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Chapter 67: Incomprehensible, Unbelievable

Incomprehensible, Unbelievable

There were altogether ten teachers stationed at the registration counter. Without exception, all ten of them dropped the books they were holding onto the floor with resounding thumps and proceeded to stare vacantly at Mu Liufeng with their mouths hanging agape.

The impossible had happened. How could it be? Crazy Mu Liufeng had actually pa.s.sed a candidate in the entrance examination? This must be some sort of joke. Mu Liufeng hadn’t even bothered pa.s.sing the nephew of a powerful marquis when he had come to be a.s.sessed at White Stone Academy before. Not only did he fail the poor young man, he had absolutely terrified the young man to the point where he had wet himself and ran out of the school grounds with a quivering behind, never to return again. Mu Liufeng was a man who hadn’t even bothered giving an individual as influential as the marquis any face, but now he had gone ahead and allowed some young and random n.o.body to pa.s.s the entrance examination!

Without bothering to disguise their obvious curiosity, all the teachers at the registration desk mechanically turned their heads in unison to take a look at Ling Chuxi. They had to see for themselves, the deity who was able to make Mu Liufeng speak sentences that included words such as, “pa.s.sed the examination.” Wait. That wasn’t all. He even said this young maiden would be his disciple moving forward! Disciple. Imagine that! Dddddiiiiiiissssscccciiiipppppllllllleeeeeee—the word rang through their heads in an infinite echo. Oh, this was too much for them to bear.

“Guys…” admonished Mu Liufeng sternly as he frowned in annoyance.

“Ah, right. Err, could I get your name please, miss? Do come this way to register. The teacher standing closest to Mu Liufeng snapped out of his stunned state and immediately swooped down to pick up the dropped book lying at his feet. He beckoned Ling Chuxi over and smiled in a friendly manner at her.

“Ling Chuxi.” She announced her own name and made her way over to the registration desk to begin her registration process.

Mu Liufeng was already bored now that the reactions of shock to his decision to pa.s.s Ling Chuxi had faded. He leaned lazily against a wall while waiting for her to finish up.

As she diligently went through the registration process, Ling Chuxi felt all eyes on her. Everyone around her, from teachers to newly registered students were silently observing her in disbelief. Once again, Ling Chuxi realized that Mu Liufeng was no ordinary person.

Usually, upon completion of registration, a new student would be shown around the academy grounds and taken to their accommodation. However, as Ling Chuxi was no ordinary new student due to her being the first to pa.s.s and taken on as a disciple under Mu Liufeng, no one dared to make this offer to Ling Chuxi despite her having finished the registration process. After a bit of an awkward wait, Mu Liufeng breezily said, “Done? Let’s go then, dutiful disciple. I’ll bring you around so you can familiarize yourself with the academy grounds.”

As soon as Mu Liufeng and Ling Chuxi left the registration area, the entire place broke out in an uproar.

“I didn’t see it wrong, did I?”

“That lunatic actually pa.s.sed a candidate and took her on as his disciple? This isn’t a dream, righ—F***! That hurts! Oi, motherf***er! What’d you pinch me for?!”

“You wanted to know if you were dreaming or not, so I helped you. Now, you know.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, I’m still unsure so let me pinch you right back to be absolutely sure!”

“Why do you think he decided to take on Ling Chuxi as a disciple? Is it because she’s beautiful?”

“Don’t be stupid. Mu Liufeng has never coveted beauties. Remember the time he ridiculed White Stone City’s top beauty until she cried? It would have been fine if he couldn’t understand her kind intentions and left it as that, but he had to scold her so nastily instead. Ugh, recalling the incident just makes my heart hurt all over again.”

“Hey! Quit making a scene here with that twisted appearance of yours! Go pinch someone somewhere else!”

The news of Mu Liufeng pa.s.sing a candidate and taking the person on as a disciple spread like wildfire throughout White Stone Academy and the entire White Stone City in less than half a day.

“Did you hear? Apparently, Teacher Mu has taken on a disciple.” Hushed whispers and loud proclamations of the news traversed through the streets of White Stone City, finally reaching the ears of Lan Xinyu. She arose from her seat in a shock so great, she was unaware she had split tea all over herself as she did so. Lan Xinyu knew Mu Liufeng as a White Stone Academy teacher who also taught martial arts. But being taught by him and being his disciple were different matters altogether. While others might not possess too deep an understanding of the true extent of Mu Liufeng’s capabilities, she did. Lan Xinyu herself had once seen Mu Liufeng execute a move that was so astonis.h.i.+ng in the sheer amount of skill it required by chance, and the sight of it was so stunning, outstanding and extraordinary that Mu Liufeng had been carved into her heart ever since!

Alas, no matter how hard she tried to catch his attention, Mu Liufeng had never bothered glancing her way. Yet, he had now suddenly accepted someone else as his disciple? And what’s more, word on the street is that he places great value in this person!

Who was his new disciple? How on earth did this person manage to obtain such special treatment from Mu Liufeng?!


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