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Li Xianyu saw dark yellow ceilings and bright incandescent lights. Based on the color of the walls and the sound ringing in his ears, Li Xianyu speculated that this was the old building of the girls’ dormitory. Not all the student dormitories in the university were new buildings.

“Zhang Ying, it’s a pity. You almost married into a wealthy family,” the girl, who was lying on the other side of the bed, with a mask on her face said.

“I think you should continue to fight with her. You have a child anyway, that’s your bargaining chip.” Another comment came from under the bed.

Zhang Ying’s voice rang in Li Xianyu’s ear, and she sighed. “Aren’t I cutting off my own path if I give birth to the child? You think I don’t want to, but he doesn’t agree to divorce. His wife’s family is also in business, and it is a family marriage. How would he get a divorce just because of the child in my stomach? He says at most he would give me alimony, but he doesn’t want the child. It’s no use threatening him but if I’m obedient, he’s willing to pay a break-up fee.”

I have a strange point of view. Why would I be in Zhang Ying’s head?

After a moment, Li Xianyu immediately realized. At this point, he was looking at the world from the ghost infant’s point of view. But why would I see what happened last night? What is this operation?

Ghost infant brand broadcast relay? Is it because its umbilical cord is in my mouth?

“Hey, tell me, how much did he give you to break up?” This question aroused the interest of two other girls in the dorm room and they asked one after another.

Zhang Ying replied, “The break-up fee is 150,000 dollars, plus the nutrition fee after abortion, the mental loss fee, and so on, a total of 200,000 dollars.”

“Wow!” All kinds of exclamations rang as the girls’ faces were full of envy. “That’s a load of money. Next time if there is this kind of rich man, can you count me in?”

It turns out that girls talk about these topics in private, hah, women. What kind of fool gives so much for a break-up fee? No wonder the current marriage market is getting worse.

But thinking of his own waist, sadness welled in Li Xianyu’s heart. What has it got to do with me? He was thinking again of the 200,000 dollars inheritance that his father had saved painstakingly. In contrast, it was even sadder.

“It’s not so easy to fish for a rich man. You have to serve him well in bed.” Zhang Ying sighed. “And I’m pregnant, and my body getting worse and out of shape, it’s more difficult to marry a rich man in future.”

From the perspective of the ghost infant, he can clearly see what was inside Zhang Ying’s loose pyjamas.

Zhang Ying rubbed her neck, “My neck and spine aches and hurts recently, I feel like something is pressing on my neck.”

At this moment, a girl suggested, “Why don’t we play with Buns.h.i.+nsaba? Ask it what our future is like.”

The proposal was immediately rejected by another girl. “Do you want to die? You dare to play with this thing?”

Zhang Ying smiled and said to the girl sitting on her opposite side, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Do you really believe there are ghosts in the world? Even if there is, then that’s just right. We find it to ask for our future. As long as we follow the rules, we don’t have to worry about the Buns.h.i.+nsaba.”

Li Xianyu found himself getting up, to be exact, Zhang Ying got up. She sat in bed, with a tone full of interest. “Well, which one of you knows the rules?”

After Zhang Ying got up, he saw the overall appearance of the dormitory. The girls’ bed sheets were either cartoon or pink, the air had a faint smell of perfume. But the things on the table were messy and miscellaneous, with cosmetics, computers and textbooks. It was a mess, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder who see it will feel their scalp being numb. The balcony was hung with underwears of different colors and styles.

The kettle and the chair were put in random places. The whole feeling of the dormitory was not dirty, but it was very messy.

So there’s no difference between female dormitories and male dormitories.

The girl who suggested to play with Buns.h.i.+nsaba said, “I know how. I’ll teach you, but I suggest that after midnight, we secretly go to the bathroom to play.”

Zhang Ying asked, “Why do we have to go to the toilet, let’s play directly in the bedroom.”

“Do you remember the legend of our dormitory building?” The girl said, “Our dormitory is an old house. In 2008, a girl cut her wrists in the toilet and killed herself. If you play with Buns.h.i.+nsaba, it is more appropriate to go there. And the toilet light was spoiled last night.”

The girls were a little scared and excited, and finally agreed to play the game.

Humans are complex creatures. The more afraid the person was, the more they liked to do it. As they feared, they became more excited, and then killed themselves accidentally by playing.

A thought flashed in Li Xianyu’s heart. Was it the Buns.h.i.+nsaba game that triggered the ghost infant to become ferocious and kill Zhang Ying?

They didn’t know that there are truly vengeful spirits in the world, and it was in a room with them.

The girl who proposed to play the Buns.h.i.+nsaba game was a lover of the occult, and liked supernatural stuff. She searched around in a cabinet to find a candle and said, “I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time, but I’m afraid you won’t dare to play, so I’ve never mentioned it.”

