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Chapter 608: Could Not Catch Up in an Entire Lifetime

A Ling Chuxi perplexedly closed her eyes and her mind slowly fell into an empty brightness as her concentration was imported to her mind. Although her True Qi was insufficient and she was unable to use the Mind Training skill, and was even more so unable to concentrate and look within herself like she had in the past, Ling Chuxi could vaguely feel that in the depths of her mind, there seemed to be an additional light that was emitting a clear coldness.

Fully gathering her concentration, Ling Chuxi carefully investigated the state of her mind more and was surprised to find that in the depths of the sea in her mind, her concentration had actually gathered to form a little core body that was emitting a vague and odd light.

“What is this?” asked Ling Chuxi in surprise as she opened her eyes.

“It is the Core of Martial Path. It is considered the source of the inner realm of the strongest cultivators along their martial arts path. Originally, it was not something your current realm could cultivate, but because of the great pain you endured within the Eight Gate Array’s barrier, your mind actually sp.a.w.ned the Core of Martial Path. Chuxi, even I can’t help but admire you,” Huangfu Qingjue said with a smile.

“Then what benefit is there now that I have this?” This was the question Ling Chuxi was most concerned about.

“When your cultivation reaches a certain level, if you don’t have the corresponding Core of Martial Path, no matter how much you cultivate, you can’t even dream of improving the least bit in your cultivation. And towards the latter stages, as long as your Core of Martial Path is strong enough, even if your body was severely injured and your meridians were broken inch to inch, and even if there is totally no chance of a lifeline, you can still recover to the condition you were at before.

“Naturally, with your current realm, your Core of Martial Path is unable to display its fully intended effects, but to have obtained the Core of Martial Path so early on in your martial arts journey, your cultivation progression in the future would require half the effort and bear twice the rewards. There will absolutely not be a situation where your foundation is unstable due to an overly fast cultivation progression,” Huangfu Qingjue explained.

“That’s amazing!” Ling Chuxi never thought that this trial would actually bring about such a great benefit. However, thinking about the pain she had suffered in that barrier, she felt that it was only reasonable.

‘Could it be that she herself was truly a genius?’ Ling Chuxi narrowed her eyes and secretly wondered in her heart. If these words were heard by others, they would definitely have spat out blood. For example, people like Xiao Tianying. Ling Chuxi was not only a genius in their eyes, she was practically a prodigy! A talented existence they could not catch up to even if they tried to their entire lifetimes!

“Then normally speaking, when would one be able to cultivate using the Core of Martial Path?” asked Ling Chuxi. She was a little curious about the realms after True Essence.

“Legends have it that some martial arts pract.i.tioners with extraordinary innate talent have a chance of cultivating a Core of Martial Path when they break through from True Essence into the realm of Heaven Essence. However, the chances are only one in ten thousand billion. Only after progressing past Heaven Essence and reaching the Grandmaster realm, would they ordinarily cultivate a Core of Martial Path. If one reaches this realm and is unable to cultivate it, then it is very hard for their cultivation to have any further improvements,” Huangfu Qingjue said.

“There are so many realms after the realm of True Essence?” Ling Chuxi was a little longing to get there quickly, but did not ask anymore. She was only at the beginner stage of the realm of True Essence at the moment. Why would she ask about so much for? To give herself a blow of reality? It was so hard to have been able to become a top powerhouse all over the world and keep pace with the grandmasters. It hadn’t even been a few days since then and Ling Chuxi was not interested in seeking a blow of reality right now.

Then, Ling Chuxi’s stomach very embarra.s.singly rumbled a few times. Ever since she left Ding Lin Country’s capital, the few of them had been rus.h.i.+ng along the way and had not had the chance to eat a proper meal. Furthermore, with the exciting battle she encountered, she was long since hungry beyond words.

Embarra.s.sing, it was too embarra.s.sing! Ling Chuxi subconsciously blushed. Such an embarra.s.sing situation in front of her own beloved. Regardless of how thick Ling Chuxi’s skin was, at this moment she also turned shy. If Li Shaoqiu and the rest saw how Ling Chuxi looked with her face all flushed, they would be so shocked that their jaws would have dropped. The great “I am a foodie and I am proud of it” Miss Ling who had always been proud of the fact that she loved food would actually blush because her stomach rumbled?


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