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Chapter 960: Ling Wushang’s Anger

Just as Zhu Tianzhi was lost in his thoughts, an elder asked the question that everyone wanted to ask: why was he given such a punishment?

Bi Xuanshan looked at everyone coldly as he spoke slowly in a dignified manner. “Our Flowing Clouds Sect has always been upright and true. But Yue Qingjie first allowed his son to seize things by force. Since he didn’t succeed, he ordered Yuan Hui to frame the sect leader of Golden Pill Sect by luring her to the forbidden valley. I’m not old yet, so it’s not up to such a person to control Flowing Clouds Sect.”

These words not only made Yue Qingjie tremble in fear, but those restless disciples also felt extremely ashamed. Indeed, Yuan Hui’s words just now had provoked them so much that they almost couldn’t tell right from wrong.

Bi Xuanshan’s words struck hard at their hearts like a hard rock smas.h.i.+ng the ground. He had spoken with the aid of his Qi of True Essence as a cool breeze blew past, lifting Bi Xuanshan’s long robe. In that very moment, he truly appeared supremely majestic. The atmosphere fell silent, so silent that some people could hear their hearts beating faster. Everyone did not even dare to breathe loudly as they knew their sect leader was angry.

Ling Chuxi was a little stunned as she watched Bi Xuanshan and exclaimed in her heart, ‘Was this the sect leader of Flowing Clouds Sect? How dignified, as expected of the renowned leader of Flowing Clouds Sect!’

Yue Qingjie didn’t even dare to quibble. He sat down slowly on the ground dejectedly with despair and regret. How could he have forgotten that the leader of Flowing Clouds Sect was not someone who was easily fooled? How could Bi Xuanshan not notice that he had colluded with Zhu Tianzhi to kill two birds with one stone: framing Ling Chuxi and blaming Ling Wushang? Was he blinded by lard? Why did he listen to the words of that stupid and fat woman of his? But even if he was filled with regret, what was the use?

Yuan Hui was completely dumbfounded. His life was over. He didn’t die, but if he thought about it, his life sentence was worse than death. He also collapsed on the ground in despair as he stared into the distance.

Zhu Tianzhi grew uneasy. He looked up to look at Bi Xuanshan’s eyes, but only saw Bi Xuanshan looking at him indifferently, so he looked away. A strong sense of unease rose in Zhu Tianzhi’s heart.

Once Bi Xuanshan was done announcing the verdict, he fell silent. In the next moment, another figure slowly walked out from behind him. It was the ice-cold Ling Wushang!

Ling Wushang’s appearance caused the crowd to become restless again. Ling Chuxi, on the other hand, remained silent. Bi Xuanshan had already explained the whole story quite simply. So, Ling Wushang would have also known that his sister had suffered so much. What would he do?

However, Ling Wushang did not look at Yue Qingjie and Yuan Hui. Instead, he slowly walked towards Zhu Tianzhi while exuding an aura so cold that it made people shudder. As he made his way over, the crowd naturally parted to make way for him. Who would dare stand in his way? Zhu Tianzhi watched as Ling Wushang slowly walked towards him, and the uneasiness in his heart grew stronger. Did Ling Wushang also know that he was the mastermind? It was possible that Ling Wushang had appeared when their master had been speaking. However, so what? As long as his master did not implicate him, he could just deny it. What was so scary about Ling Wushang?

Ling Chuxi frowned slightly at this scene. What was Big Brother doing?


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