Other girls affectionately scolded her “pervert” and “sick.”

At midnight, four girls snuck out of the bedroom and headed towards the public toilets at the end of the corridor.

“I’ll repeat the rules I just told you,” the occult lover said. “Don’t ask the Buns.h.i.+nsaba how it died, don’t try to make friends with it, and don’t ask it if it’s hungry. These are taboo.”

“Why is the last taboo so?” Zhang Ying asked.

“If you ask, you’re inviting it to eat,” the girl said in a deliberate low voice. “It’ll eat you and your family.”

At midnight, the girls’ dormitory was quiet. The light from the streetlights shone in from outside, but it was even more shadowy in the hallway, adding a trace of eeriness and unsettling chill.

The four went into the toilet, where there was no light and was darker than the hallway. When their pupils adapted to the darkness, they could vaguely see the outline of the toilet compartment.

Some cubicle doors were closed while some cubicle doors were half-opened. Such half-open doors were horrifying, especially under some psychological hint, people always felt that there was something in the half-opened door, looking at them silently in the dark.

The girls were obviously more nervous than they were, after entering the closed and quiet toilets.


The occult girl lit a white candle with a lighter, and chuckled, “When playing with the Buns.h.i.+nsaba, lighting a candle will cause the effects to be better. The effects of the red and white candle are different, and the white candle is to guide them. I’ve seen this in the supernatural forum, but I don’t know if its true.”

Li Xianyu thought carefully and did not remember that one needed white candles to play Buns.h.i.+nsaba.

You’re good, friend. You even know how to innovate when playing ghost summoning games, you do know your stuff.

From the ghost infant’s perspective, Li Xianyu saw the girls squatting down around the candle, their faces half hidden in the dark, half illuminated by candlelight.

A blank sheet of paper was spread out on the ground, and the four girls held the pen at the same time and suspended it above the paper.

The occult girl whispered, “Buns.h.i.+nsaba, you are my previous life, I am your present life. If you want to continue your fate with me, please draw a circle on the paper.”

The girl spoke in a low voice on purpose, as it reverberated in the quiet toilet.

Li Xianyu had always been unable to understand this summoning mantra. According to reason, the Buns.h.i.+nsaba game was a kind of soul-summoning ritual, summoning spirits nearby. But the summoning mantra mentioned about the previous life, this present life, the continuation of the fate and so on.

You are f****** inviting the Buns.h.i.+nsaba to continue its fate with you, are you trying to die?

It was said that it was easy to summon the Buns.h.i.+nsaba, but hard to send it away. It probably had to do with the summoning mantra.

It should be changed to: “Buns.h.i.+nsaba, you are my oppa, I am your silly sweet girl, if you want to meet me, please draw a circle on the paper.”

In this case, if they were to meet a Buns.h.i.+nsaba that liked Korean drama, they can still escape this calamity.

“Let’s chant it together, a sincere heart can work wonders.” As there weren’t any effects after a long time, the spiritual girl was anxious.

What G.o.dd.a.m.n sincerity and spirituality, do you think you are wors.h.i.+pping Buddha? Li Xianyu mocked in his heart but could not spit it out.

After hearing this, the girls chanted it together. Five more minutes later, the girls’ arms began shaking slightly, but it wasn’t because of the Buns.h.i.+nsaba. Their arms were hanging for too long, and their muscles became sore.

The Buns.h.i.+nsaba did not seem to have appeared, but somehow, Li Xianyu felt the atmosphere of the toilet inexplicably became very solemn. Something had appeared.

In the silence of the midnight, the dark toilet, the girls chanted the summoning curse over and over again. The candles burned quietly, as the flames flickered, sometimes upright, sometimes trembling, twisting the shadow of the girls. For a few more minutes, the pen trembled violently, but there was no circle. It was trembling because of the girls’ sore arms.

“What is this? I told you there’s no Buns.h.i.+nsaba at all.” A girl let go of her hand and shook her arm vigorously. “I can’t do this anymore.”

The others followed, and there were small black dots on the white paper.

Zhang Ying was disappointed and frowned, “Boring.”

They blew out the candles, put away the paper and pen, and left the toilet together.

Li Xianyu was slightly disappointed. Was that it? The ghost infant did not turn murderous as he had thought. It lay quietly around its mother’s neck, and the umbilical cord was attached to her spine.

The accident happened when they went to the toilet door.

Li Xianyu suddenly jolted, and gooseb.u.mps emerged on his skin, as if an ice-cold snake had been moving from the end of his spine to his head.

He shared the personal feelings of the ghost infant at that time. So what exactly made the ghost infant’s scalp numb? When this question arose in his mind, the ghost infant lying on Zhang Ying’s neck looked back. Through its perspective, Li Xianyu saw a woman with disheveled hair, standing in the half-opened cubicle.


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