men are so interesting, looking down on courtesans, and enthusiastically pursuing them. While saying that flowers at home are not as fragrant as wild flowers, they do not allow their wives to be courtesans.” 

She frowned and said, “Tell these women to go out, they are all overly seductive and coquettish, I feel uncomfortable.” 

Lady Killer retorted, “Courtesans are also forced by life. You can’t look down on them. In my eyes, they are also businessmen.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady gave him a side-eyed glance. “Businessmen? What do they sell?”

Li Xianyu replied unconsciously, “Of course, they sell hugs.”

At this time, the sounds of urgent galloping rang outside the window. Shocked exclaims of pedestrians, as well as the horse rider’s yell rang. The scene was a mess of chaos.

Lady Killer put down his gla.s.s and seemed to have expected it. “Come with me, Long Aotian has appeared.”


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