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The commotion was the loudest since the conference had started.

“How could he really block it? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“And he blocked it with one hand, what the h.e.l.l. Is his left hand a Kirin arm?”

“That’s awesome. He performed a one-handed block of Miyamoto Hideki’s sword slash, and was unharmed.”

“Haha, the j.a.panese is incredibly arrogant. Wasn’t he very disappointed in the young experts of China’s demon descendants community? He’s stunned now.”

“I can’t believe it. It’s totally unexpected, but the Li family descendant has done a good job.”

Miyamoto Hideki’s sword slash was well-known, and was incredibly powerful. Many of the long-established young experts were defeated by this move. In these few days, it created an impression on the audience that, “as long as Miyamoto draws his sword, his opponents will lose.”

Some people have thought of the possibility that the Li family descendant may be able to block the sword slash. He was a Gokudo inheritor after all and isn’t so weak. 

However, no one had thought he would have blocked the move so easily. He had used his flesh and blood to compete with the sword slash of the j.a.panese swordsman.

It was like saying I just need to lift my hand to handle a small trick like the sword slash. And he did accomplish it with a mere lift of his arm!

For most of the angry youths, this scene in front of them undoubtedly helped to vent their hatred.

Take that, j.a.panese guy! Your father is still your father.

The Baoze group also cheered. Everyone didn’t say it but they were all worried for Li Xianyu.

The members of Baoze were the most clear about how powerful the Li family descendant was. Under the case of not using his extraordinary powers, he was facing someone who was on par with Dan Chenzi and Jie Se, who were top masters. 

Many colleagues were still muttering in their hearts, Please don’t get KO-ed. Hang in there for a few moves.

“He’s really blocked it, what’s going on with his left hand?” Sakurai Yukinako took out a small notebook and wrote, His left hand was indestructible and was worthy of being a top defense weapon. It had an unknown origin, other effects: said to have a special control over women.

Although she wrote the strategy seriously, Sakurai Yukinako did not think that Li Xianyu could win. She did those just to win the favor of the Li family descendant, so she could infiltrate into the enemy’s territory.

She had to admit, he was a wonderful man.

Miyamoto Hideki was shocked.

His sword slash was blocked by the man in front of him just by using his arm, which completely exceeded his imagination. Since the great success of the Iai sword technique, no one could block his polished sword aura so effortlessly.

The shock in his heart was beyond words.


As fine arcs of electricity flickered around him, Li Xianyu did not give him the chance to respond. After blocking the sword slash, he split the ring with one foot, and charged right into Miyamoto’s arms as he stepped sideways.

King Kong’s signature move: Metal Mountain Lean!

Miyamoto Hideki no longer dared to have the slightest contempt. Since the other party could block his sword slash, he was definitely at the same level of master as him. He had lost the first chance, and resolutely abandoned the s.h.i.+nai, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Miyamoto Hideki was knocked back and his feet slid out of the ground for several meters. He wanted to take advantage of this distance, but Li Xianyu did not give him the opportunity. 

The electricity arcs instantly grew more active and at the same time, he opened his mouth and spat a few mouthfuls of sword aura, to seal off his path.

Pointing his fingers like a sword, a layer of golden light enveloped his fingers, as they stabbed towards Miyamoto Hideki’s chest.

Miyamoto Hideki gave an unhurried response, as he raised his foot to kick a sword aura. He then clashed with Li Xianyu’s sword fingers and both arms. .h.i.t somewhere at the same time. The invisible, spiritual tentacles were scattered.

Li Xianyu had learned this trick from Tentacle Monster, and could turn mental strength into a means of tentacles. However, this kind of means was an acquired skill. 

Tentacle Monster had explored this for many years before gaining such experience, and it could not compare to tentacles that were originally a superpower, which were far more powerful, strong and tough.

The tentacles that Li Xianyu had condensed out were the equivalent of the width of a normal man’s two p.e.n.i.ses. It was useful to use when having s.e.xual relations with a woman. I won’t use my p.e.n.i.s to fight you, I’ll use my mental power to do so.

When facing the opponent, one must pay attention to the opportunity and strike at an unexpected time. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Li Xianyu was like a piece of sticky candy that stuck to Miyamoto Hideki and attacked madly. He used all of the moves that he had learned from the senior staff.

Miyamoto Hideki physical skills were not too strong. Compared with his swordsmans.h.i.+p, his close combat skills were only average. Li Xianyu’s close combat skills were trained from every kick and punch from Thunderbolt Battle Lady, and also received guidance from Great-Grandma.

