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Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Unable to leave, a maze outside the labyrinth!


The 7 party members immediately gagged out of disgust and repulsion . The rotten stench stinks into the high heaven for goodness sake . Sachi and Shion should be congratulated for not fainting immediately . Even Wu Yan is pale from smelling this foul odor .

“Holy s.h.i.t!”

Wu Yan cursed .

He immediately turned off the smell sensation in his system . The others did the same thing as they couldn’t deal with this smell . They stopped hurling in disgust when they closed this setting .

“Where are we?…”

Sachi said with a slightly pale look on her face .

“What an awful place…”

This place was already creepy enough with the dim lights . The line of sight is also very terrible here . It’s hard to say where anyone’s heading under the poor lighting conditions . They were initially confused when they arrived because they thought the darkness is due to their uninitiated visual senses .

Wu Yan patted his chest and he swapped his casual clothes for his battle gear . He looked in front of him and he quickly gave up on that thought . He opened his map .

“What the?!”

Wu Yan yelled out loud .

“There are no indicators on the map at all?”

“No indicators, that means…”

The others quickly verified that by looking at their own maps . They only saw a blank field of darkness .

“What’s going on?…”

Souta looked at his map .

“Are we in the labyrinth already?”

Excluding the case where the players are inside a maze, they can generally tell their locations by taking a look at the map outside of the labyrinths . Without indicators or legends, it would be hard to locate towns in such a large gaming environment .

“No, we aren’t in the maze…”

Wu Yan scanned his surroundings .

“You can’t teleport into the maze with crystals . We should still be somewhere outside in the fields . ”

A maze is a place designed for players to explore on their own . If someone can teleport inside a specific area of the maze, that would defeat the purpose of exploring every nook and cranny .

Of course, one can still use escape crystal to run away from the maze . As long as they are not in an Anti-Crystal Zone, that is .

On that matter, Wu Yan brought out a teleport crystal . As expected, the use b.u.t.ton is grayed out which means they can’t use crystals to teleport out of this place .

“An Anti-crystal zone…”

The other members’ expression darkened once more .


Sachi got closer to Wu Yan out of fear . Sachi thanked herself for bringing this quest up in front of Wu Yan . If she arrived at this kind of place with her guild without him…

Sachi started trembling when she thought about the worst-case scenario .

Wu Yan used his enhanced visual perception to determine their current location .

They are currently standing at the center of a crossroads, there are pathways in front, behind, and to his sides . The paths looked like they went on forever . The walls are dark and sticky with a black paint-like substance that emitted a foul-smelling stench of rotting objects . The nauseating smell must have been from the walls around them .


Sachi asked Wu Yan .

“What do we do now?”

They are inside an Anti-Crystal Zone, this also looked like a maze out in the fields where the map function failed to work . Moonlit Black Cats are woefully unprepared for this kind of operating situation .

“How… How do we get out from here? I don’t see any exits or anything…”

Shion looked around .

Wait, how do we get out?

Shion brought up a very important subject .

Crystals couldn’t be used, the map is blank, and there are only winding pathways around them, how do they escape from this place?

Sachi looked at Shion with a blank expression . She’s panicking deep inside . It’s bad enough they are stuck inside a death game . If someone told her they have to spend the rest of their days inside this empty dungeon without seeing the light of day, she’s definitely going to collapse from stress .

As she clenched her fists, she felt a hard sensation within one of her palms . She looked at the object and she cried out in shock .

“The teleportation crystal’s still here!”

They turned their attention towards the crystal in question .

“What is this crystal?”

Wu Yan expressed his confusion out loud .

“It didn’t disappear after one use and it can also transfer the whole party, with more of these crystals all the players will have a better time clearing this game…”


Sachi raised the crystal and she appeared flabbergasted .

“I can trade the teleportation crystal now…”


Wu Yan got it from the trading window Sachi offered to him and he clicked the gray “Use” b.u.t.ton on the item window . Nothing happened .

A flash of inspiration hit Wu Yan .

“Let us out of here!”

The crystal didn’t respond…




“Open sesame!”


“Pineapple and jackfruit!” (Apparently a song by Xie Na)


“Ma me Ma me Hong!” (Buddhist mantra)


“Little rabbit, please open the door pretty please…”


“Open up! I am gonna smash you if you don’t!”



Wu Yan tussled with the crystal . The other Black Cats watched him in a stunned state .

Is this the same guy that took down a floor boss on his own?

“We aren’t stuck here forever, right?…”

Shion awkwardly laughed . She voiced the same question on everyone’s mind .

“I don’t think so . ”

Wu Yan put down the crystal and he stared at the dark walls surrounding them .

“There are no certain-kill settings inside SAO . I don’t think they would design a dungeon that players can’t escape from . There are roads here, see? We can just explore them…”

The guild members nodded because that’s the only option here .

Wu Yan hesitated when it came to choosing one of the four paths here . He chose the path in front of him and the others tagged along .

“Stay on your toes, there might be monsters lurking around here…”

Wu Yan reminded them . They nodded in affirmation . They are swimming in deep water now, they should listen to Wu Yan if they wanted to come out of this in one piece .

The seven of them stopped all idle chat . The mood was very tense and heavy . Shion and Sachi walked while holding hands, kinda like girls who are braving a haunted house . They looked very unsettled as if they are preparing themselves for a monster to pop out of nowhere to scare them .

It didn’t take them long to stumble upon another crossroads with three paths in front of them . Wu Yan chose the middle route and again, they found another crossroads . Wu Yan continued along with his pattern of choosing the middle path or the one in front of him .

The paths weren’t linear and the winding paths completely disoriented them . The weird forks and misleading routes started making them dizzy as a sense of unease started setting in .

Don’t me this goes on forever…

Fortunately for them, the path soon came to an end . However, there is no reason to celebrate because it’s a dead end .

“We… we aren’t going to be stuck in this h.e.l.lhole, right?”

Shion started getting scared, Sachi hugged her to calm her down .

“Shion, just stop…”

Sachi is also afraid…

“I hope not…’

Souta and his other guild members gulped in unison . Wu Yan said nothing as he turned around to walk back where they came from . They continued fumbling around before they reached a crossroads . He stared at the crossroads in silence .

He lost track of where he came from…

“No monsters, no traps, only a confusing maze here…”

Wu Yan looked at the ceiling of the pathways here .

“We are in trouble now…”


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