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Chapter 1066

Ensi is my son!”

The patriarch announced with a thunderous boom of magic power.

Wu Yan wasn’t expecting a sudden attack. However, Wu Yan somewhat knew where the guy came from.

Judging from the tier 9 magic power he’s releasing, average ninth-tier cultivators would be dead if they got hit. Wu Yan snickered as his eyes flashed golden.

At the same time, Wu Yan released 10 times the magic power though he lacked the intensity of his opponent’s magic power. He wrapped his magic power around Entel’s magic wave.


A shockwave was emitted when the two forces collided violently.

Dust and branches flew away from the platform. The two magical powers formed a magic tornado that went for the sky.

It’s a tie.

Entel is shocked.

He is a tier 9 magician only a tiny distance away from the peak of tier 9 power.

A brat still in the early stages of the ninth realm actually fought him to a standstill?

Is this youngster still holding back on him?

Entel quickly found the answer. Wu Yan used overwhelming magic power to drown out his magic power.

With sheer magic power alone, Wu Yan negated the level difference between them.

This is only on the magic power side of the equation. They aren’t equal in fighting prowess. But, suppressing Wu Yan with just magic power is impossible now.

The gap between levels increases as one ascends through the power tiers. Almost at the peak of tier 9, Entel should have been able to bring down five early-stage tier 9 fighters like Wu Yan.

Yet, the kid used his magic power to negate his superior magic power.

This only considered the mana pool they had. However, this was enough to tell Entel that Wu Yan can punch beyond his weight cla.s.s.

With so much magic power coursing through him, Wu Yan would come out on top against almost anyone in the same level as him.

Only an opponent with special abilities can beat him.

Entel grinned when he saw Wu Yan putting out a terrifying amount of magic power.

“You have a ton of mana, I will give you that. But, that is all…”

A blue magic formation rotated outwards under Entel’s feet.


He raised a palm as his magic power converged on his palm.

The scarily dense magic power churned and turned. s.p.a.ce got distorted by the magic orb. It’s obvious Entel is casting high-level magic.

Wu Yan’s face turned grave. He clenched his fists while channeling his mana.

Magic continued churning and swirling as the mana took on a burning red hue.

As mana continued pouring into the magical ma.s.s, the red color grew deeper in shade.

When the channeling is done, Wu Yan is already burning with magma-red mana.

Anyone thinking he’s doing this for fun would be dead wrong.

He raised his head to look at Entel. The magic orb in Entel’s palm sizzled brilliantly like a tiny sun. It was blindingly salient.

“Very well…”

Entel glanced at the tiny sun in his hand. Then, he beamed coldly at Wu Yan.

He threw the tiny sun at Wu Yan.

The tiny sun turned into a super hot laser that came crashing down with all the force of a collapsing sky. The magic power coming off the spell is too scary.

If this spell hits then even a tier 9 cultivator will be gravely injured.

Wu Yan doesn’t know if Entel is going easy on him. However, this spell is enough to threaten him.

Wu Yan increased his magic power output when the tiny sun came flying over.

The red magic cloak surged at once.

Then, a gigantic arm about 10 meters tall appeared from the swirling red magic ma.s.s.

The gigantic arm looked like the arm of the mythic t.i.tan that woke up from its slumber. Accompanied by a deafening roar, the fist punched its way out of the red magic ma.s.s.

Resurrected t.i.tan’s arm…”

Wu Yan finished casting his spell by naming the spell.

This spell aimed to replicate the devastating strike of a t.i.tan from the myths.

“What kind of magic is that?”

Entel frowned while mumbling.

“Did the outside world create new magic while the Guardians protected Emperor Island?”

Entel relaxed his frown after a cursory glance at the flaming-red hand.

“In any case, let me see what you’re made of…”

The tiny sun responded to Entel’s roar by flying faster.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply before unleashing a left hook. The t.i.tan’s Arm mimicked Wu Yan’s action.

Two devastating attacks smashed into one another in an instant.


A ma.s.sive shockwave swept outwards. The grinding magical energies mashed and canceled each out in a chaotic fashion.

The incredibly durable arena started cracking and crumbling. Even the all-encompa.s.sing treetop of the Guardian Tree started shaking as leaves rained down.

It’s like a storm in the evening, everything’s thrown into disarray.

Countless Guardians and imperial members woke up from the noise. They were peeking out of their windows to see what the commotion is about. However, due to the distance between the arena and the residential area, n.o.body is any wiser as to what’s causing the noise. They a.s.sumed it’s just a storm rumbling some distance away and they continued sleeping.

Some astute individuals already sensed something wrong.

The cascading waves stopped after about 10 minutes of utter destruction. The noise died down as the city regained its peace.

The impregnable arena already lost a layer of stone.

Tier 8 fighters can’t leave scratches on this arena. However, the two shed an entire layer off the platform with their terrible spells. Had they fought somewhere else, the damage wouldn’t stop at just minor structural damage.

The two figures behind this mess slowly appeared from within the settling dust.

The two are unscathed despite the violent exchange.

On closer inspection, Entel looked relax while Wu Yan had an anxious look.

Entel is the one who had the tactical supremacy in the previous attack.


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