He also had his variety of skills. Although they were not refined, the amount of techniques was endless.

The onlookers around were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

After 5 minutes, Miyamoto Hideki grew anxious. Even if he was not good at physical skills, he was still better than Li Xianyu. The real strength of the Li family descendant was much weaker than he expected.

However, he remembered clearly in the course of the fierce battle that he had shattered the other party’s ribs, sternum, arm bone. However, Li Xianyu grew more aggressive and even completely ignored his own injury.

Miyamoto Hideki deliberately revealed a flaw and let Li Xianyu punch him. He used the impact to retreat, while reaching out to remove a tachi on his back.

Li Xianyu stopped frantically mid-pursuit and was afraid to approach.

Wielding the sword in his hand, just as Sun Wukong held the nyoibo, the aura was immediately different.

Li Xianyu quickly backed away, as Miyamoto Hideki quickly caught up, his right hand gripping the handle of the sword.

The name of the sword in his hand was Weeping Baby!

During the Edo period, the famous sword maker, Kimura Kojiro cast his last sword. In order to refine this sword, he offered the blood of 200 babies as sacrifice and their souls were sealed in the sword.

When the sword came out of the sheath, accompanied by the baby’s cry, it contained a supernatural power.

For this reason, Kimura Kojiro was killed by Sword Saint, Miyamoto Musas.h.i.+. This sword had been hidden in the Miyamoto Manor since then. When Miyamoto Hideki left Niten Ichi-ryu, his teacher gave him the sword.

Miyamoto Hideki wielding Weeping Baby, could not be compared to when he was wielding a s.h.i.+nai.  

“Why did Li Xianyu run? He’s out of steam?”

“No, you can defeat Miyamoto with just a little more effort.”

“It’s not the same, Miyamoto Hideki is about to strike, it’s not a s.h.i.+nai this time.”

The situation reversed, and there was a burst of anxiety and tension amidst the audience.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady stared nervously as she tugged on her trousers. She knew the significance of the conference to Li Xianyu. Buddha Head’s promise was at stake. If it was just fame, then it didn’t matter. 

Thunderbolt Battle Lady had never cared for fame and power. Her life situation made her nonchalant about these things (reasons to be a spendthrift).

Li Xianyu and her relations.h.i.+p had grown fast, in addition to going through thick and thin several times together, it was also because their principles match. Li Xianyu was also a person who didn’t care about money and fame and fortune. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t continue to let Great-Grandma be a spendthrift. Although he kept harping on it, his body was very honest, and still gave the money.

This was ill.u.s.trated by her half a million and the hundred thousand promised.

Thinking of the money, Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at Sakurai Yukinako beside her.

I should have played Texas poker yesterday, she thought.

Sakurai Yukinako lost $400,000 last night and sobbed in devastation. She said she lost more than half a year of savings. She had to stay in China for a long time, and now she had to live in hotels that were less than 5 stars. 

She also couldn’t enjoy all the watermelon she wanted. If she asked her grandfather for more, she would get scolded.

Lightning King saw how pitiful she was and gave her a thick stack of coupons, enough for her to have a free lunch for half a year at the restaurant in Baoze.

He then told her solemnly, “Do not play Texas poker with a group of experienced gamblers, you have no great-grandmother to help you.”

This girl was silly but rich, and her expression revealed everything. She was dumb and adorable, and was not match for this group of experienced gamblers.

The two parties have begun a prolonged standoff.

“I can’t kill in the conference, but I can’t control myself to not strike with my sword. I’ll give you a chance, you can admit defeat,” Miyamoto Hideki stated seriously.

He didn’t think Li Xianyu could block this slash. It was like a man’s hand could block a stick, but he definitely couldn’t block a knife.

“Come at me, I can block it,” Li Xianyu declared.

Miyamoto Hideki no longer spoke and once again pulled out Weeping Baby from the sheath. In an instant, the baby’s cry rang through the field.

The crying could disturb the mind, and many spectators in the front row covered their ears in pain.

Amidst the babies’ piercing cries, a sword aura lonely enough to destroy time surged towards Li Xianyu.

This sword aura had never been more powerful and no one had ever seen such a powerful sword aura. Even looking far away, they could sense a chilling aura, where a cold blade was rested on their neck, their hair standing.

If this was so for even bystanders, can the Li family descendant block this sword slash?


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