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“Well, now that you understand that, we should get on with our secret mission. Now, stay close to the campsite here, and only pick those herbs after you are certain that there is no danger. If you are unsure, just wait for me to return, so we can go after them later.

“After you help me take a look at those medicinal herbs that I have managed to obtain, that is. I think we should have plenty of time leftover after that. In any case, we shall be spending three days here, just like the last time.”

Qin Feng acknowledged the information in his usual manner, and Elder Ming hurried away. Leaving the younger man with a slight smile on his face as he looked over the half-completed campsite. Well, this was no different from the last time that he came out here with Ming Guanhe, so he knew that he shouldn’t be too surprised.

Besides, it did allow him to search the vicinity of the campsite for possible gains. Just taking into account his gains for the last Hunt, he had already made enough to cover the damage done to his fields. And it seemed the Medicine Hall wasn’t about to punish him for failing to deliver those herbs that he was supposed to be growing. So anything that he got out of this current trip was likely to a pure profit for him. That was certainly something that most herb-growers would gladly kill for.

Still, he didn’t forget that he was in the middle of a zone which carried a higher risk than what he was used to. So he couldn’t afford to not pay attention to every detail. It might take him a little longer, but Qin Feng intended to make sure that his camp was not going to be compromised in any way. To be utterly honest, it was something that he could not afford!

Of course, he ended up staying close to the campsite, and didn’t really have a chance to take a good look in the woods. Except for a handful of some rather usual plants, he didn’t come across anything of any significance.

Which was probably why he was wearing a rather resigned expression, when Elder Ming finally returned from his exploration of the area surrounding the strange hill.

The older man, however, seemed a little more enthusiastic about their whole exercise than Qin Feng had ever seen. And he didn’t waste any time either, quickly taking out the various plants that he had gathered during his excursion.

“What do you think? Are there any problems? I have checked these with the descriptions written down in that Hundred Herbs book, so there shouldn’t be any problems, should there?”

Qin Feng managed to keep a smile on his face as he looked over what the old man had brought back. Why was he being forced to settle something like this? He should be out looking for treasures on his own, shouldn’t he? Instead of dealing with Ming Guanhe’s inadequate knowledge of the herbs that he wanted?

Besides, it was clear from what he had collected, that most of them were leaves and roots that were used in medicines for women. Wasn’t that a little obvious, that he was aiming to concoct some sort of potion that would benefit his daughter? Just how was he going to be able to hide that?

Then his hand paused, and as he picked up one of the herbs that lay in front of him.

“Wait a moment. This one looks a little unusual.”

Ming Guanhe turned to him as soon as the words left his lips. Qin Feng could see the suspicion in the old man’s scarred features at once, but he pretended to pay it no attention, and kept his eyes on the herbs instead.

“There is no smell. How come there is no smell? If it really is a Dragon Beard Gra.s.s, it should be a little fragrant, shouldn’t it? And that flower? Why would there be a flower? That wasn’t in any of the descriptions in both of the books,” he muttered, in a tone that the older man should be able to pick up, if he was truly paying attention.

As it turned out, Ming Guanhe was. And he was quick to step closer to Qin Feng, as he had his head lowered over the single stalk of Dragon Beard Gra.s.s that had captured his attention.

“What is it? Is there something wrong with that herb?”

Qin Feng seemed to start at Elder Ming’s sudden interruption, and quickly held up the plant in his hand. “This one … Well, it looks like the Dragon Beard Gra.s.s that is described in the Hundred Herbs Manual, and it more or less matches the other specimens that you have brought back. But …”

“But? Go on. What about it?”

“It doesn’t seem to have the same fragrance as the other plants. And there is this little pink flower at the top. I have never heard of Dragon Beard Gra.s.s with pink flowers. Most are pure white. So I am a little … perturbed as to whether this is really Dragon Beard Gra.s.s.”

Qin Feng scowled as he peered at the plant in his hand. He was not lying when he said that there was something unusual about it. The color of the veins on leaves and that of the flower were pink rather than the white color that usually marked a Dragon Beard Gra.s.s. Was this some sort of mutated strain? He couldn’t be certain.

“Oh? Then … In that case, perhaps you should set it aside, and look at it later. What about the other herbs? Why don’t you take a look at them first?”

* * *


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