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Chapter 602

Kotori is the most well-informed of them all, her cuteness as a younger sister aside .

She knows about Wu Yan’s origin which is why she understood what feelings her Onii-chan had for her . When he embraced her, she started turning bright red from the intimate contact . She didn’t shake him off though, albeit, she did squirm awkwardly for a short while . She closed her eyes because she couldn’t bear to look at another person .

Kotori is slightly stunned . From her perspective, it was only seconds before when they were kissing each other goodbye like a soap opera scene . In just an instant, she is reunited with her detestable and lovable Onii-chan, it felt weird because she hadn’t experienced anything like this before .

“L-let go of me!”

Wu Yan didn’t let go until he replenished his vitamin K . Kotori finally yelled out loud with a bashful look on her face .

“How long are you going to hug me like this?!”

“Oh, what’s the big deal? Just let this happen…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips . He released her although he was unwilling at first .

Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino, they are all spirits he missed . But, the one he missed the most is this Imouto who he already wrapped his dirty fingers around .

When he first arrived in Date A Live, he met Kotori first . She arranged for him to live in her house . he also time-traveled to the past and met her past self . Emotionally, he’s closer to her than the other spirits .

After Kotori regained her freedom, the spirits realized what was going on through the memories given to them . Judging from the intrigued looks on their faces, they are still piecing things together .

Wu Yan smiled at them .

“I a.s.sume you got the memo from System?”

The four ladies all nodded in unison . Kotori looked around and she sighed .

“You already told me about all of this but I just can’t shake off the feeling that I am still dreaming because this all seems so fantastic . ”

“I see, so Kotori already got some information from Shido-san…”

Kurumi touched her lips with her index finger .

“Shido-san, that’s so unfair . You kept us in the dark, you know?…”

Wu Yan scratched the back of his head in an embarra.s.sed manner .

“I didn’t think you girls would believe me, so…”

“Are we really in another world?”

Tohka scanned her surroundings . She pointed at the plastic sheet above her .

“Shido, what’s that?”

“We are inside something known as a tent…”

Wu Yan shrugged . Tohka gasped and he stopped her before she can ask another question .

“Don’t ask me what is a tent, I don’t know how to explain it to you . ”

Tohka turned her head the other way with a pouting look . Amused by her antics, he chuckled before squatting down to pick up Yoshino who was examining everything around her with a child-like curiosity .

“I am sure System already gave you all the relevant details so I am not going to repeat what it said . Anyway, look forward to living in this world for a long time to come and try to get used to your lifestyle here as soon as possible…”

“Ara ara, I haven’t said I would stay in this world with you . Of course, Shido’s a bully so you wouldn’t listen to little ol’ me, right?”

Kurumi giggled .

Wu Yan shook his head as he bitterly laughed .

“Okay, you can drop the name Shido, my real name is Wu Yan but you all can call me Yan…”


Tohka’s b.u.t.terfly accessory flapped like the ears of a kitten .

“Yan doesn’t sound nice to me . I am going to keep calling you Shido, yeah…”

Wu Yan started sweating . Meanwhile, Kotori lifted her head in a very smug manner .

“Of course, it’s a name I picked for him!”

“You girls…”

Wu Yan raised his tone .

“I don’t care if you like the sound of my name, that’s my real name so don’t use the wrong one with me . ”

The spirit girls wanted to protest . They were used to calling him Shido after all . However, Wu Yan looked like he wouldn’t budge on this so they just kept quiet about this .

The name shouldn’t be an issue but he has to insist on this . He didn’t want them calling out Shido’s name when they are getting it on . It would feel like he’s being cheated on since that’s the name of the original main character of that series .

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at the girls who looked like they aren’t too happy with his decision .

“Don’t give me that look . I don’t see why we are making such a big fuss about this . Kotori and Yoshino like calling me Onii-chan, just keeping call me that . As for Kurumi and Tohka, just practice calling my name and you will get used to it sooner or later, do we have to make a dance routine out of this?”


Wu Yan is being adamant about this and his suggestions sounded like reasonable compromises . Kotori is the only one who is still hung up about this . She’s in her commander-mode and she’s not comfortable with calling Wu Yan Onii-chan in front of other people…

“Okay then…”

Wu Yan smiled at them . He used a very suspicious tone with his following sentence .

“Let’s go meet my partners in this world…”


Wu Yan’s words came as no surprise for Yoshino and Tohka . Kotori and Kurumi picked up the undertone and they narrowed their eyes like him, judging him with their piercing gazes .


He started sweating hard . He played it cool by maintaining an innocent look, he reckons he would be able to escape with his superior acting skills .

Well, it certainly failed him because Kotori and Kurumi got even more suspicious as they exchanged a look . They kept their eagle eyes on Wu Yan but they didn’t say anything .

Awkward silence enveloped them .

Suddenly, Kotori wrinkled her nose at him and she turned the other way .

“Since they are your partners, we might as well go meet with them…”

Wu Yan broke down bawling inside his mind . He is genuinely touched by Kotori’s cooperatives . What a good imouto he has, she’s truly the best wingwoman-c.u.m-harem-member one can ask for .

Kotori, I love you so much!

Kurumi covered her mouth while giggling . She didn’t mind meeting his harem members so she nodded too .

He brought Yoshino along while the other spirits followed in tow . They walked towards Hinagiku & co’s congregation area as tension and anxiety increased inside Wu Yan’s mind .

I wonder what’s going to happen?

“You’re Yoshino, right?”

Flan’s eyes immediately brightened the moment she saw Yoshino . They were both similar in physical appearance .

She only had little ol’ Lirin (Some n.o.ble’s loli daughter who Wu Yan saved from a bunch of ruffians) as her playmate . Mentally speaking, Flan’s still a child so she wanted someone close to her age who she can play with . Fun’s fun when playing with Wu Yan & the others but she also wanted a pal to hang out with .

Now her big chance is here, why wouldn’t she over the moon happy about this whole thing?”

“I am Flan…”

Flandre-chan stood with arms akimbo, she wanted to make a great first impression .

“I am 495-years-old this year, how about you? Are you as old as me?”

“4-95 years old…”

Yoshino blinked her sky-blue eyes in shock . Flan took her look as someone who acknowledged her superiority and she chuckled .

“Hehe, Yoshino, looks like you’re not older than I am…”

Flandre-chan hurrayed and she excitedly chirped at her .

“If that’s the case, you have to call Flan, Onee-san, okay?”

Yoshino nodded after thinking about it . It’s only natural to call a 495-years-old existence Onee-san .


Flan jumped more than 3 feet into the air with joy .

“Flan is an Onee-san! Flan became an Onee-san!”

The others grinned in bliss when they saw the two kids. .h.i.tting it off right off the bat . Astrea and Tohka grinned the widest . Looking closer, they are already holding hands with each other .

“You’re Kotori, right?”

Hinagiku twirled her hair and she smiled at Kotori .

“I have heard Yan talking at lengths about you…”

“You’re about the same age as me, right?”

Mikoto looked at Kotori with friendly intrigue .

“I am Mikoto, nice to meet you!”

Kotori smiled back and she introduced herself .

Wu Yan watched with slack jaw, he couldn’t help but feel betrayed .

Thi-this is impossible…


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